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Community Cares Anne Newton

The following is an update from Leslie Lewis on Anne Newton:

On Monday Anne went through a series of tests to assure that her heart was strong enough to undergo surgery. She was given the green flag. Today...earlier this morning... she had her surgery at a Springfield Hospital. They removed 2 rather large tumors, a couple lymph glands were involved and the breast. It will be a week before the results will come back from pathology. They anticipate that chemo and radiation will be required. Anne should be able to come home tomorrow to continue her recovery.

Anne and Peter-John live in the small community of Hartville, MO. where they have made many friends that have reached out to help. Their neighbor, Connie, is caring for Peter John. She and her husband adopted 2 boys... now grown... that are deaf, so they are both able to communicate with PJ. They are staying at the farm with him. Other neighbors are helping with all of the critters that Anne and Peter-John have acquired.

Life in Missouri and on the farm have been a great, fulfilling addition to their lives.... many caring neighbors, a warm and opening church and all of their new critters... have opened up a whole new world of inner peace for both Anne and Peter-John. Anne says just seeing the horses run like the wind up through the fields to greet them each morning is so heart warming. Just one week ago a new little filly was born to Liberty. I suggested the name for the new little filly of Miss Liberty Belle or my actual favorite is Positive Additude (Addie)...I think they're leaning toward Belle though. New chicks arrived the other day also to add to the collection.... 4 dogs and cats each.... little pigmy goats, a rabbit.... 5 horses.

Anyway.... Anne asked me to give you the update on her surgery and to thank you for the prayers. She posted her address earlier so if any of you would like to send her a card or note please do so... it always feels good to receive mail each day when you're down......................Leslie Lewis #73NWS

Anne Newton Updates

  • 12/31/2005 - Anne Newton Needs List
    I am sending this out to you and others to let you know about our situation. I will try to make our situation clear and try to be short. ...
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Prayers and Support For Anne Newton

  • Janette Raylene
    Anne, I want you to know I am thinking of you... I am keeping you and Peter-John in my close in my thoughts, not a day goes by where I dont think about both of you... (The Pictures on my fridge help with that.) The times I spent with the 2 of you made me realize life is precious. You and Peter-John have showed me the way of "RACING SMILES" I love you and I hope all is well~ Miss You! <3 Sissy!
  • bev meyers
  • bev meyers
    Wondering how you are getting along also Peter John. You have been in our prayers and still are. Would like to hear from you soon.
  • McKean Racing Family
    Our thoughts and prayers are still with you and would like an update if possible. God is watching over you even tho it doesn't feel like it sometimes..
  • bev meyers
    Anne and Peter John you are both in our thoughts and prayers hope you are doing ok.
  • Burney Lamar/ HPS Victory Circle Race Team
    We hope you have a fast recovery. We miss you and Peter John at the races.
  • Betty Martin
    You know you are in our thoughts. Racing Smiles to you.
  • A survivor
    Hang in there Anne. You will get through this, you are a young, and strong lady, and your attidude must, must remain strong! The numbers you hear are just that, numbers. You are young, strong, and will be a long term survivor, to see your grandchildren get married. . .take care, from someone who whas supposed to be dead many years ago, what do those specialists know?
  • Ron & Wendy Zajicek
    God Bless You and Peter-John. We will pray for a full and speedy recovery.
  • Kaye Reshaw - BMR
    Get well soon, Anne. We really miss seeing you and Peter-John at the races.
  • Rev Joe Bubbico
    Your much loved and prayed for and we know God will get you through this. We are praying for you! God Bless you

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