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07/11/11 09:08 PM

Message initially posted by janet:
Evergreen is a beautiful track and the officials promoters there at the track are doing a good, great job. Being the 3rd stop in three races in a three-weekend-in-a-row scramble isn't easy.

My question is why did NASCAR ignore the NW and then decide they needed it again? Glad they did, but are they here to stay this time?

This should be a beautiful race to watch on TV and should be a perk for the teams' sponsors.

that deal janet was more of a behind the scenes at ES deal. and IMO they are better off not here. I understand a three-weekend-in-a-row can be hard on the drivers and teams but they have never been able to supply a good car count like they do at say, Montana or Roseville.

@DukeDaddy Glad you enjoyed ES. To awnser your question it's the lease owners responsibility to repave and do all the maintenance, on top of paying rent. if oyu saw the stands last year you would have been DISGUSTED with how many layers of grime there was. With HRP in control they are focusing on getting fans back and make some money in order to repave the track. now it was mentioned that we should have a pit road,and introduce the big boys up here we should but it would take away from our 3/8's racing and not only that the county would have to okay that.

You guys put on a real show for us and the fans loved it. Cant wait to see you guys again, where ever it is.