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Northwest Racing

Richard Petty's Driver Search

Posts: 415

08/06/2006 7:10 PM

Ken Longley
Chuck Holden, JR
JC Valequez
Doug Anderson
Paul Dunbar
Billy Hitchcock
Jim Bown
Leanne Tanner
Kevin Richards
Paul Alderman
Aaron Young
Kevin Stimberis
Greg Walden

Ken Shrader
Bill Elliott
Harry Gant
Buckshot Jones
Davey Allison
Danny Hayes

#77 Re:

Posts: 151

08/07/2006 7:55 AM

Darrol George #09 The Arches restaurant and Lounge
#78 Re:

Posts: 126

08/07/2006 9:03 AM

Ross Kusah #32

Posts: 19

08/07/2006 10:30 AM

I hope not already mentioned.

Kevin Quesnell (SP?)

Posts: 242

08/07/2006 2:42 PM

Here's a couple: JR Charbonneau, Cam Bonnett.

Yeah, I remember some old stuff.

Stanley Smith hitting the end of the front stretch wall at Evergreen before the wall went all the way around the track. It looked like a bomb went off and we all waited to see if he survived. He finally climbed out.

The first years late models (super stocks) raced on the oval at Monroe, before NASCAR came along: Roofer, Lee Daily, Ron Fritzley, Mike Barrett, Carl Zaretzke, Ron Daggett, Ralph Lewis (Gary's dad), and on and on.

Open Comp at Spannaway, Langley, Tenino (Olympia 10-9-0 Speedway) and PA with Chuck Flora, Bob Fox, Ron Eaton, Monte English, Tom Berrow, Ken Longley, Ken Stearns. -- ASA West. Dave Butterton won an ASA race at Spannaway -- NASCAR at Yakima and TCR with my favorite, The Red Barron Ron Bennett. Winston West, Tim Levin raced a Winston West race at Monroe. Pete Harding and Mike Hurlbert at Skagit. Dane Smith and Bruce Rayburn came up occasionally from Southern Oregon; Pete still won.

Geez, long winded post, huh? I could go on and on, but my favorite was Speedweek Northwest and all the big open comp races, like at Shasta and Roseville. Ron Esau, Tim Williamson, Roy Haslam, Mike Chase. I've been collecting old pictures from that time. It would be great if Janet made a page for some of our old photos. I'd love to see what others, like Dexter have. I'd post everything I have.
#81 memories

Posts: 34

08/07/2006 4:07 PM

I started on the tour 1st year 85, I remember one time going into turn 1 on the 5/8th's some one in front of me blew a motor I hit his oil and hit the wall, it ripped the A frame and mounts right off the car, I think it was in hot laps, I was amazed what happened next, It seemed like everyone in the pits showed up with a welder, hammers, ducttape, and put it back together and I went more qwickie, On raceday, I was home with a broken motor, I was telling ron eaton abought it, and he said he had a spare motor in the shop come get it, so I headed to tacoma on the way I saw eatons racecar headed to portland, I picked up the motor, took it home, swapped the oil pan, put it in the racecar, headed to portland, missed practice, started in the b main, made the transfer to the A main and finished in 5th or 6th place, did'nt know what horsepower was till I ran a motor of ron's... Racers are great people.. Dave Butterton

Posts: 95

08/07/2006 4:53 PM

Dave, I remember being in the stand for that race. I think I have that on tape also. We thought everybody was working on it so you could load it on the trailer. When you came back out to race we yelling and screaming.

Also, it just wasn't a tour race at Tenino unless the Butterton faithful were on the scaffolding.
#83 Re:

Posts: 274

08/07/2006 9:32 PM

i think dave butterton did the most with the least. ran the crap out of that old dillon race car!Smile

Posts: 690

08/07/2006 10:48 PM

Bruce Volstedt

Posts: 690

08/07/2006 10:50 PM

Portland International Raceway:
Mark Martin
Dale Jarrett
All the SW guys that run the road courses

Posts: 415

08/07/2006 11:32 PM

Brian Saling

Posts: 97

08/08/2006 6:50 AM

Ryan Erickson
#88 Re:

Posts: 75

08/08/2006 10:54 AM

Just a few names that I don't think have been mentioned...

Chris Hart
Darren Shaw
Jeff Hubbard
Kristi Schmidt
Dale Williams
Rudy Revak
Damon Lusk
Ernie Cope
Kenney Rich
Howard Ford
Matt Kelley
Mike Kelley
Gary Morris
Randy Hvall
Kazuto Yanagawa(sp)

For me personally I'd say the 80's and early 90's were the best for the Tour. Lot's of good racing, great drivers and no one worried about getting a Busch ride. That was when it was exciting and not so PC.

bring back asa west and wedge noses
#89 Oooooooooldd Drivers

Posts: 58

08/08/2006 1:56 PM

Here are some names that go back a long way. Chuck and Chad Little,Jerry Proper,Walt Ayling,Bill Scott,Don Hauenstein,Myron & Jerry Enzel,Clancy Kirk,John Kirk,Jack Morse Sr.,Joe Bennett,Jerry Sneva,Joe Roberts,Jerry Fife,Joe Geary(Sp?),Neil Newberry,Chuck Bigelow,Wally Dunham,Larry Pryor Sr & Jr.,Sharon Bishop,Kathy House.Big Grin
#90 Re:Rainwater

Posts: 55

08/08/2006 2:34 PM

I believe if you check Bob Fox and others built both of those Dillon cars #92 ] Bob drove the full season and tutored Ron Rainwater.The winston West car was Not Al Rainwaters. It belonged to Teeny Fox.
You can also add Roy Smith to running the tour .

