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02/17/12 11:09 AM

Message initially posted by unclemk:
Tim, belittle you...No. Trying to explain something the best I can, Yes. Maybe call it "tough love". ...

I guess we have a different opinion of "explaining".
Message initially posted by unclemk:
... I think you know where I'm coming from....but what the hell, your mind is made up it seems. See ya down the road I hope.....Mike

My wallet is made up, that's for sure. That's what I was trying to explain, and I think it was Rusty's original point, which NO ONE seemed to understand.

And honestly, in the past two months, I have NO idea where you're coming from Mike. Confused

Not directed at anyone -
Think about this for a second. Make a list of all the cars who only show up for 1, maybe 2 races a year. I think Rusty would be on that list too, right? As would the two cars in our shop and so on. Now, put a check next to each one of those on that list that the money is THE reason they only show for 1 race a year. Be honest when you do it. When you're done (if you were honest), you'll have a shockingly long list of cars that ARE out there, that DO want to race but CAN'T afford to run full time. So now we're back to Rusty's original question, how do we fix THAT? Imagine a series that ALL of those guys COULD afford to run full time. THAT is where I'm coming from.