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07/10/11 10:59 AM

Message initially posted by MKR44:
about every configuration of pit road has been try'd,they all sucked.IMO
Live pit stop's are simply a challenge on the 5/8's.
@DukeDaddy, Yakima is the only track in the NW with a real pit road.

I will defer to your judgement, but the infield is huge here. Bigger than Bristol, and they make pit road work at Bristol. Size is size. 5/8 mile circumferance is bigger than 1/2 circumferance.

I just think Evergreen is a neat track, and NASCAR wants to be in the Pacific NorthWest. Granted the want a speedway of 1 mile or bigger for Cup racing, but Evergreen would be a good start towards that goal, and it would work nicely for the Trucks and Nationwide series.