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02/11/12 10:29 AM

Message initially posted by TerribleTim68:
Didn't we try that with LLMRS? Crying

Seriously, the way I see it is this - Yes, the rules gt mroe out of hand every year. Yes, all it does is cost more money for all of us. Some of us have that money so it isn't an issue. Some of us don't, and it is an issue.

I think anyone here would agree that I'm a mid-pack car. So I think I can honestly answer your question about how I feel (I'll let my brother speak for himself). I DO feel like I HAVE to buy those parts to "be cometitive". I usually can't afford them. So I run mid-pack. When I ran LLMRS I think I was a front-runner (winning some races may help prove that). I base that on being able to afford that class because we had rules that WERE scaled back some what. Over the past few years, since LLMRS has gone away, I've been forced to continually upgrade my car partly due to being forced into a certain class, partly to keep up and partly to stay legal. This HAS forced me into a situation where I can no longer afford to run my car AND I don't feel like I can afford the parts needed to "be competitive" any way. I have to wonder how many other people are out there just like me. How many of you guys that have a car for sale would be running it if the rules had no continually changed to a point where you could no longer afford that car? Is it any different in any other class? I don't think it's a "Late Model" only problem. I think it is an across-the-board problem that is sweeping the nation. The ones that have it figured out have good car counts, the ones that don't, well.

The problem with scaling back the rules is this (and we tried it with LLMRS and saw the results) - The guys who have the parts won't take them off to come run with you. You aren't going move things backwards from where you are, only forward. It has been said a million times before, it's way too easy to change a rule, it's impossible to un-change it.

I still hold true on my thought that one of the biggest rule problems we have is minimum wieght. The vast majority of the cars out there CAN NOT get down to the minimum wieghts we have today without MAJOR dollar investments or safety issues. And for what? Why do need the minimum wieght to be so low? Don't you think it would be the same product on the track if the minimum wieght was a couple hundred pounds higher? Who would actually see a difference? That single change would make A LOT of cars relative again. I'm not saying they'd be winning cars, I'm saying they'd be "relative", meaning they would be decent mid-pack cars. But think of the outcome, if 15 mid-pack cars came back then the "mid-pack" would be way bigger. That, to me, is a better product on the track. Isn't that what we are after? And if the minimum wieght was a couple hundred pounds higher then all those "super duper space age mega light wieght" parts wouldn't be "as important" any more, would they? I know I wouldn't feel like I needed them if my car already needed led added to make wieght. But I DO feel like I HAVE TO HAVE THEM since my car is too heavy now, and the problem is that I can't afford them. See what I'm saying?

For me, I'm looking elsewhere for an outlet. I've looked closer at Icar since it looks more like what I can can afford to run, but then there is the travel issue for me and that was what hurt LLMRS too, all the races are on the other side of the mountains for me so everything is "out of town" requiring hotel, food and lots of tow fuel. That makes it less affordable, back to square one. So now the Harley is looking like the solution. The rules don't change there and my bike already has all the shiney stuff I need. Cool

yeah id have to admit icar is the perfect limited late class, they have an average of 15 cars at every race. When they went to ephrata and spokane they had over 20 cars