Posts: 79

08/08/2006 3:19 PM

NASCAR RebCo NorthWest Tour!

How about:
Chuck Flora
Mike Ramsey
Rick Allison
Rick Suran
Tom Berrow
Harvey Hogenboom

At TriCities, maybe late 80's, I think it was Larry Barton #02 - ran off the backstretch at full speed and hit the trees. Tore the car in half - very scary! Saw him later that day, he said he was fine.

Chad Little in the late 80's - if they had any kind of problem and got a couple of laps down, they would just park the car. Can't win - we're done for the day! Then the crew would sit in their lawn chairs and watch the rest of the race.

My friends and I called them "Lucky Boy Lawn Chair Racing"!

Coming home to Yakima after a Tour race in Portland, maybe 1987, flying over White Pass at like 2:00am, two GIGANTIC elk standing in the middle of the road! HOLY CRAP!!! LOOK OUT!!!!

Then getting stopped by the State Patrol about 15 minutes later (going only 10 mph over at that time), and the guy letting us go because there was an accident he had to respond to.

"Thanks officer! We'll take it easy from now on!"

Has it really been 21 years since the Tour began?

#92 Re:Tour

Posts: 55

08/08/2006 3:45 PM

missed all but rockingham by less than 3/100th of a second.Made rockingham after we swapped and put in JD Mc Duffys' motor in, then swapped back after qualifying.
#93 Re:Tour

Posts: 85

08/08/2006 5:56 PM

Greg Chase #4
#94 Re:

Posts: 208

08/08/2006 6:03 PM

Jimmy Oberto
Mel Shenyer (Number 1 red/yellow)
Earl Whiting (Purple 63)
Gary Funk (red Ford)
Perry Chapelle
Mark Bold
Roger Habich (Driving for Kelly Tanner)
Ken Kaltschmdt
Rick Carelli (Was fffast at Monroe)
Tom Sweatman
Lance Hooper (PIR Road Course winner)
Ken Peterson (PIR Road course loser to Mark Martin on the last lap)
Chris Hart (Yakima Implement 5)
Joe Benedetti
Joe Constance
Tom Pinkowsky
Kenny Rich
Zach (car ain't gonna come back) Niessner
Dr. Matt Daskalos
Chuck Egner
Jody Tanner
Kurt Meyer
Mark Owens
Greg Walden
Gerg Biffle
David Geyer
Marc Groskreutz
Rod Schultz
Wes Rhodes
Scott Lynch
Gaylon Stewart
Ken Olsen
Burney Lamar
John Zaretzke
Stan Silva
Ken Schrader (Won in Eaton's Rental)
Steve Hodge (PIR Track record holder)
Hershall McGriff
Jim Inglebright
Sean Monroe (at Monroe)
Bryan Germone (at PIR)
Ken McMahon (3 Car)

Do I win?? Or maybe I should ask what the prize is first.

I liked Eaton climbing out of his car, running over to Pete's car with a fire extinguisher and putting out Pete's car after they wrecked together.
I liked Garrett beating Press for the championship, while Press's people are running around in the last race trying to get people to pull off the track so that they won't lose as many points after the motor went south.
I liked the McMahon #3's jack handle pounding on Dan Press's car @ Monroe.
I liked seeing drivers mature as drivers. The best example was Kelly Tanner who truth be told really couldn't race worth a crap before 1995. He could qualify like Ryan Newman, but could never pass anyone, especially on the outside. In 1996 and 1997 that car flew by people, through traffic, on the outside, he became fast in one year.
I hated everyone getting beat by Dirk Stephen's V6 program.
I hated Kirk Rogers coming back and looking like an idiot at Monroe, crashing about 9 times in one race after he was so fast in the early 90's. Yes maybe he had a bit of a big motor, but they ran on the lead lap for about 2 years straight. He was a good driver.
I wish the driving careers of many Toby, Dirk, Lewis, Tanner, Gary Smith, Chris Hart and others would have taken them further.

In short, I'd like at least another 21 years. Does anybody really know exactly who is the idiot at NASCAR that is pulling the pin? If so, please put it in a new thread, don't change the focus of this one.

#95 Re:

Posts: 266

08/08/2006 6:26 PM

Did anybody mention Michael Waltrip
#96 Re:

Posts: 17

08/08/2006 10:00 PM

Does Waltrip really count?

He only raced part of the race at Pacific Raceway, then took off and didn't stick around to sign autographs or anything with the fans that came because he was to be there. Not cool.

Posts: 1991

08/08/2006 11:55 PM

Well all the fans had pit passes with their tickets and signed a LOT of autographs before the race.
#98 NW Tour Photo history

Posts: 1430

08/09/2006 12:10 AM

Talked to Janet today, and she is going to create a place to upload old photos. What we would like to do is have anyone interested email the photos to me at please include a very brief sentence, list the year and the drivers. I am going to organize the photos by year, and upload them in year order.

Posts: 279

08/09/2006 1:19 AM

#100 Re:

Posts: 1430

08/09/2006 2:04 AM

NW Guy, I think this might be a blast!!!!

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