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02/13/12 08:53 PM

Ok,, I'll go back to topic. Rules. Everybody wants rules to fit what they have. That's normal. But that may not be what's best for the sport. The sport is fighting an uphill battle for it's own survival. I hope people can agree on that part.

It's true that you can't uninvent anything. I have the same arguement with the gun control people. You just can't uninvent em. Anyway, the thing with rules and teching those rules. If you want to race you have to conform to the rule package. If rules dictate you can't have this or that then you can't. (If of coarse they tech for it)

In my opinion a stand has to be taken to keep everybody who is racing on the track and draw in more racers to the sport. (I know, it won't be easy) I believe the key is getting the young would be racers hooked into the sport in entry level very inexpensive rule package cars. Then try to make each step up as reasonably priced in the rule packages as possible.

If low purse payout continues then very inexpensive rule packages HAVE to be a priority.

I'm not sure there is alot of room left for expensive late model type cars that run locally. I believe they should travel and be like the NW tour was. Not sure that could happen though. I believe it would be nice if it could and even get a local public TV station to broadcast races. I know, pretty darn wishfull thinking. I doubt it could happen because there seems to be so much instability in NW racing. How could you market it when you don't know what tracks will live or die? Who will be running what and what they will be looking to do?

Anyway, need to look into getting as many people hooked into entry level classes as possible and hope they grow in a few years to move up to better cars and racing. They don't have to be pure stock types either. Allow them to learn suspension and what makes a car turn. So when they do move up they will have some idea of how to compete.

Thats as deep as I want to go for now. I'm sure all has been thought of by many here or there but at least it's kinda back on topic.

Best wishes.