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02/11/12 01:21 PM

Message initially posted by RacerX1622:
Message initially posted by vortecracing:
Message initially posted by TerribleTi m68:
- I agree with you that the vast majority of the cars that have been sitting in the weeds for many years are not coming back. But what do you do about the cars who stuck with it, struggling to make it work because they wanted to be there, and ultimately get dropped off one by one due to these budget issues, like me? Like bondo_28 said, closing that gap, how do you do that?

Or do you just say -
Message initially posted by BigKahuna:
... Progress with the times, or lag behind.

Progress is unstoppable. ...

- until we've left them all behind and we have 5 cars each week. Oh wait, that's what we have now, right? Confused

Tim, there IS a class that encompases these cars your talking about...Its the street stock/sportsman class that SSS has started this year. Instead of posting on here...look around and find out whats really out there that will include the kind of racing you are looking to do...guess what, its here... right in your back yard. I'm building a car right now for a guy to race this class and for the record it doesn't have a crate engine, it has a steering box, it has a spool and has all the shit that I had laying around the shop. NO COST...Isn't that what your looking for??? Quit Bitching and open your eyes...

what you said has some truth, but you don't have to be an ass about it.
No cost may just mean it's stuff laying around because it's worn out.
i got a steering box laying around, and it has a dead spot. I don't think anyone is bitching, i think it's just a discussion about rules.
If this annoys you, maybe you should turn your computer off and go back to work on that free car.. i'm sorry, no cost car.
You don't have to worry about me there Racer.....I DO work on my cars EVERY day to try to make them better. Maybe Tim and YOU by the way, better just WORK on your cars as I do and shut off YOUR computers. THAT "work" doesn't cost a fucking penney and I'm sick and tired of listening to you guys belittle the guys that actually care and want to better the sport. My team spends very little on bullshit and focuses on different set-ups to make the cars better. "With the shit we have" period. Keep posting needless bs on here to try to offset the fact that you don't want to or just don't have the knowledge to compete in the class. My statement remains though...If you just unload the car each week and do GENERAL maintenance you will increase your chances of a better finish each week. Tim, I have talked to you at length and offered up help both financially and physicalally and to no avail. usual you have no clue...Enough said, I have work to do and I'm done here...UM.