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Impala Mod

10/28/13 03:41 PM

Have an Impala Stub Mod. Going to redo the Front Roll Center. It's a flat track. The car currently has Impala spindles and Modified lowers I need to replace to bring the track width inline with rules. Should I replace them with Impala Lowers and Pinto spindles? Or Just new Impala Lowers and Impala Spindles? I'd like to get my roll centers to somewhere around 4inches left to start and 2' high if its possible. We are on 550LF and 450 RF on a 1 5/16 bar 175LR and 200 RR car has always struggled with rear grip and cutting on entry. I've thought about going to the high caster deal as well to help with some weight jacking. I run +4LF and -3.5 RF on 17psi LF 25psi rf 15 lf and 25 rr. I think most of my problem is in the front geometry. I do run 8 degrees in the LR trailing arm on a 16" bar and 1* on the RR on a 35" bar. I just want to redo the whole car for a big race in about a month to see what it can do, just sorting through some issues