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Community Cares Jeff Anthony

Early Monday, November 20th, SRL Late Model driver Jeff Anthony, was involved in an ATV crash at the Glamis Sand Dunes. Jeff was critically injured after taking an estimated 60 foot fall. Another rider, Kevin Falvey, a close friend and EMT, witnessing a portion of the fall was able to administer medical help until he was transported by sand rail to a Marine Medivac. The initial flight was to an Arizona hospital that then had him airlifted to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center located in San Diego.

As of this morning, family and friends with him remain cautiously optimistic though Jeff currently remains in critical condition. All thoughts and prayers are graciously accepted and passed along to his family. A trust fund has been established to help the family with expenses during this difficult time.

Please make donations at any Washington Mutual branch:
Jeff Anthony Trust Fund
C/O Washington Mutual 01961516558
3100 Balfour Rd. Suite A
Brentwood, CA 94513
925-240-8426 Ext 3

Jeff Anthony Updates

  • 12/08/2005 - Jeff Anthony’s Final Party
    Date: Sunday December 18th Time: 3pm - 6pm

    Place: Robert Livermore Community Center 4444 East Avenue ...
    .: More

  • 11/28/2005 - Cards and Condolences
    Cards and Condolences may be sent to:

    Cindy & Jesel
    PO Box 5
    Byron, Ca 94514

  • 11/28/2005 - Jeff Anthony Trust Fund and Funeral Information
    In lieu of flowers (Jeff was allergic to them) and to honor his memory the family asks that you contribute to the trust fund for his loved ones that have been left behind, Jesel and Cindy, their dogs, Ed and Mali, their cat Simba and their step-dog Winston… Bank: Washington Mutual, Name: Jeff Anthony Trust Fund, Acct#: 01961516558, Address: 3100 Balfour Road, Suite A in Brentwood, CA 94513. Phone 925-240-8426 x 3. The funeral will be in Livermore and is tentatively set for Saturday, December 17th. The place is still to be determined. The information will be posted on various websites once the final arrangements have been made.

  • 11/27/2005 - Jeff Anthony Passes Away
    To all from Cindy and Jesel:
    When we came into the hospital Monday morning we were immediately told that Jeff’s situation was not looking good. I asked well what does that mean? The doctor explained that Jeff had severe brain injuries and that it was pointing towards a brain stem injury and people generally don’t recover from them. A short time later we met with another Neurologist that said we would have to make a decision. I again said what does that mean? The doctor answered that Jeff had all of the signs of a brain stem injury and that he was unlikely to wake up and if he did he would have severe brain damage and disabilities. He would not be the same person we knew if he were to wake up from this. The doctor said that the critical time for brain injuries is 24 to 48 hours. We’d do another CT scan and go from there. 48 hours came and went and the 2nd CT scan showed no improvements. The doctor told us the window for our choice was 5 to 7 days from the accident. Meaning, we needed to decide whether to let him go peacefully or have him incubated indefinitely in a nursing home. To ensure we made the right decision for Jeff we requested a 3rd CT scan to be performed Friday evening. Saturday morning we (Jeff’s family and friends) reviewed all three scans together and the doctor explained the minimal changes on them. As a team, we made the final decision. This morning at 10:31 AM Jeff Anthony peacefully left us. He went without pain and gave his close family and friends the time to say goodbye. His memory will live on his son Jesel and in true Jeff Anthony style, he left us doing what he loved and he Drove it Like he Stole it!

Prayers and Support For Jeff Anthony

  • Cindy
    7 years… I remember the first time I met him and the moment I said goodbye forever. Both are strong memories and will always be with me. He was an unforgettable guy; one that made me cry... The tears were from frustration, anger, lots of laughter and in the end sadness because I (we) had to let him go. He was the kind of guy that brought strong emotions to all that knew him. I feel lucky to have 13 years worth of memories of him and even luckier to have the apple of his eye, Jesel Anthony. I know he would be extremely proud of his smart (straight A’s), funny, sarcastic and loving son. Today is not a day for tears… it’s a day of positive and happy memories. The memories that make you laugh out loud even when no one is around. Life goes on… no matter what or who we’ve lost. We take those memories and experiences and become better people simply because we had the chance to know one of the best. I’ve told it before but here’s the memory I laugh at every time I think of it…. I was many months pregnant and the blueberry had starter issues. Rather than actually fixing the car like a normal mechanic would do; he hands me a stick and a hammer and tells me to keep them in my car so I can tap the starter when needed. Yep, true story. I am thankful for the time I had with him and the many great people he brought into my life. I hope your day is filled with smiles and laughter as it should be.
  • Tim Eoff
    11-27-12... 7 years Jeff. Still miss you.
  • Joanne
    11/27/11... So hard to believe it's been six years that Jeff's been gone. Thinking of Cindy & Jesel today, and hoping that the families can get through today with some smiles as they remember Jeff. RIP #76, we all miss you...
  • Tim Eoff
    11-27-10 WOW. 5 years have now past. What has changed in that time. Still miss you as much today as 5 years ago.
  • Bones
    It has been 4 1/2 years since Jeff left us...somehow I found myself back on this page rereading ALL of the posts. The tears started flowing again and as I looked at pictures it was hard to believe that he really is gone...even after all this time. Jesel is growing into a wonderful little man who often throws you a look that was his father's know the one when he looked at you like you were nuts? Jesel does it perfectly! Jeff would be proud!
  • Cindy
    Hard to believe it's been 4 years now. We still miss him every minute of everyday. It's amazing to see that Jesel has so many of his father's traits when he had such little time with him. That is the saddest part of Jeff's passing. He was the best father any boy could ask for...
  • The Fensler Family
    Sending our prayers and hugs to all of Jeff's family and friends. We smile when we think of Jeff and feel very blessed to have such wonderful memories. Love and Hugs, Barbara and Steve
  • Mike Mendenhall
    11-27-09 You will be pleased that last weekend at the SRL banquet they awarded the Jeff Anthony Spirit of 76 award to (2) very well deserving guys. Yes, It was very cool! I happened to be cleaning the picture of Jeff presented to me at his celebration yesterday and thought of all the Family and friends. Peggy, Pops and Marsha, Uncle Dave/Aunt Joyce, Uncle Bruce/Aunt Carol and of course Cindy and Jesel. Hope your Thanksgiving days are getting easier and your're able to maybe smile and laugh as much as dry the tears away. My Love to all of you.
  • Tim Eoff
    11/27/09... Wow, cant belive its been 4 years now. I still miss you just as much as four years ago. The guys are down in Glamis. Please watch over them.
  • Brandon
    6/15/09 Brandon McNally
  • Brandon
    hi for those of you who don't know me my names Brandon McNally. I was Jeff's old neighbor. I used to go over to his house and learn things from watching him fix stuff or just hang out by his cool cars. for a neighbor we were pretty close I have lots of great memories with Jeff but sadly very little pictures, but that doesn't matter because he and all those memories will be in my heart forever, . When i was about ten or so jeff wanted me to buy his older CR 250, he always wanted to see me ride one. i couldn't even touch the ground but when i moved i got one, and when i came back the next time to visit he had moved and i couldn't share that story with him he would of been proud. I haven't talked to or seen him in to long of a time the last time was when i moved which must of been about 5 years ago. I miss you jeff, you would be Very proud I graduated high school Moved out and now joining the army. Think about you alot and how cool of a guy you were miss hearing that Malibu of yours scream down airport row from my house you were one cool guy and touched many peoples lives. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!.
  • James Ferland
    Jeff, Its your cuz James.. I just want you to know that I looked up to you for all your acomplishments. I loved wathcing you race man you were in a league of your own. Ill never forget being a stand in pit crew member that was awsome.I have many memories of you and I at bestamas for thanksgiving. I cant believe its been almost 4 years. I look at your pictures that hang from aunt Joyces all the time. We all love you very much. James
  • Joanne
    November 27, 2008. 3 years today. It just doesn't seem like that much time has gone by. We can talk about Jeff now without crying, but always with a smile about some smartass thing we remembering him saying or doing, and always missing him him when we do. Just a couple of weekends ago, I heard motorcycle noise over at Anchor Acres, so I look out the window, only to see Jesel riding a bike -with no training wheels I might add! - and having a ball!! Just like his daddy. I know Jeff was watching down on him, being his biggest fan & saying "Drive it like you stole it, son!". I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving, and can remember Jeff with a smile today, and not too many tears. Love, John & Joanne Bannert
  • The Fensler Family
    Just wanted to let you know we will be thinking about Jeff and sending hugs to his family tomorrow. We always smile when we think of him and are blessed with many good memories. Love to all of you
  • Jerry Anthony ( Pops)
    Hi my son. Happy Birthday. Damn 39 years old. Miss you everyday. How about a visit one of these days again. Just a little stop by and say hi. I know you are doing fine up there in heaven, but damn I really miss hearing your voice and our hugs. If it was not for your racing videos and your interviews the time woud be unbearable at times. Just letting you know I am thinking of you. All my love, Dad
  • tracy
    Happy Birthday Bro! Miss all your picking on me and all that good stuff. You are sure missed every where! Jesel is looking so handsome everytime I see him! Take care and see you some day!
  • Jason & Joey
    Happy Birthday Jeff. We miss you more & more each day! It's still so hard to believe that your gone.
