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Community Cares Gary Sigman

The following was sent to RacingWest from Steve Smith:

Gary Sigman, a Southern California stock car builder, team owner and driver for more than 40 years, died Friday March 5, 2010, of injuries sustained in a shop fire. Sigman was welding on a truck he was restoring in his shop when it caught fire. He stayed to fight the fire and was overcome by toxic smoke. He passed away Friday night due to the severe toxicity of the smoke inhalation.

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Prayers and Support For Gary Sigman

  • Debbie Cook Simmons
    Nadine, I am so sorry for your loss. Dad (Ray Johnstone) gives his sympathy also. We live in Red Bluff, CA and won't be able to attend services. 530-529-4226. Debbie Cook and Ray Johnstone
  • Richard Davis Sr
    What a shock ... I signed into Racing West to chase down some Dave Byrd stats and discovered the sad news of Gary ... We shipped Gary many parts 30-40 years ago and when we needed his tech help Gary was always there ! My most since condolances to Nadine ... I lost Sandi my wife 6 years ago ... and words simply cannot express my feelings about Gary ! ...GOD SPEED GARY ... You will be missed and never forgotten. Richard Davis ...Davis Motorsports of Reno
  • Bob Forster Jr.
    RIP Gary,So sorry Nadine
  • Becky Hammel
    Very sad to hear, I just came across this now and told my Dad. Nadine email me sometime God Speed Gary
  • Barbara Lewellyn
    So sorry to hear about Gary. No one can say anything to make you feel better. There is a great loss in Stock Car Racing now.
  • Marjie Schwartz
  • Nadine Sigman
    I want to thank all my racing family and friends for your thoughts and love that I feel. I had Gary's memorial service on March 25th his 71st bithday. At the memorial there were 200 plus friends racers past racers and pit crews. Most of them had not seen each other for many years. After the service we went to my neighbors home and an old fashion racers party everyone was telling their own personal Sigman stories and their are a lot of them. During what usually is a sad day this was a day that everyone laughed, drank the Liquid of their choice and had a good time. It was an exactualy what I wanted. This signified Gary and my 50 years of our married life. THANK YOU ALL. Nadine Sigman
  • Dave Nathan
    I crewed on the PRE shop car back in the 70's and 80's. As a team, we won a lot of races, from Chula Vista, CA. to Alger, WA. And as a team, we had quite a lot of interesting experiences along the way. Looking back it was some of the best times that I can remember. Thank you Gary & Nadine. I will not be able to attend Gary's service, but my thoughts and prayers are with the Sigmans. God Speed Gary.
  • Verta Henell
    Gary was very instrumental in my racing reaching the level it did. I have fond memories of working at Professional Racers Emporium, Thank You Gary...
  • Denise Hampton
    Cap and I are sadden to hear of Gary passing. Nadine, Bonnie and Shelly our thoughts and prayers are with you and all who knew him. Gary built all Cap's race cars we were very competitive at the race tracks and with Gary's talent in building and setting these race cars up made for a good night at the track. We also had many good weekends dirt bike riding in the deset with him and the Sigman gang. We will greatly miss him. So we will see you all on Gary's Birthday to help celibrate his life.
  • JR Tolleson
    Very sad to hear. My sympathies go out to the whole family. I grew up around the Sigmans for a number of years before my parents moved to San Diego. I can still remember sleeping in the back of the PRE truck after races. Didn't get to know Gary very well (he was kind of scary to a young kid), but Nadine is pretty much an Aunt to me. The stories my parents tell will never be forgotten by me.
  • bobby woods
    well where to start. gary sigmund taught me more about dirt late models than everyone else combined. i couldn't hit my ass with both hands till i got with gary nadine and shelley .then i finally got a pre car and won 3 championships in a row and not bcuz of my awesome driving skills but bcuz of gary's constant help ,both on the phone and at the track. i have many stories of just how hard headed he was,but once you got past that he was a great friend . anyone remember him throwin a tire iron thru the windshield at craig road when chuck becker drove 4 him? that was vintage gary. we're gonna miss u rip buddy
  • Jim Appleby, Sr.
    We are deeply saddened to hear of Gary's passing. Our hearts pour out to the Sigman family and we will fondly remember Gary who had the patience to help us out when we started racing. the Goldsmith and Appleby families
    Dad's memorial will be March 25th, 11am. Grace Community Church 4247 Van Buren, Riverside, CA 92503. In lieu of flowers Mom has requested that donations be made in Dad's momory to Life Skills Academy RHS Special Athletics.
  • Don Mac Askill
    I am terribly saddened by the news of Gary passing. I had the privilege of working with Gary and his family for a number of years.I will never forget the honor of standing on the podium with Gary to receive our championship trophies from Saugus speedway many years ago. Gary taught me more about how a race car works than anyone i have ever worked with. I will truly miss him, but will always have a smile on my face when i think of him. My prayers go out to Shelly, Bonnie, Nadine and the rest of the family. You guys will always be a part of my life.
