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06/15/11 07:56 AM

If your going to run BBSS with a big RR spring setup you need to go all the way. 1 3/8" stock type bar will be in the 400-450 lb range not quite enough in my opinion, you need at least 1 1/2", 1 5/8"-1 3/4" is better. With a stock type bar you can shorten the arm length as much as you can, to get more rate.
RR spring, rule of thumb is 1/2 the rate of the bar to start with. The range between 250-400lb does not seem to work very well, so you need to be 400 min if your using big RR, 450-600lb range works well for many people. With a big RR spring you need to run the panhard bar really low, low as you can and then some.
Front springs 175 is okay, 150LF 175RF is okay, could go softer, softer will be better. When going softer check for coil bind, you don't want coil bind, coil bind is a whole nother game.
BBSS with a big RR has a very narrow range of working well, get it right, it works well, if your a little off, your at the back of the pack. I see a lot of guys struggle with it and end up going back to a more conventional setup, or a soft conventional setup which is much easier to work with and much more predictable.
Bump stops, there are several schools of thought, some guys bump stop only RF-LR, some bumpstop LF only and let the bar do the work for the RF, some will bump stop both fronts and the LR. You just have to play with things to see what will work for you.
Tire temps will tell you everything, which direction you need to go. Post some tire temps.