  • justin
    another christmas comes and goes and my highlight is seeing jesel smile and tossing him around throwin some elbows!!he is an awesome kid .So my van gets towed from in front of my house yesterday courtesy of UCPD..cathy says they lift the van ,pull it on the trailer and then(little late here cuz) the cop notices your sticker on the do you know jeff,he says..hes our cousin,cathy says..he goes on apologizing ,sayin no hard feelings...hes your friend too!!his name is jeff..cathy called me and i had to laugh.cuz i knew thats exactly what you would do.miss ya gonna go pay 151 bucks to the man,to get my beeter van out..keep laughin
  • Joan Morse
    Reality has hit this holiday season and everything seems darker than last year when the shock of you dying kept us numb. We lost Thelma (your pal) on the 26th of Nov. Louise is so sad--she goes around the house crying and looking for her sister. She would have been 15 on the 27th of January,08. Jesel is so you--he is a jewel and has the best personality--he brings us so much joy and happiness. He is the crown jewel. We do everything in your honor--and Jesel talks about you more now than ever. He has a great mom and had a great dad.
  • Peggy Mullins
    11/27/07 Hey, Jeff honey. Another anniversary is upon us all. I'm doing better now, but I still have many moments. Several of us were at your home tonight for some food and to watch your "video" once again. Guess what, I only cried a little bit. Did you know that there is a new addition to your house in Byron? Probably do cause your on top of everything. Anyway it's a new puppy. Golden retriever named Lucy. Yep another female for ya. She's so cute and is a true puppy. Mali and Ed aren't too thrilled, but they'll get over it. Lucy's brother went to Jeff and Kim's home. Also an adorable puppy. Jesel is doing great and is you 100%. Look for Thelma. She should be up there with you now. You know how much I miss you, Love Mom
  • Jason & Joey
    Hey Jeff, we still cant believe that you are gone. We we're at Dumont with Cindy & Jesel for Thanksgiving. Our thoughts are with Cindy, Jesel & your family today. We miss you everyday Jeff and wish that you were still here with us! We love you!!
  • Jerry Anthony ( Pops )
    Hi my son, 2 years have passed and I can not believe you are gone still. I touch the pictures of you in this computer room everyday and talk to you everyday also. I miss your hugs and your smile, I miss you telling me everything is just peachy.I miss you not being here for Thanksgiving and you and the guys telling us about how much fun you were having at Glamis. I miss watching you race and sharing all those great times we had at all the races whether we won or lost. I miss seeing Jeff, Sean, Steve, Doug, Mark, Frankie and Anyhony and all of us being one great pit crew and part of our family. The wound of you missing away has subsided quite a bit now, but it will always be there until we are together again at the Race Track up there in Heaven. We do not see Cindy and Jesel very often, but we ( I ) really enjoy it when we do. Iam going to go to some SRL races next year I hope. I still believe a Perpetual Sportsmanship trophy in your honor and i will do my best to fullfill this part of my dream for you honor. That is about it for now, I love you with all my being and soul. All My Love Forever and a day, Dad ( Pops )
  • Joanne, John, Shayla & Morgan
    I can't believe 2 years have passed without Jeff in them. John was just saying over the weekend how he missed Jeff and still can't believe he's not around to harrass and/or be harrassed by! I know it hasn't been an easy way back for those closest to Jeff, but it seems like everyone is slowly but surely on an upswing. Jesel is still the little wild man out in the dirt - sometimes I just watch him from my window and think of how proud Jeff would be of him- I already know Cindy is! I know this will be a busy website today, so I hope everyone can look back on their memories of Jeff with a little bit of sadness that he's not here, but with a lot of laughter remembering him for his antics and what he meant to each of us. We miss you Jeff. Love, The Bannert's
  • The Fensler and SRL Family
    To Pop, Peggy, Cindy, Jesel and all of Jeff’s family we are thinking of you on this second anniversary. Jeff is in our hearts forever and the picture of Jeff that you gave to Steve hangs in his office and reminds us everyday how lucky we were to know him. We send our love and support and wish all of you peace in your hearts.
  • Tim Eoff
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • Tim Eoff
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • Tim Eoff
    Wow, 2 years. We still miss you Jeff. Here are some pics for you guys to enjoy. They are of Jeff’s last race at Altamont. Oct. 8th 2005. They were taking at the meet and greet be fore the race. The little girl in the pics in my oldest daughter. She loved to watch Jeff race, cuz she knew he was fast.
  • To you Iron Man 76.....Your Friends 11/20/2007
    To you 76..... Believe your friends in life- Are those you get to know- Those you're always glad to see- And sad to see them go- As friends our respect for you, you earned- And as a part of us rode with you- Through each and every turn- We shared joy with you in triumph- When you shined in victory lane- We have seen you carried from the wrekage- Where we felt some of your pain- Your life held for you such rich's- And you wore those treasures well- While you shared it all with others- Plus a little for yourself- Your stay with us was much to brief- Guess you're journey was through- May heaven be a better place- Now that it holds a man like you- You will always be a Champion- In our hearts and in our minds- We know you would have won it all- If the Lord had granted time- And the sport of Racing- Will always speak your name- For us the race continues...- But it will never be the same- We Salute you Jeff Anthony- For gracing our lives- To the special man who touched us- We sadley say goodbye- Goodbye Iron man 76... You are always and forever in our hearts and thoughts...
  • Cindy
    Jesel turns 6 today! It's been a rough couple of years but that little boy is the greatest kid a mother could ever ask for. He and I talk about his daddy all of the time. He told me to get him some motorcycle jammies. He says 'You know who I like mom!'... Travis Pestrana. Cute kid. Many things to be thankful for even in trajedy. -Cindy
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi my son, well one more month has gone by ( month # 22 ). I got a total clean bill of health this last week for my heart and am really excited about it. I still miss you everyday. Tracy is getting married on Oct. 13 in Livermore. It should be a great time for the whole family. A lot better time for me because I will be able to remember is one compared to Jays when I was all doped up after my radiation treatments. I would give anything to give you a huge hug and a kiss on your cheek. Well that is it from here. All m6 love, Dad (Pops)
  • Jerry Anthony
    Good morning my son, been a while since we talked. 21 months since you left us. I miss you everyday and it will be this way until we meet at that big race track up in heaven.i look at your picture that your aunt Joyce had done for me ( you looking over us at your memorial) everyday and touch it just to let you know I am thinking of you. We went to Pismo Beach to see grandpa and walked the beach to the dunes and I remembered the times you went down there. There were at least a thousand RV's and toy haulers there. I could just picture you being there and having a blast. The race crew has stopped working together. Last years tribute to you was it for them. Everyone is doing his own thing. Frankie called me the other day and we caled for quite a while. Had a few laughs. Have not talked to Cindy in quite a while, but we e mail each other. We are doing fine. I will not be going to any races this season but plan a going to some of them next year.It still was to painful. Well that is it for now. I love you. All My Love,Dad (Pops)
  • Peggy Mullins
    It's been awhile, huh?? I've been busy the past 4 months or so. Jesel is just about finished with his first year of school. I might add that he's doing fantastic. He's such a cute little guy and he is "you". He really makes me laugh and, at times, he has your silly personality. I saw Sean on Mother's Day and it was good to see him. Bannert just finished doing some work on the house (remember, the one where you and your friends used to drink beer at!!). He does great work. And still I found a few flaws. He said that he heard that I'm a professional "nit-picker". I guess now it's confirmed. I wish you were here. I miss you and your hectic racing schedule. Talk at 'ya soon. Love, Mom. P.S. Mali, Ed and Simba are doing good. Everytime I go out to Byron I bring treats for the dogs. Mali greets me with a ball in her mouth. Belive it or not she can still run after the ball.
