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02/12/12 02:17 PM

Message initially posted by Superlatemodel:
I hear ya Tim and agree 100%. Our Superstocks rules have changed enough in the past few years that it has forced cars to be parked. Cars that were converted street stocks or sportsman cars...old mustangs, camaro's, granada's and chevell's etc... to have to compete against full fab clips racing at the same weight. They keeping dumping money in these cars just to find out they can't compete and they get parked anyway.

These guys slamming you on here have no clue of your situation. Sure make it sound easy from their shoes.

Just sayin.

And this is what the sportsmen class will be made up of this year at SSS. There will be a variety of cars out there. More or less back to what the class was when first developed. Allowed cars that ran on the dirt in their sportsman cars to be competitive with steel bodied cars as well as stock stub 'superstocks'.

Myself, looking forward to seeing this class run.