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SRL Tires

06/16/09 07:39 AM

Tire controversy! Fact: By majority opinion the SRL was chartered to place these cars on the best tire available to them, the American racers weren’t the answer; we tried the harder Hoosier they didn’t work. We MUST have a tire that sets us apart from the rest of the late model cars running the weekly shows in the same venues the SRL goes, MUST!

Business 101 provide a product to the consumer! The SRL and its members are the product which has its own associated value in LM racing, it must maintain its own character carrying the burden of an elite status in the late model racing world. The race fans are the consumer they deserve to walk away happy they earned it.

Tires are one of the key elements to the handling of any racecar. I think we can all agree on that? However back to the point and purpose, “the SRL must differentiate its self from the rest of the LM`s across the country” said a undisclosed promoter. By doing so we have to create a model that inspires not only the fans but the racers as well. The SRL product has to deliver an entertainment value incomparable. The SRL, Collins, Fenslers and its members together are making decisions resulting in positive forward thinking solutions.

The tires are crucial and with recent testing by one of the best if not the best West coast driver Jim Pettit II provided the SRL and its members confidence this tire for this track is what is believed to be the best match providing its race fans what they need to see & feel in order to enjoy the difference between the weekly late models and the touring late models.

No additional cost is incurred folks, any team could be competitive buying only one set of tires per event but that may not bring the best results? Where as two or more sets makes it’s easier and provides more opportunity not only to the teams but the race fans that pay hard earned monies to entertain theirs families on any given Saturday night.

Oh, one other issue that is even more important then cost “safety” the last event at Madera Speedway was a true testament of the talent pool in the SRL, not a single team was happy with the tire brought to the event, not one! It’s my belief we were all lucky and didn’t throw away racecars even worst get hurt, Madera and its staff did everything they could to improve the conditions of the racetrack to accommodate the tire and were successful to some degree however there is not much anyone can do about the issue the drivers and teams were dealing with that day. The tire used that day is a good tire but doesn’t match up to the conditions we we’re facing and created a safety concern. Hence; the need to test and change the combinations, a tire combination for any given track we run on is a daily topic for the SRL staff and its members by the way.

I wonder if Janet & Charley knew how powerful these pages would be back then?

Summary; better tire, more competitive & safer racing

THANK YOU “SRL & Racingwest”
Darrell S LaMoure