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi my son, well a little over 18 months since you passed away. Still think of you everyday. Some days are good like when I put your old races from Altamont on DVD's instead of VCR tapes and laugh at your interviews and how you made it always look easy making your passes to get into the lead. Then there are the sad days when I just wish we could just talk nothing special just talk. I miss seeing you and going to the races with you. I thought I could get a trophy made in your name but I find it to difficult to do and find a place down here that can make it. We have a picture of your shadow from the memorial service over our computer desk and I look at it very day and see you watching over us. We are coming up to the Bay Area for Fathers Day and taking Cindy and Jesel, Scott and Michelle and Tracy to the A's game. It should be a blast. Uncle Bruce is having a retirement dinner that Friday night also and then heading back home Sunday night. That is about it from here. All my love, Dad (Pops)
  • Rich & Linda Struhm
    Thanks Jeff I stumbled back to this website as I was looking at parts for my Samurai project. You would like it.I'm sure you led me to this site tonite. I have been kinda feeling sorry for myself, working a lot of OT and not seeing Linda as much as I would like. Then I realized that I had nothing at all to complain about. Thanks for putting things back into perspective. We all miss you a lot!!! Cindy...if you read this Linda and I are fine. We have the house up near Yosemite now and I get up there on weekends. We will really try to stop by sometime. We would like to see how the house came out. Send us an email if you get God Bless Everyone
  • Cyle Coatney
    hey was up bro. been a long time sence u left a message and just wanted to let you know i did not foget about you.. i was out last weeken helping cindy clean up the old house. man would u have some words to say about there paint job. i also im useing your jet skis man though things are fast i told cindy i get first dips on them!! lol well the pink on that on ski was nice but i had to trick it out it was out dated check it out now. well miss u man!!! never forget you! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi Jeff, just a little note to say hi. SRL starts this weekend. It seems eerie that you will not be there. Will try and make some of the races, but I am not looking forward to them. Still trying to find a trophy place around here. Oh well I will keep on trying. Still have days when I am really down and missing you terribly.Cindy and Jesel are doing fine as I know you know. Sure miss we could make it up to see one of his baseball games. To much medically ( doctors appointments) going on still. 17 months now since you left us. How about one more conversation just for old times sake. That is about it for now. All My Love, Dad (Pops)
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi my son, sitting here at the computer and realizing its benn 16 monthe since you left us. Missing you everyday and hope you are still racing up there in heaven. Watched some of your old Altamont races and got a great kick out of your racing and seeing how easy you passed all those cars. Your interviews were also a big kick in the butt. damn I wish we could just give each other a big hug and tell each other how much we love one another. Thinking about all those Monday nights working on the race car and teasing one another and laughing at each other. I really will treasure those times for the rest of my life.Race season starts in may this year with a lot more traveling and some of it out of state (Las Vegas and Colorado). Still trying to find a place to get your trophy made. Well that is about it for now. All my love, Dad (Pops)
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi my son, just a little note sitting here thinking about you and feeling down. Whale poop is close to how low I am feelng today. Going to go workout and hope that I can stop wishing I could just have one more dream with just you and I talking together. Nothing is particular we would be talking about just talking. The new SRL is starting up May 5th a lot more traveling and some of it out of state. I hope it stay as friendly as it used to be. I am trying to find a trophy place here to have a trophy made in your honor it will be called the Jeff Anthony Sportsmanship perpetual Trophy. Have not talked to the guys in a while so will try and give them a call tonight. Well that is all that I can think of to tell you today. God bless and will write again. All my love forever, Dad (Pops)
  • Tracy Christian
    Hey Bro! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. We ALL sure miss you. Wish you were here so you can tease me like usual. Love you lots.
  • Sean Holifield
    Happy birthday friend. It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here. It's been very difficult trying to except the fact that your gone. Besides Bruno, you are the only other friend I've ever lost.I can tell you from down here it really sucks! Cindy is doing good she didn't have a very good November as I'm sure she told you. Jesel is becoming you so we get to look forward to calling someone Richard Cranium again when he gets older! I haven't seen your pops or mom in a while but they know we love them. Our tribute season finally over! It's amazing on how fast some people can move on with their lives when someone passes. I would walk around the pits and look around at all the competitors and think to myself "Do you people realize who isn't with us anymore"? I don't think some people understood what you brought to the track every week. Joey did a great job this year and he had our luck also! I'm thinking that was the last year any of us will be involved with racing. Probably just as well, it will never be the same for the crew without you. I went to Century Wheel today to get a new lug nut cover for my Alcoa wheels and they asked when I purchased them so they could get the part number so I told them that they were bought from Auto Discount Center, they looked in the computer and there was a copy of your invoice - brought back some memories. I have a lot of racing items up in my office along with the picture that you had made for us before you left and not a day goes by that I'm not telling one of my customers a story about something in the picture or about your championship helmet or just how good of friends we were. Well once again I spell like crap and Wendy is still up so I better have her proof read this. Not a day goes by that I'm not reminded how much I miss you (could be the tattoo on my arm!) and wish you were here. I will talk to you soon my friend. Happy birthday. Love, Sean
  • Jerry Anthony
    Happy birthday Geoffrey,38 years old. We sure wish were to celebrate it with us. We had Jesel and Cindy down here for a couple of daze. He sure reminds me of you when you were 5 years old. Very inventive and always thinking of new ways to play cars and winning. We took him to the Living Desert, childrens museum and golfing (putting). What a blast. Damn I love him and Cindy so much. This is really a tough day. Still wishing you were here and telling me everything is just peachy. B. P. just passed away, so he should be up there racing now too. Kick his ass for me on the track.Well Jeff that is about it for now. Take care and Happy Birthday. All my love,Dad (Pops)
  • Peggy Mullins
    1/17/07 - Happy Birthday Jeff. Today is your 38th birthday. In my heart I know you are here with me as I am with you. I receivd a note from Anna who lives without dialysis now because of you. I am so happy for her and I'm glad you helped her out, but I would have much preferred that you came home walking and talking on November 27, 2005. Since that wasn't to be I must enjoy you thru your son. He has so much of your personality and mannerisms that it is eerie. I wish I could take your place. I'm too old to be celebrating birthdays and you have so many more to celebrate. I love you, Jeff honey. Mom
  • Jason & Joeylee
    Happy Birthday Jeff! We both miss you tons.
  • Cyle Coatney
    hey was up bud.... i was just sitting here at the comp and see you pi on the background and though i would say hi. well still missing u man! later
  • Peggy Mullins
    Merry Christmas Jeff honey. Had a great Xmas eve with your wonderful son sitting like a king with presents all around him in the chair and on the floor. I sure wish I had my camera. He looked like King Tut. Cindy "O" made me a shadow box in your memory. It is beautiful and, of course, made me cry which put me in a "not so good mood". Your Cindy made me a calandar with pages filled with pictures of you and Jesel. Well, I guess today is my day to shine (or not shine). It's the big 60 for me and I sure wish you were here to "raz" me about it. Going to your home today and I'm sure Jesel will have something to say. I miss you everyday. Take care of Bailey. All my love, Mom.
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Good morning my son, well here we are the second Christmas since you passed away.We had a great Christmas at aunt Joyce's and Daves around 30 family were there. Cindy and Jesel had a great time and they are coming down here for a couple of days.Really looking forward to having them here. Just not the same party with you not being there. Going to Jay and Nathalie's for Christmas should also be fun. Peanut is so cute.Uncle Bruce is retiring on Jan.1st and I really proud of him. How about one more visit just for old times sake. Sure do miss those. Still I am dreaming about you but miss our conversations. Oh well.I guess it will be this way forever. Missing you that is. Well that is about it for now talk to on your birthday. ALL MY LOVE,DAD
  • justin
    so today as im drivin over the richmond bridge thinkin about jeff,i was askin jeff to give me some of his driving skills..the man is an artist behind the wheel...and all the sudden one of my favorite PENNYWISE songs comes on the radio Bro Hymn... heres the song..and how i belted it out.... To our best friend, present past and beyond Though you weren't with us too long Life is the most precious thing we could lose While you were here the fun was never ending Laugh a minute was only beginning jeff anthony, this one's for you Ever get the feeling you can't go on Just remember whose side it is that you're on You've got friends with you till the end If you're ever in a tough situation We'll be there with no hesitation Brotherhood's our rule we cannot bend When you're feeling too close to the bottom You know who it is you can count on Someone will pick you up again We can conquer anything together All of us are bonded forever If you die I die that's the way it is To our friends, present past and beyond To all those who weren't with us too long Life is the most precious thing you can lose While you were here the fun was never ending Laugh a minute was only beginning Jeff, my brother, this one's for you and you made me tear up bastard..but i feel maybe im a little better driver than yesterday
  • Dianne
    11/28/06: I couldn't bring myself to posting anything yesterday. It was just too sad of a day and I couldn't figure out what to say. I've read some of the things people posted and it makes me hurt inside to see how much certain people are hurting. The one that touched me the most, funny as it is, is the one Cindy wrote. Of course it's touching because she's the one who lost the most in this terrible ordeal, but there are so many things in there she said that people just take for granted until something bad happens to make them realize they shouldn't. True colors of friends and family come out when tragedy strikes, you realize that people come and go in your life whether you want them to or not, your close family becomes so much more important, you see that putting certain things in life off just doesn't make sense because you can't take it for granted things will remain the same in the future. Nothing is certain in life and you really have to appreciate those you have around and love them unconditionally. We all make mistakes in life, it's what we learn from them that counts the most in the long run. I know you're still hanging around, I can really feel you around sometimes, and it makes me smile when I sense you there, saying something smart like always. It'll be hard for everyone when the time comes that you're not able to pop in anymore, so we'll cherish the times you do while you still can. We all miss you SO much!! Love you...D
  • justin
    well a year has passed,i realize how much of an influence you were on me more and more.I feel graced to be part of your friendship and glad the last time we talked about family you had such a amile on you'r face talkin about seeing scott at gramps and grams party..wich at the time seemed odd,because ,well you know how brothers really sad i missed that party.i really miss you too.i hate drivin by your shop ..and really want to put it out there that we need to tag that ugly building with a huge cal trans orange would really make me feel better than seeing that empty ugly steel shed sitting there.keep throwin your love down on us cuz ,shinin on cindy and jesel.oh and i got the tattoo i always told you to get.. for you..spark plug with wings JAR and 76..ill add the checkered flag later....