  • Becky McBride
    We will see you soon and laugh again. Nadine, it is was so much fun remembering the good times on the phone Sunday. Shelly & Bonnie, your Dad was cool. Katie your Grandpa was a great competitor, one that wont be forgotten. Much love from the McBride Family. Call if you need anything at all or just need to visit.
  • Steve Fensler
    My heart goes out to Gary's family. Gary enjoyed every day of his life, doing what he enjoyed doing the most, racing. Gary could make me laugh so much with all of his stories. I will never forget the drive from Sacramento to Carson thru the night, laughing one minute, and arguing the next. A great man that always shared his knowledge. Rest in peace Gary.
  • Butch Gilliland
    I am very sorry to of Gary’s passing. Wow to look back at people that have touched our lives I have to say that Gary was an early inspiration for my racing past. Gary helped build my first race car and mentor me when I was probably 17 years old, I remember taking my car to Carson where he worked from his garage where he taught me mig welding and so much more. I hope Shelly and Nadine and the rest of his family knows that as hard headed as he was (and I mean hard headed) I would not have wanted him any other way. He was a great competitor and a good friend. My life would not be what it is without him and my family would not be where they are without Gary. He will be missed. PS: I would not miss the service but I am in Afghanistan on business, I will be talking with friends that will be there and he will be in my prayers. Gods Speed
  • rick ellison
    Nadine and Shelly, I am very sorry for your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you. May you be able to reflect on all of the good memories to get you through.
  • Stewart Brothers Racing
    We are all deeply saddened about losing Gary. Our sympathies go out to you Nadine, Shelly, Dennis, Bonnie and your families. He taught us (Rusty & Steve), so much about building and set ups on race cars, that we couldn't have learned from a better man. We want you to know that he will always have a special place in our hearts.
  • Jim Bowman
    Tina and I are greatly saddened to hear of this terrible loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you Nadeen, Shelly and Bonnie
  • Otis
    godspeed Gary, You were great competition always,It was great racing at Ascot with you and your coustomers, My flag flys half mast for PRE.
  • Nadine Sigman
    Thank You all for your calls and notes of support. I have always said that no matter what happens Gary always did what he loved doing. I would never have to look back and say he had to work a 9 to 5 job untill he retired to do what he loved. I and his two daughters, Shelly and Bonnie have been involved with racing for many years and racers are special people. Many time people did not understand us, but racers are a very close knit family and we take care of our own. I have the support of so many of you I know I can get through this because of your thoughts and prayers. We are going to have the service In Riverside on Gary's birtheday March 25th and a get together afterward, with bench racing Sigman stories and there are a lot of them out there. Thank You Again, Nadine
  • Michael B. Medlin
    So very sad to hear this, our condolences go out to the family. Gary was a hell of a competitor at Saugus
  • mike dimarzo
    i had not talked to gary in a few year and just last month i got in touch with him and we got caught up on our lives... now to hear this it really hurts.. gary and i were good friends for many years and i am going to miss him so very much.... he was a great car builder and a great person... my heart goes out to his family and especially his wife nadeen... peace be with you gary.....
  • Steve Witz
    Shelly and Dennis my thoughts and prayers go out to you in your loss. I first met Gary in 1983 he opened his shop to us one day when we came over to run Ascot from Tucson. We may not have always agreed on everything but he was a freind.
  • amee blue
    I didnt know Gary personally, but have seen race many many times (pavement and dirt) and remember growing up his PRE Engine was always the best sound going around the track. Very sad to hear of this tragedy and his passing. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. God Speed Gary
  • Renee Burns
    Shelly, Dennis, and the entire Sigman family, we are so deeply saddened to hear about Gary. ] saw a post on your FB page and was just shocked. Please know you are all in our prayers! With much love and sadness, the Burns and Valk family
  • michael mulder
    my condolences to his family and friends..........
  • chuck miinch
    our deepest sympathies go out to his family for such and early loss .i hope peace can be found knowing how gary touched so many people even the ones he didn't even known .
  • Nick Joanides
    Very sad to hear. Gary was the man who helped me on my first stock car back in 1992. He, his wife and daughter were always such a pleasure to work with. My condolences go out to his family.
  • Dave Byrd Racing
    Wow, sad to hear! That hits close to home. That could be any one of us! It's a natural reaction to fight a shop fire! Condolences to Gary's family.

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