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left front bump stop not getting there

06/15/11 06:11 AM

Tested out late model for the first time this year last night, its a howe perimeter stock clip car originally but it just got a new port city tube clip. Running BBSS on stops. I have 51% front weight will fuel, had half full last night, 175's across front 375 rr 200 lr 1 3/8 hollow 3/8 wall stock type bar set nuetral, 4.5 frame height all the way around, 2900 lb car on hoosier 980s. Hope thats enough info. The right front is getting on the stop but the left front isnt. I was thinking about going to a smaller bar, seems like maybe its keep the left front from getting onto the stop. Also if I sit on the right front corner of the car it will get on the stop but when i go to the left front it takes two guys to get it on the stop, seems like something is holding it. Any other ideas or is the smaller bar on the right track? I have an 1 1/4 bar to try on it.