  • josh whitfield
    My Boi... Dam a yr With out u in my/our life.. just seems i think everyday about you one prayer before bed and then two each days at the races... just remembering how i would ride my bike from my dads shop to come see you and get a fat smack in the head.. We always be laughin at you makin fun of "RUT FURD" sendin him places and he be half way there then you sayin get your ass back here and he get all pissy. No matter what friend i would bring to come meet you they would always walk out with a smile on their faces sayin " That guy is awesome" not even knowin who Jeff Anthony was.Never seen anybody eat so much K F C in their life.. We always come over to offer to take you to EL PATIO your answer always no ew mexican food... My phone calls the first thing you would say to me is " WHERE'S YOUR MOM?" ha ha my response wheres your hot wife cindy.= - )....( always some kinda comment about my mom).. Wen in your shop i would always admire the ol white and green 76 L M and my question for you would be y is my dads name so small on your window?? ha ha ... from the day you built my minicup.. to the day you found me a street stock and helped me build to the day i am building a latemodel with the touch of your angels hands in mine......Always doin it your way... everybody would say " dam i never seen any body do it that way" But we showed them... Jeffs way is always fast no matter what people think about how things are done...To this day the great butler built seat you gave me along with your helmet will ride in the cars i drive my whole life not a chance to miss the feel and love of you riding with me in my touch and in my head knowing your up there yellin at me because i went high when i should have went low or the opposite... The times we would be hangin out and Becky would call me and you said ooo we will hook up someday you makin fun of her and many memories will stay in my heart of you and i will always do things jeff anthony style no matter what ppl say... Cindy/ Jesel..Hearing your doing better brings a big smile to my heart.. knowing your being the best mom a son could have and living life to the fullest, jesel is very blessed to have you through this... hope all is going well with you and family.. get a hold of me by textin or anything.. Dad, mom, and family very miss you (916) 223-0730....... supportin JA FO LYF -*FO EVA*-
  • Joeylee
    Wow i cant believe he's been gone for a year, it's still so hard to believe that he's gone! I miss his remarks and nicknames he would give everyone.... I miss you Jeff
  • To you 76.....Your Friends
    Believe your friends in life- Are those you get to know- Those you're always glad to see- And sad to see them go- As friends our respect for you, you earned- And as a part of us rode with you- Through each and every turn- We shared joy with you in triumph- When you shined in victory lane- We have seen you carried from the wrekage- Where we felt some of your pain- Your life held for you such rich's- And you wore those treasures well- While you shared it all with others- Plus a little for yourself- Your stay with us was much to brief- Guess you're journey was through- May heaven be a better place- Now that it holds a man like you- You will always be a Champion- In our hearts and in our minds- We know you would have won it all- If the Lord had granted time- And the sport of Racing- Will always speak your name- For us the race continues...- But it will never be the same- We Salute you Jeff Anthony- For gracing our lives- To the special man who touched us- We sadley say goodbye- Goodbye Iron man 76...
  • Cyle Coatney
    wow hard to belive thats it is a year all ready. theres not one day that goes by that i dont find my self needing jeff just needing to talk to him to find out how this goes on or if he wanted to go riding. or just to bug him at work. i always ask my self what if he pulled through what it would be like today with him here. he would probly just be sick of me calling him on he nextel and asking him stupid shit. well miss you man. always and will never stop representing you name and number one my car's
  • Cindy
    11/27/06 A year ago today I let go of his hand. At the time I worried if we’d made the right decision. If he wasn’t able to come back at 100% or even close I knew in my heart that he wouldn’t want to come back but the doubt was still there. It was a decision no one should ever have to make. Jeff let me know we had made the right ‘choice’ by letting go so quickly. A memory that will never leave me… He is forever and always on my mind and in my thoughts. Although he used the # 76 many years before he began racing at Altamont in ’97 that is the time it became his number. It is reminding me of him at every opportunity by popping up in the strangest of places and I’ve heard the same from others. A year later I haven’t let go of him although the year of firsts is ‘officially’ over. I have learned that the tears eventually do stop only to start up again. I’ve learned that sometimes when you feel like you should be crying you can’t and sometimes when you want to stop crying it’s impossible. I’ve learned that although he and I had made the decision not to spend the money on ‘those’ vet bills it’s even harder to walk away without your pet. A month before this anniversary his favorite dog had just about given up. I couldn’t walk away without her… unlike his accident it was something I could control. I didn’t feel it was time to lose her yet nor did I think Jesel and I could put up with Eddie without Mali. I’ve learned that he really did know what he was doing when he finished the barn and the driveway before the house. As though some how he knew what his family would need. I’ve learned that it’s the simple things that make all of the difference. It’s a card in the mail, a voicemail, a text and an e-mail saying ‘Hi’. I’ve learned that smiling really does make a difference. I’ve learned that people will talk no matter what you’ve done, haven’t done, been through or lost. It’s just what people do. I’ve learned that no matter how hard you wish for something you can’t change the past. I’ve learned that although everyday I wish it was me and not him I’m still here. I’ve learned that you have to enjoy the now because in reality it is truly all you have when it’s all said and done. I guess that’s why it’s called the present. I’ve learned that a child can be the only reason you get out of bed everyday. I’ve learned that although Jesel only had 4 years with his dad he has so much of Jeff in him, good and bad. I’ve learned that even when you’re secure in your comfort zone things will change. I’ve learned that no matter how many hours I put into the job a year ago it didn’t save me now that I can’t put those same hours in. I’ve learned that a job is not everything and doesn’t keep you warm at night. I’ve learned that being alone can be the worst feeling in life. I’ve learned that no matter what, your home is the most important ‘thing’ in life. I’ve learned that ‘home’ is whatever you hold dearest to your heart. Jesel, our family and close friends are what I consider my home. I’ve learned that death affects everyone differently. Some have left our lives for their own reasons, others have stuck around ensuring we know that we’re loved and still others have become part of our family because of the accident. Although Jeff didn’t know he’d be the cause of the dust he had the smarts, knowledge or intuition to tell me who would be around when the dust settled and who wouldn’t. It’s uncanny how right he was. Although most days it’s just the two of us, Jesel and I have been so blessed with the support system we know is there. It brings a smile to my lips thinking of some of the people that have stepped up and become a part of our extended family and are helping to ensure he remembers his dad and grows up to be half the man he was. As I often do, I checked my horoscope today. And it said…If your feelings were a bank, you might be feeling just a wee bit overdrawn right now. Remember that while it's always nice to feel a little nostalgia for days of yore, you're not helping yourself by staying stuck in the past. I’ve learned that no matter how many times you think it or say it, it’s still hard to remember that he died and I didn’t. I’ve learned that life really does go on no matter what or who is lost…
  • Peggy Mullins
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi my son, well here it is 1 year since you left us. I am trying to think of what to say in this letter and nothing really is coming to my brain. I am numb. I will be out on the patio at 10:31 and will pop a Coors Light in your honor.Jeff Jenkins and some of the gang came down to Glamis this year again and it just was not the same. Aunt Joyce took that shadow picture of you at the memorial service and got it framed with a drawing of you. Totally awesome. It gives me chills everytime I look at it. I feel your spirit especially today. I would give anything for just one more hug and to kiss on the cheek the way we always said good bye. I am playing my Indian flute in tribute to you it is very comforting to play it and dream of you. To my family I love all of you and you have helped me get through this very trying and painful year.Without your support and love I do not think I could of made it.To Marsha thanks my bud for everything you do for me. To Peggy and the Gobel side of the family I feel your pain also and offer my sorrow and grief to all of you. To Cindy and Jessel I love you very much and just hope some day the pain will subside for you both. Cindy, Jeff was your soul mate and I know he loved you with all his heart. He will always be by yourside side To Dan and Joannie and your family I feel your pain also and hope that the pain is fially starting to go away. To Jeff Jenkins, Sean,Steve, Mark,Doug and Anthony I love you guys and will always consider you part of my extended family and will cherish all those great times at the track together. To all of you that have written, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Each article was wonderful to read and I will cherish each of your thoughts forever. All my love,Dad, Pops (Jerry) Anthony
  • Laurie Seitz (Moilanen)
    I can't believe it has been 1 year today since Jeff passed. This morning I found myself dressing in orange and black and thinking of all the funny stuff Jeff ever did. Pops, Marsha, Cindy, Jessel, Tracy and the rest of the extended Anthony family my thoughts are with everyone today. Jeff was one of a kind and unforgetable. Miss you Jeff!
  • John, Joanne, Shayla & Morgan
    Well, today is November 27, 2006. It seems so unreal that a year has passed without Jeff in it with all of us. Being neighbors and friends, I know what a long, hard road Cindy, Jesel, and their families have had to travel this past year, but the strength and support they have been given by so many people really helped to get them through their grief. I know there are still tough days ahead, but I hope they will lessen for everyone. Our family still talks about Jeff often, and more so than not, we just laugh at a memory of something he said or did - he was such a wise-ass! But we sure did love him for it! Hmmm.....I think Jesel is following his daddy's footsteps in that manner! Watching Jesel out on his quad or his bike is just like seeing a mini-me of Jeff - balls out and driving it like he stole it! Cindy and family, our thoughts are with you today, and hope the day isn't too awful to get through. As always - if you need anything, just holler out the window - we'll hear 'ya! We miss you Jeff!! Love, The Bannert's
  • The Fensler Family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family today and always.
