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02/03/12 11:32 AM

Message initially posted by 302_Ford:
Because in order to be competitive in the SuperStock class at MRP you need a straight rail Latemodel. You are racing against former MT 200 winning chassis with very little concessions to help balance the field. As we all know MRP is all about the corner and the better chassis really shine there. They are also mandating 602 crates soon and I don't think that is a very popular decision based on what I've heard anyway. Its going to cost the chevy guys at least 5,000.00 to go crate and the Ford and Dodge guys even more. If MRP's Rulebook was better I would agree 100%, but i'm not gonna follow them off that cliff. SCR's rulebook is way better in terms of competition and inclusion of multiple chassis. Read it you will like it.

where do you get the 5000 to go crate for chevy???
the ford alittle more but get real.