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Re:If racing causes you so much discontent, find a

07/07/08 07:31 PM

Message initially posted by AndyD:

Just to add to what dck24 is speaking about is that many come on here slamming this series or that series, or this track as compared to that track, and I don't believe that is in the best interest in any of us. I feel there are detailed specifics to each and we need each one, that is what counts to me.

From the Bandos to the West Series, from that dirt track in the middle of nowhere to Irwindale. In order for I-10 to be successful, it needs OSS. Off the top of my head probably I-10 pays more because it is a heavily Lucas OIl sponsored track. (thank you Lucas Oil!!!!), and they get very good crowds there. OSS pays what it pays probably because that's all they can afford based upon the crowds. I've seen major improvements at OSS and believe they are on their way back to the "good ole days" I remember with 3,000 in the stands each week. I think it's safe to say no one is getting rich around here be it Irwindale or OSS.

Should the track cover your pit entry fees? Absolutely! Couldn't agree more. In fact I believe a racer should be able to show up and pay their bills no matter where they finish (it's the way it should be). I just don't think greed is necessarily involved, it is more likely simple economics and survival. I've done the math, it's not pretty. It all changes (and can only change) with huge crowds to pay the racers bills just like back in the 40''s and 50's that were paying 10K to win a sprint car race. (because you had 10K in the stands and everyone got a piece of the big pie) If you are getting your stands full each week and the purses aren't rising in recognition of that, then yes may well be something to look at.

For me racing is just supposed to be fun be it competitor, official, or fan. Slamming one in our racing family slams all of us. We need all our series, we need all our tracks.

........Andy D.

Andy gets it!!!