  • Linda Gobel
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi my son, here at home wishing you could call me and tell me you, Jinx and Falvey are on your way over for dinner but knowing that will never happen again. Damn I miss those times.I am trying to heal the wound of missing you but it will not go away. I know it will last this way forever and understand that but it sure can kicks my butt. Watched your memorial DVD and it was great to hear your voice and see your childhood pictures again. Take care and will write to you on Monday your 1 year anniversary. All my love, Dad
  • Anonmyous
    When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to see; If the sun should rise and find your eyes, all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry, the way you did today, while thinking of the many things, we didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, as much as I love you, and each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too; But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand, that an Angel came and called my name, and took me by the hand, and said my place was ready, in heaven far above, and that I'd have to leave behind, all those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, a tear fell from my eye, for all life, I'd always thought, I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for, so much yet to do, it seemed almost impossible, that I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared, and all the fun we had. If I could relive yesterday, just even for awhile, I'd say goodbye and kiss you and maybe see you smile. But then I fully realized, that this could never be, for emptiness and memories, would take the place of me. And when I thought of worldly things, I might miss come tomorrow, I thought of you, and when I did, my heart was filled with sorrow. But when I walked through heaven's gates, I felt so much at home. When God looked down and smiled at me, from His great golden throne, He said, "This is eternity, and all I've promised you". Today for life on earth is past, but here it starts anew. I promise no tomorrow, but today will always last, and since each day's the same day, there's no longing for the past. But you have been so faithful, so trusting and so true. Though there were times you did some things, you knew you shouldn't do. But you have been forgiven and now at last you're free. So won't you take my hand and share my life with me? So when tomorrow starts without me, don't think we're far apart, for every time you think of me, I'm right here, in your heart.
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    To the Fensler family, thank you for the note. You are a great family and Marsha and I really apreciate all your love and support you have given to our entire family over this last year. My personal love to each and everyone one of you from the bottom of my heart. You are great friends that I will cherish forever. To the entire SRL crew thank you and may you all have great Thanksgiving. All my love Pops(Jerry)Anthony
  • Peggy Mullins
    Thank you to the Fensler and SRL family. What would we have done without you. I couldn't sleep last night. Kept watching the clock and remembering what I was doing one year ago today. Jeff honey, I miss you. I know you're at peace, but I would still rather have you here with Cindy, Jesel and your whole extended family. Love, Mom
  • Cindy
    I didn't write this but when I read it I thought it was fitting for what we have gone through and lost in this past year...As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin. ~anonymous~
  • The Fensler and SRL Family
    As the first year anniversary is approaching our thoughts have been with the Anthony family and friends as we know this has been a very hard year, you have endured the pain and grief that at times am sure was unbearable. We all miss Jeff so much, not just because of his humor and quick wit but for the wonderful and giving person he was. The SRL family misses him on the track and even more off the track as he set an example for all the drivers. Jeff was the Iron Man of the SRL as they all knew if Jeff was next to them he would drive them clean and most of the time would give them that driving lesson on how to win!!! Personally, I have peace knowing that Jeff is happy and peaceful and that his family although heartbroken is strong and have shown dignity and grace through this difficult year. Love to Jesel and Cindy you are in our thoughts and prayers, Pop’s and Peggy we love you and have peace in knowing how much everyone loved Jeff. To Jeff’s crew you are the BOMB (as my son Thomas would say) I know it was hard on all of you to race without Jeff but because of all of you, Joey Zampa and his team we learned what courage is. To all the JEFF ANTHONY family and friends know that we are thinking of Jeff and he won’t be forgotten. Love and Prayers to all of you, Barbara Fensler and the entire SRL Family
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi my son, well just got home from Hawaii. Thanks for the visit there. I hope you were only kidding me that you will not give me anymore visits until we meet in heaven and that you will be waiting for me at the track. On the way home on the plane I was sitting next to this guy and his family and we started talking I asked where he lived and he said Bakersfield and I told him that you used to race at Mesa Marin and he said he lived in the homes right next to the track and asked what your name was and I told him your name and he said he used to come to the track when ever the SRL would race there and would route for you and liked how you raced.It truly is a very small word. I told him how you passed away and he said he goes down to Glamis every year for the dune buggy races down there.well I can not believe it is almost 1 year since you left us. I still feel that part of my soul is cut away and will always be missing. Sitting here in the computer room wishing I could just touch you and give you a big hug and kiss the way we used to after everytime we saw each other. Nathalie and Kennah are here for couple of days and this morning Kennah and I fell asleep together while I was rubbing her back the way I used to do for you. I woke with a startle dreaming how I did that with you.I got some pictures from Gina McNeil the other day of you and Scott as babies. I do not have any of you both and will treasure them for ever. Feeling really great now and hope that it stays this way for a while. MArsha and I could really use for break. Well that is about it for now. I will write you a note on your fist years anniversary. God bless you forever and a day. All my love,Dad
  • Cyle Coatney
    man its hard to belive that it is coming up to one year seen like just yesterday i was calling him on the nextel asking him questions about my car or if i should do this to it for if he had this or if he could stop bu ater work and fix somthing b/c after all he would say is all you rednecks do is nigger rig shit. this past weeken i entered my car in the goodguys show with 2 of the jeff anthony 76 stickers on the showing it off proudly. well cone to find out i won a award and got to park in the winners circly and one the preachers award. you jeff helped me out alot on my car with getting me the motor and tranny and doing my rearend and what not and with out him i dont thing i could of got it on(and with out the help of my dad) but i though that the right thinh to do would be to dedicate this award to jeff because with out him i dont thing i could of done it. i miss ya man. theres not a time i go up to you place and now walk through the shop or just hang out in it and thing of you. then after im done i help out cindy with what ever she needs! miss you man!!! [IMG][/IMG]
  • Info for Lara
    Yes it sounds like the same Geoff you think it is. He purchased the buisness from Chuck. And Geoff's buisness was called Automtive Discount Center in Fremont. If you scroll down the page there are pictures of him and you can see for yourself. He is very much missed by so many.
  • Lara O.
    Is this the same Jeff (Geoffry) that used to work @ Chuck's Discount Auto in Fremont? I decided to look him up and came across this site. He was such a nice guy. I remember him as super shy. I used to have such a crush on him. The last time I had seen him was back in Livermore @ some restaurant in the mid-90's. I don't think he remembered me. I am in great shock. Sorry to hear of your loss, Lara O.
  • Dave Massa
    Hey buddy, Cindy's last post actually made me cry. I know, I'm a big sissy. I can't tell you how many times I think of you, every day when I drive home and pass Altamont, when I spoke to Rich Moore about you, driving through town and coming up on another truck with a memorial sticker on it, looking at my quad and thinking, I should sell this, I couldn’t bear for my family to go through what your family is, The sad part is I haven’t even "driven it like I stole it" yet. Yeah I know now I’m an even bigger sissy. I just wish you were here to call me that. Take care, oh yeah I put you on my myspace. Now all of my friends and family know of you and how many lives you’ve touched in life and after you were gone. Dave
  • Cindy
    10/10/06 Today is Jesel's 5th Birthday! He woke up with a smile on his face and started talking about his dad. In the car this morning he talked about how his dad would give him gummy worms at the end of Vasco on their way to his school and how he’d eat them all up! He talked about his 4th birthday party where his dad helped him open his presents. He said ‘Now that daddy’s gone you have to help me open my presents mom.’ And then he laughed. He said his daddy took care of us but that he didn’t take care of himself. Last night he asked me what his dad sounded like. He’s still trying to figure it all out and I know exactly how he feels…
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    I hit the send button early and here are my final thoughts on this your 10th month in passing away. The pain would have been to much to bear. We are not sure if we can ever go back to Altamont again just because of those great times we had together there. I will not know until next year what races i will go to until the schedule comes out. Your memorial race at Madera we will attend for sure and with Stockton closing that only leaves Madera and Altamont left open for next race season. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Well that is about it for now. Always remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers and will always be mt beloved son and missed forever and a day. All my love Dad
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi Jeff,well 10 months have passed since you left us. I still miss you dee. Everyday when I go by one of your pictures (whether it is in the computer room, inthe hallway or in the great room) I feel a deep sadness of not being able to hear your voice and see you. I have finally been cleared by the heart doctor to travel. Marsha and I are heading up to the bay area for a fire dept. retirement dinner over the weekend and will finally get to see Cindy and Jesel on Sunday. i still think of the last day you called and I was a sleep and did not get to talk to you for that last time. That day will be in my soul forever. I miss having my dreams with and about you. That last visit you made to me to tell me to just relax and go thru my heart surgery was a huge help to me and a great comfort. I wish we could have some more of those conversatoins but realize that it probably will not happen anymore. i sure could use one more everything is just peachy. I am feling really great now physically and improving mentally too. The memorial race that was this last wekend at Altamont sounds like a huge success but I could not bring myself to go just knowing you were not go to be there physically just spiritually. All those great memories would be to tough for marsha and I to bear. The memorial race at Madrea kicked the hell out of Marsha and I and we felt it was going to
  • Cindy
    9/27/06 Ten Months later…A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him and wonder why this had to happen. Jesel’s eyes sparkle when he talks about his dad. He started kindergarten this past month and is doing well. As expected he’s made friends in the short time that he has been there. He turns 5 in a couple of weeks and his party is all he can talk about. Sunday in Jeff’s honor Altamont Motorsports Park held a fitting memorial race in their late model division. It was the first time that I’d been back to the track since Jeff last raced there. Even with the changes that were made it was difficult to face the memories. The Altamont will forever and always be a reminder of him. Joey Zampa ran awesome race and finished just as Jeff did the last time he was there in 2nd with a great car and a big smile! Before the last race, to see people bidding on the door that once hung on Jeff’s car (donated by David Misco) was surreal. That money was donated to the Humane Society in Jeff’s memory and our own Centerville Radiator/Allied (Carol, Jim and Bill) became the proud owners of it. As Jesel sat on my lap practicing waving the green flag the bids came in for the diecast replicas of Jeff’s car and the hood signed by the drivers and pit crews in the pits (donated by the 20 car of Rod Winfrey). I am still in shock at the amount of bidders and the amount of money that was donated to Jesel’s trust/college fund. Years ago Jeff and I would tease Zachary Days about who his favorite driver was. We’d get a kick out it when he would yell Jeff Anthony even though Aaron Days #27, his dad, competed with Jeff! He and his family were the highest bidders on one of Jeff’s diecast cars and Kenny Sheppard won the hood with a winning bid of $2500! What still gives me chills is the fact that Kenny won the hood and immediately gave it to Zachary. By the look on Zachary’s face even he was shocked that it was given to him. I’m sorry to say that I’m not sure who won the 2nd diecast. Wayne, Kenny, Al and Willie allowed Jesel up in the flag stand to wave the green flag for the start of the 76 lap late model main event. He was excited about it although from the pictures shown on he looks sad. Once I picked him up and he did the real green flag, he smiled! Rod Qualls was generous enough to allow Mike David to run his car in the memorial race. Mike put the #76 on it, ran the heck out of it and brought it back to victory lane. Many of us in the stands felt as though Jeff were driving it the whole way. It was like the old Sportsman class he’d won 3 of his championships in. He got out front fairly early on and stayed out front through multiple cautions! Once out of the car Mike with Rod’s blessing handed Jesel the trophy and flag made in his father’s memory. Mike and Rod also donated all of their winnings to Jesel! Although that night Jesel didn’t show the excitement he felt, the next day he asked if he could run over to his friend’s house and show the trophy as well as the 76 flag to them. He also requested to take the flag to school to show his friends… He is very proud of them both and the sparkle returns to his eyes when he talks about that race. The love and support felt for one little boy was and is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.
