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01/16/12 04:06 PM

The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment.

What Do the Letters "SFI" Stand For?

SFI was originally a foundation run by SEMA, the automotive aftermarket trade organization. The letters "SFI" stood for "SEMA Foundation, Inc." Although SFI is now completely independent from SEMA, the Foundation has retained the name SFI Foundation, Inc. but the "S" no longer means SEMA.

Looking at the rules for this season, it appears that the seats must have an SFI 39.1 approval. Custom aluminum seats (acceptable to nascar) will be permitted. So this means that any "LaJoie of Seating" seats will meet the requirements. Nascar approved composite seats are also permitted. Seats must be re-certified every 2 years.

So chances are that most of the teams are already running the correct seats, at worst they'll have to send them out to get them certified/re-certified.

This is driver safety equipment that we're talking about. If you can't afford the proper seat then this is probably not the series that you should be running in. I have seen these seats used in the entry-level (bomber, mini-stock, road-runner, etc..) classes at local short tracks where the cost of the seat almost equals the cost of the rest of the car. You can't put a price-limit when it comes to driver safety.