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01/25/12 08:55 PM

Student, to be honest I don't think I can answer your question. But lets say you have two cars one with a 20" tread width and one with a 80" tread width which one do you think will turn better?
It's not the weight transfer your looking for, in fact you don't want any weight transfer that's the reason to have the correct shocks, sway bar, Etc.
The wider the tread width the less weight transfers around making it easier to balance the chassis and it is a must to have a balanced chassis.
The wider the car the more the weight is distributed more evenly or makes it a little easier to keep it where you want/need it.
And this is just another tool of many to help the car to stick better and turn.
There are many people on here that could do a better job at this then I can.
Again I am by no means a chassis expert, just things I have learned in my 50 years messing with race cars.
Another thing that came to me, why do you think that most of the cars that run up front go to great lengths to max out their tread width rules.