  • Dianne (aka Loser) Santos
    9/21/06: Hey Jeff! It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here but it hasn't been that long since I've talked to you. It's so funny to me how things in life work out. So many things now remind me of you. There's a real estate sign I pass everyday on my way to work on Marsh Creek that lists 76 acres for sale. Then there's a credit card that has the numbers 0076 as a series on it. Things that I never would have even noticed before and now I can't pass anything without relating it somehow to you. I swear you're around sometimes. I can hear you making your typical comments on things. Especially when my car broke down that day. I was busy yelling at you (out loud) for not being around when I needed you for my car for once. I could hear your smart a$$ comments. I had to laugh. Then when I listened to someone about where to take my car and they had it for a week and couldn't figure it out and ended up taking it to the dealership and got it back the same day, I could hear you asking me how stupid I was for not doing that in the first place. I still have your pictures up at work and look at them often and think about funny times. Life hasn't been easy since you've gone, but I know you know that. I know you're still watching everyone wondering what the hell happened since you left. But we've all moved on in our own ways, trying to make our lives happy as much as possible. The girls enjoy when Frankie takes them to see Jesel and they get to play with him. They talk about you for days after coming back from your place. It's cute. Well, take care up there and watch over everyone! Love and miss you lots!!
  • Peggy Mullins
    9/18 - Just got back from San Diego. I want to tell you about the "remembrance" day. Weather was perfect not a cloud in the sky. Becky was there as she was the third day in the hospital and Belan also. She was with us on that Sunday morning to comfort us and saw that Jesel got your hand print and locks of your hair. The ceremony was very emotional for everyone there including me. I really cried for you. Two donor recipients spoke-one had received two lungs. She had suffered with cystic fibrosis for years and last year she walked in a 13 mile marathon. Truly amazing. Each family was given a long stemmed red rose with a ribbon attached with their loved ones' name on it. A donors family donated a 1 ton memorial stone inscribed as follows "WE HONOR THE HEROES WHO DONATED THEIR ORGANS AND TISSUES. In their last hour they gave a lifetime". This stone is a permanent marker at the Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary in San Diego. If anyone is ever in the San Diego area I would encouage you to take a trip to the memorial park to see it. It's outside just east of the Sallie Lyn Chapel. Now I have a place to leave a memento in your memory. Hopefully I can go down there once a year. After I said your name in front of the stone I placed the "rose" in front of the stone then was given a beautiful bronze donor metal in your honor. After all the families has introduced their loved ones 30 white doves were released. These doves circled in the sky twice before they finally flew away. It was truly beautiful. You are in my heart always. Love, Mom
  • remembering Jeff,his family,loved ones,and friends
    IF I KNEW If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly And pray The Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time That I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss And call you back forjust one more. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video each action and word So I could play them back each day. If I knew it would be the last time I could spare an extra minute, To stop and say "I love you" Instead of assuming you would KNOW it. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, I was sure we'd have so many more So I can let this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow To make up for an oversight, Don’t we always get a second chance To make everything just right? There will always be another day For me to say "I love you", And certainly there's other chance To say, “Is there anything I can do?" But just in case I might be wrong And today is all I get, I'd like to say how much I love you And I hope you don’t forget! Tomorrow is not promised to Young and old alike, And today may be the last chance You get to hold your loved one tight. So if you're waiting for tomorrow Why not do it ALL today? For if tomorrow never comes You'll surely regret the day, That you didn't take that extra time For a smile, a hug, or a kiss, And you were too busy to grant someone What turned out to be their one last wish. So hold your loved ones close today And whisper in their ear, Tell them how much you love them And that you'll always hold them dear. Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me"; "Thank you"; "It's okay." And if tomorrow never comes, You'll have no regrets about today!
  • Peggy Mullins
    Sept 9th - Hi Jeff Honey. Just wanted to let you know that I miss you a lot. Now that Avery and Morgan have gone back to Pa. things are very quiet. They enjoyed my pictures of you and talked about you alot. Life Sharing is having a rememberance day this month and Sue (Hammoms) and I are going. I sent a picture along with a short remembrance to them so they can post it on their web site. Jesel seems to be doing good in school. His GiGi helps him with his writing even tho he HATES "homework". About 2 weeks ago I was out at "the house" and he was his normal Jeff Anthony self and being a clown. He acts and mimics you so much that I realize now how much of an influence you have on him. He is such a love. I watched your memorial video for the first time last week. It was hard but I made it through the whole video, but I didn't get to sleep until 3 AM. The last SRL race is coming up and I'll be there for you. Altamont's Late Model division is supposed to have a 76 lap main event in you honor. I can't wait to see Joey and Mike race. Take care of Bailey for me. I love you. Mom/Jesel's Nana
  • Josh Whitfield
    Hey jeff its been nine months since you been gone today raced down at your home track today for the first time since you been gone, brought home my first victory at altamont raceway racing in your true memory and true flying colors having you in my memory 24-7 on and off the track. i thank you for looking over me each race night and keeping me safe. Jesel, Heard you started kindergarden very proud of you . Cindy, really really miss you i hear you are doing so good and keeping it up so strong. jeff i love you live in my thoughts the whole time I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!! ~JA76~ FO LIFE
  • Jerry Anthony
    Jeff, well 9 months since you passed away. Still appreciate your dream visit you are doing for me. Your spiritual visits keep me on a more positive note. I still miss hearing from you and just talking about nothing in particular. When I really miss you I put in one of your tapes where you are being interviewed at Altamont. It makes me laugh hearing you studder and stammer thru your first interviews. I do not know if I can ever go back to Altamont again. The pain of and memories you not being there would be to great for me to bear.As you know Jesel has started kindergarden ( man am I getting old) it seems like yesterday he was born. Damn I wish I could just hear and see you one more time. I love you and miss you deeply and do not take things for granted like I used to. Wel that is enough missing and venting for now. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Jay and Nathalie had their daughter on August 18th at 2:56 pm she weighed 6 lb. 11oz. and was 18 in. long. Really proud parents just like you and Cindy were. Well that is it for now. Keep on racing up there. All my love, Dad (Pops )
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi my son, well the surgery went great. Had the mitral valve repaired instead of replaced. Went in last Wednesday and came home Saturday. Healing up just fine but really sore rib cage. Thay also did some repairs to the heart and now I have a normal heart beat. I thought I would be really happy to get it out of my way but am having some downer days. I really appreciate your coming to me in my dreams before the surgery and telling me to just relax everything will be just peachy and my time to be with you was not here yet. Everything else is going great. Keep on driving it like you stole it. All my love, Dad
  • Cindy
    Here we are at 8 months since Jeff left us... Pictures of him surround us in our home. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of him. He'd be thrilled with me these days. I've spent more time fixing the garage than I have the house... Even textured and am working to paint all of the walls. I'm not so sure he'd liked the colors though. I've used left over paint from the house... :) I can still hear him complaining to me... He's still the number one racer when Jesel's playing with his cars...
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi my son, thanks for the visit the other night I needed to see you and talk to again. This Wednesday I am having my open heart surgery as we talked about. All should go well and I will be as good as new. Just a little more bionic. 8 months have passed by since you left us. I still can not get over really missing you. That is about it from here. Keep on racing. I love you with all my being , Dad
  • C. Kramm
    Wow its been at least 6 years since I've raced at Altamont and although the track has changed and the improvments are really cool it just wasn't the same. We had a great weekend, got to see some long missed friends and run fast down the straights and through the corners. Stirred up some of the greatest memories I have of racing, mostly including the #76 car and team that truly pushed us to get better at what we were doing or be left behind!! Jeff I won a Dash and it was for you dude, I drove it like I stole it. CK
  • Joe Draper
    hay Jeff, damn we miss you josh and i talk about you every day. it's hard to for get the times i came with josh to work on his car at your shop or when you would come up our track you would always look at my modified an try to help me get faster. an the days josh an i would spend at your shop, how you would always make fun of us an give me and josh a hard time about everything lol. well we really miss you and i speek for me and josh but we really looked up to you. if only i could be half the driver you are. but i try to do it BIG and always keep it Jeff Anthony style! JA76.
