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New new new guy. haha help? new setup

01/16/12 05:28 PM

Hi guys, My name is Wade. Im diving into the stock car world feet first here and was hoping for some setup help. What I have is a lm was told it was a mid 90's Howe. Howe says no. Any way its an offset chassis with a howe XL coilover front clip, 3 link rear, and iron head small block 2850bls w/driver. Currently has a conventional spring set up.
Scaled before I got it
lf 715 rf 706
lr 949 rr 486

total 2856 without fuel
left side 1673 58.2%
rear 1435 50.25
rf/lf 1656 57.75
right side 1192 41.85

lf 325 rf 325
lr 250 rr 250

carrera chocks
lf #6176
rf 6175
lr 6194
rr 6195

1/4 mile semi flat track

I will have to rescale the car for me and the changes I had to make to meet our rules. Plate the dr side bars and 1/8 floor and under seat.

Any help or advise I could get for first time setup and driver or any recommended changes would be great. Thanks guys I know its old school but I needed to start somewhere. lolSmile