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01/24/12 10:04 PM

there is a math equation that can help. weight transfer = gforce x total weight x cg (center of gravity height) divided by tread width.....
so weight transfer = lets say 1 g for simplicity x 2550 pounds x lets say 20 inches above the ground for center of gravity height divided by lets say the tread width at 78 inches outside to outside is probably 68 inches measured at center line of the tires.-------so weight transfer = 1 x 2550 x 20 divided by 68----weight transfer = 750lbs.... now that was with a outside to outside of 78 inches-------------now plug in the same for a car with 80 inches outside to outside ------weight transfer = 1g x 2550 x 20 divided by tread with of 70 inches center line of tires ----so weight transfer is --728.5 pounds

with 78 inches----750lbs transfer---with 80 inches -----728.5 pounds transfer
with 2 inches wider tread width the car will transfer 21.5 less pounds to the right side of the car. so put you car on scales with 4 inch lefts write the weights down --then change to 2 inch lefts and see how much more weight rests on the right side tires------if it is more than 21.5 pounds stick with the 4 inch backspace---if it is less than 21.5 pounds --change to the 2 inch backspacing.......its a cheap and easy experiment as long as my math is correct. is it? anyone!