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi my son, it has been 7 months since you passed away. I still miss hearing your voice and being able to talk to you. I miss your smile, your everything is peachy, and your upset attitude when things are not going good, the look on your face on race day, washing the truck before we leave just you and me, the smile on your face when we talked about Jesel and Cindy. I miss the dreams I was having with and about you. As you can tell I just miss you. All my love, Dad (Pops)
  • Cindy
    Something kept bothering me today but I couldn't figure out what it was and then it hit me... today is 7 months since he left us. I still think about him all of the time and wonder why he had to leave...
  • Cyle Coatney
    hey was up bro. sorry man i did not get to make it to you race i heard it was good. even though i was not there i was in idaho doing it true anthony style lighting off fireworks, there is not one day that passes that i wish you were still here to work on my car or make fun of me. you were one of the guys thats i looked up to. but sene you are not longer here to make some noies on the 4th i guess i will be taking that over for you. my car is about to be painted this weeken like you said money pit.well ill talk to you later bro late
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi my son, well your first memorial race went off without a hitch. Madera raceway and SRL did a fine job.I held up pretty good most of the day. Joey again had the fastest time in the time trials as he came apssed the fiish line I stood up and yelled great job Jeff and then I caught myself and I started crying. When the race program satred I went over to the spectator side i went over to your race car and could still smell your inside it knocked me to my knees and I started crying again. Basically the majority of the family your moms side and mine was there to honor you and I was proud they all made there. As you saw. I gave a little speach at the SRL trailor and thanked all the drivers and Steve Fensler and the SRL crew for coming to the race and honoring you. Brefore the SRL race all the drivers came out on the the and they presented a checkered flag with all the drivers and SRL officials signatures on it and they gave me the 2005 SRL race season CD collection. Which I will cherish forever. After the presentation I went to the infield and broke down completely and so did the pitcrew. Joey is a great guy and friend and both crews did everything they could to help Cindy and I at every opportunity they could. Sean,Steve,Doug, Frankie and Mark were esecially helpful in getting me thru the day and all had great shoulders for me to cry on and to hug. Cindy and Jesel got to do a lap in the pace car and waved the checkered flag in your honor and your mom got to wave the green flag to start the race also in your honor. i can not see going to amny races with only your spirit there and I and the whole family will go to every memorial race that is put on for you. Everything as you would say is just peachy for now my angiogram showed no blockage and now I am just waiting to see the cardiologist to get the old ticker fixed. Well my son that is about it for now. I really miss you still everyday.Keep those dreams coming. All My Love, Dad
  • Dave Massa
    It feels like yesterday we were all walking into Mr. Minor’s ROP automotive machinist shop at Dublin High. I was a senior at Foothill and coming into Dublin was weird. The shop was awesome! I made new friends, Anthony Omo, (Omo where have you been!) Shawn Holifield, (Shut up Shawn) and of course Jeff Anthony (Anthony will you get over here…). He talked about this crazy project of stuffing a Pinto engine into a VW bug! I thought yeah right; I’ll believe it when I see it. Sure as hell later that year he showed up with it! Several tweaks later, that thing ran well and all the effort he put into it paid off. Why would anyone put all that time into a Bug? If you knew Jeff Anthony then you already know why. Because he could! It seems like yesterday but that was over 20 years ago, High school ended, life went on, I saw Jeff here and there at parties, at Carnegie, the parts store. The last time I saw him in person was at Round Table Pizza with Shawn, Ed and my wife at the time Edie. She was pregnant with Emily and they all wanted to get together and talk about old times. As always Jeff was the last to arrive, here he came; he looked exactly like he did 10 years earlier in Mr. Minor’s class! Same ole Jeff, total clown! Always talking about cars, his shop, racing, etc. After that my life changed and we totally fell out of contact. I always said I was going to go over to Altamont and watch him race just so I could visit and catch up after the races but I never did. Such a shame I live 10 minutes from the track. I kept up on his life through the internet, his website and the word of mouth. Numerous race wins, Championships, through it all he never seemed to change. For that matter from the pictures I’ve seen he didn’t age a bit. Then yesterday I’m driving down 580 in Castro valley and I see a Tahoe with “In loving memory of Jeff Anthony #76” on the back window, I thought I was going to be sick. I found myself speeding up, I had to get home and on the net to see if it was true. It couldn’t be, it had to be someone else, Jeff Anthony something… No traffic, flew home, Castro Valley to Tracy in 15 minutes, push past everyone to the computer, Google Jeff Anthony and there it was, my heart sunk. As I read all the memorials, thoughts and prayers it made me realize one thing. Jeff lived the life we all wish we could. He did the things he loved everyday of his life, no regrets, no wait until I’m older and the kids are gone, nothing left to wonder what if? Even though I haven’t seen him in years I’ll miss reading about him and respect what he accomplished in life. God speed Jeff, say hi to Dale, Davey, Neil, Adam and Kenny. I’m sure you’ve already raced them all and are having the time of your life up there. Cindy, you and your son Jesel are in my family’s prayers. Although we haven’t spoken in years, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask. I know if roles were reversed Jeff would do it for me. Dave, Shannon, Sabrina, Savannah, & Emily Massa
  • Cindy
    When someone is in your life day in and day out, year after year you truly don’t understand the impact they have on you until they’re gone. The good morning and goodbye kiss... the evening phone call… the presence at family functions… even the annoying behavior is missed... In my case the feeling of his absence didn’t hit right away. Yes, I missed him but I didn’t completely feel his loss until nearly seven months after his death… Saturday’s memorial race was the hardest day I have faced so far. Thankfully, Jesel and I were surrounded by friends and family. Unfortunately, they can never take the place of the one person that meant so much to the both of us. The races are just not the same without him. Well…life isn’t the same without him. Walking into the barn yesterday and seeing the race car that he put so much of himself into was another breaking point for me… He was that one strong person I thought would always be there… For those of you that didn’t make it Saturday here’s what I had to say… Thank you to Madera Speedway for putting together today’s events and for ensuring that 76’s memory will live on. This was a track Jeff enjoyed competing at and had hoped to conquer before he retired from racing. Thank you to SRL and especially Steve and Barbara Fensler for everything you’ve done for our family. Jeff respected you and loved to race in your series. A special thank you goes to the 92 car of Joey Zampa, his team, their sponsors and the remaining JA Racing team for running this season as a tribute to the late Jeff Anthony. It is such a special way to honor a true champion. And to Joey…if you’re going to drive it then Drive It Like You Stole It and make him proud! On and off the track the name Jeff Anthony meant something. If you knew him he was either your friend, your mechanic, your neighbor, the life of the party, the talk of the town, the clown in the pits, the driver you loved to hate, the driver you hated to love but to one little boy he was the world. Today is about remembering his world. But in the end don’t be sad he’s gone; smile because you knew him…
  • Tracy Christian (Step Sister)
    Jeff, Happy Fathers Day! WOW that was a great memorail they had for you in Madera. You have so many friends and family that were there for you and love you so much. Just wanted to say I love you and Happy Fathers Day. Your in my toughts every day!! xoxoxoo
  • Jim, Lori, Mike and Brandon
    What an honorable tribute to Jeff Anthony last night, on a warm fathers day eve in Madera, Ca. His #76 car sat parked idly and eerily like a strong sentry at the gates. Under the trees and watching over an event he loved so. His windscreen now reading "RIP" drew quiet and somber emotion from oldest son Mike and I. As if he were whispering to us, "every new day is a gift guys". I didn't know Jeff very well at all, but enough I think he would have been moved to see the images we witnessed last night. As we pulled into the parking lot a mezmorizing and riviting license plate from a rugged white chevy truck reading "MISMY76" jumped out at us. Or listening to Jeff's bride Cindi speak to us fans over the track p.a. about him with beatiful poise and great strength. Seeing there son Jessel with his mom travel the oval together on a SRL memorial lap. This while both holding up a keepsake sentimental checkered flag penned by all the SRL Drivers & Crews. Or maybe seeing the leader board lighting up the night sky with all bulbs glowing "76" during the warm up laps. Every fan there, on his or her feet, honoring his memory with caps removed during tribute lap 76. Night fell complete with the scents and sounds of high horsepower, smokin tire rubber and hi octane fuel moving thru the gentle breeze with old glory flowing in the backdrop. Yes, I dare say even Jeff with his race hardened competetive sneer & veneer would have said, "How bleeping peachy, all this for me? C"mon now, lets get to racing!!" After a rough start for the tribute 92 car, Joey Zampa & team did a superb job battlin back all night long. Pit crew efforts were 2nd to no one, as they got right after it with early on challenges and repairs. A sincere "Thank you" from this lone race fan to the caring staff at Madera Speedway for making it happen. It was a motivating tribute to a fine young man exemplifying what community is all about and it encouraged anyone with a heavy heart. Lastly to Pops Anthony, as a dad myslef I can only imagine you are going to have some rough moments today. If you hit the rumble strip just know that the rest of us pops out here trying our darndest daily, sometimes at wits end, in getting em from kids to being good citizens...well, that you are also an inspiration to us on what a good dad is. You raised a hellavuh man there in Jeff and how very proud of him you must be today. Let that thought ease any pain and maybe even bring a peaceful smile over you. Every good wish to you and yours on this Fathers Day 2006 from the 76 fans here in Bakersfield, Calif. God bless #76 Jim McNally
  • Sean Holifield
    Well Jeff it's been sometime now that you've been gone and we all miss you everyday of our lives. Steve made a comment the other day about how he begins to pick up the cell phone on the way home to call you and remembers that you're not here. I too do the same and always start to remember all the great times we had together and then become upset that you're not going to be with all of us to create all the new memories that the clan will create. I laugh everytime we start drinking and talking to Joey and the gang about all of our experiences together, man we did some stupid stuff. The racing so far this year has been full of highs and lows, the Shasta race was classic Jeff Anthony karma (I'm sure you were watching us and know what I mean). Madera went better, but yet again the Jeff Anthony karma happened! This weekend is your memorial race at Madera. I know you're wondering why Madera, the track we pretty much sucked at the worst next to Stockton, but they were the first track to bring up a memorial race and they have been awesome helping us get everything together. Altamont Raceway was bought by Kenny Sheppard and they never heard of you (I'm being nice!), so they didn't offer in the begining until they found out that Madera was doing it and then they figured they could sell more tickets! ( ouch!) Sorry, did I say that out loud? ( The opions of this writer are that of his own and in no way express the opinions of the rest of the Jeff Anthony clan nor it's affiliates - sorry legal stuff you know). Anyhow, it should be a great tribute to you. You remember Kelly (Allan's wife). Well her dad past away this past Monday morning with brain damage caused by a motorcycle accident and was in a similar state like yourself for about a week. If you see him up there let him know Allan will take good care of Kelly, Kenny and their mom, Kathy. Since you've been gone (which has greatly affected my life),I've noticed how people keep moving on like nothing has ever happened. You wonder why the world doesn't stop moving to mourn the ones we lost, but I know everyone will eventually experience this in their lifetime. Sorry for the mumbo jumbo. Well take care my friend and keep a eye out for big Kenny ( big guy 6'5" 220lbs) and give him a huge hug for all of us down here. Love your friend Sean.
