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07/23/09 07:27 PM

burry,it's dude.Just saw your reply.If you are going to cheat and not want to go to tech and get caught,why fall back?If you cheat and still can't win,you suck worse than a guy who cheats and wins. If you are there just to see how fast you can go,you might as well get in as many laps as you can of running hard,right? Is just my opinion,it might stink more than yours. I do know guys that pulled off with one to go to avoid tech.I myself have never done it.When I go, it's to race.If I interpret the rules different than the tech guys,let the chips fall where the will.I was DQ'd for my secondary butterfly plates being .007 too thin. It cost me a series championship and a track championship in the same breath. I shook the tech guys hand and loaded up,rules are rules.Can't run primary plates in the secondaries.