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi Jeff, thanks for the visit the other night. I wish we could just sit down and talk. Everyday I think about you. I am going to have heart surgery before the end of this month. Your mean wicked stepmother and myself will be at your memorial race. Looking forward to see the guys. I am really nervous about seeing your car and Joey's at the track. I think there will be a lot of your fans at the track to salute you. I know you will be there to see it and will be wondering what the big deal is. Will talk to you later. I miss you with all my heart. This wound I feel will never heal. All My Love, Dad (Pops)
  • Cindy
    Jeff's 1st Annual Memorial Race is June 17th at Madera Speedway.
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi Jeff,well it has been 6 months since you passed away. I am so glad we are still having conversations in my dreams. I sure hope that we can continue visiting with each other, until we meet at that track you are racing at now. Marsha and I went up north to visit all our family, but I got sick up there and did not get to see Jesel. I am at home now and will be seeing my regular doctor and my heart doctor this week I hope. Dam I miss you. Will be at your Memorial race at Madera on June 17th, I am really nervous about seeing Joey's and your car there. I have asked that I be allowed to drive your car on the track that day. I have am down to 165 lb. so I am lighter than you and can fit in your seat now.How about that a skinny Dad. Scott has now settled down at your Mom's and is doing great now. His two daughters are coming out to stay with him for a couple of months.Well that is about it for now. Keep on driving it like you stole it. All My love, Dad (Pops)
  • Cindy
    May 27, 2006 - Six months today...
  • Cindy
    November 20, 2005, the night of the accident, life as I’d known ended. Here we are nearly 6 months later and I’m still trying to pick up the pieces and move on. Until I get through all of the ‘firsts’ I’m not sure that I’ll be able to fully move on with the new life Jesel and I have been forced to make for ourselves… I thought Jeff’s birthday and Valentine’s Day were rough. They were nothing compared to the first race at Shasta. I remember the conversation with the team about not making Joey’s car look just like Jeff’s but some how it ended up that way… On the track it was eerie. I (as well as most everyone else there) thought for sure Joey was going to bring home the trophy in Jeff’s honor. As luck would have it he was put back to the back of the pack for a simple rule that no one really ever thought about before… Race night ended similar to how it ended so many times with Jeff on the track. It ended with feelings of excitement, disappointment, anger and happiness to have the car and driver all in one piece. In the pits, after the race it was as though I was waiting for him but he never came… Reality finally set in and the break down happened. I don’t think I really believed everything that had happened until that night. You don’t what you have until it’s gone…That saying pops into my head often these days. I took so many things for granted before. I took him for granted… Not sure if he’s messing with us now… but things have begun to break… Our well went bad, the shop truck lost an alternator, the weed whacker won’t start, the lawn mower works in slow motion, my quad stopped working and Jesel’s doesn’t stay running… All of these things Jeff would have fixed without batting an eye, all except for the well… I’m learning to appreciate, accept and love the simple things in life… a little boy’s smile with his missing tooth, thoughts of things his dad used to say, a beautiful day, and the jack rabbits in the yard… I’m learning to believe in another saying… Don’t be sad because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
  • Tracy Christian
    Hey Bro! Whats up?? I just wanted to say I miss ya very much! I still can not believe you are gone. Everyday I look at this website and stil cant believe my big brother is gone. When mom and dad told me that they were coming home from Jays house around the time of quaifing (where everyone was for Shasta) they heared the song "We are champions" I broke down in tears! when they told me this. I miss ya BIG time. I also love you and I know that I never told you this but I am so glad that I had you as a big brother!! I am looking forward to the good times to come. Love you lots even though I am a "Step" your always going to be my Big Brother!! Love you Bro xoxooxox
  • Chrissy (Jersey) Patch
    Cindy - I just wanted to let you know that I think of you and Jesel often. I can't believe it's been 5 months since Jeff passed away. I'm glad that you're in the house. BTW - I came across the Christmas card the other day when I moved into my new office. It's the one you sent when you guys were all sitting in front of it. I just got the biggest kick out it and must have brought it in to show everyone at work. What an accomplishment moving an entire house. Send pics when you can. I would love to see the finished product. Tell Sean, Wendy, Steve, Kathleen and everyone I said HI. I miss you. Don't forget the invitation is still open if you and Jesel want to come to Texas for a visit! Love ya!
  • Jerry Anthony
    Hi Jeff,well this is the first race of the season the crew is up at Shasta. Keep a eye for Joey and give them a helping hand to the win. Could not make the race. We were pulling into the garage this afternoon and We Are the Champions was playing on the radio. Started crying and could not stop. I know the other day you hold me not to worry that you are fine and watching over Cindy and Jesel but damn I miss you. Trying to watch your old Altamont videos and getting a couple laughs out of it. You always look so at ease making your passes and I can tell you are loving every minute of it. Well that is about it for now. Talk to you soon All My Love, Dad (Pops)
  • Peggy Mullins
    It's April 28th, just one day past the "5 month anniversary" of your passing. Another week of being depressed. Jeff "honey", I just can't keep you out of my mind. I'm not going to the race @ Shasta, but maybe once I go to a few of the other SRL races I'll get better. Who knows!! I want to let you know that my bunko friends gave me a memory stone for the yard. I'll have Scott help me put it in the right spot in the yard and plant a few plants next to it that you wouldn't be allergic to, okay? The crew is at Shasta as I write this note so you better keep an eye on them and make sure they have the right set-up on your car and guide Joey to victory lane. Love you a bunch, Mom.
  • Joanne
    I can't believe it's 5 months already. I just read Cindy, Sean and Pops posts, & each one got me teary. I know these last months have been the most difficult for any of you to go thru, but I wanted to say I'm so proud to see how a certain group of people have all pulled closer and tighter because of this - both for Cindy & Jesel, but also for each other in friendship. You select few know who you are - no names should be necessary. Jeff - you would be so proud of your family & friends! We totally miss you and think about you all the time. OK - I need to insert a little humor here: my "Service engine soon" light is on in the 'Burb, and it lurches on acceleration. Any way you can send John-boy a sign as to what the H##L is up with that?! Anyway - keep watch over the guys this weekend @ Shasta - they'll need a little of that JA attitude!! :-)
  • Cindy
    April 27th, 2006.. It's been 5 months since Jeff left us. He has yet to leave my thoughts. I miss his smile, his touch, his humor and most of all his clear view on life... I’m realizing how much I depended on him for so many things. I still wait for him to come home every night… Jesel told me the other day that when we get to Heaven we’re going to yell at daddy for riding his quad that way… It made me laugh and cry at the same time. As Sean said this weekend is going to be full of tears and a whole new set of emotions but we’ll get through it together.
  • Jerry Anthony
    Well my son her we are at 5 months after your passing away. It seems like yesterday I was at your Little League games and umpiring when the ump did not show up or there to watch your soccer games when I could or helping deliver your paper route so you could come over to the house for the week end. I was dreaming last night about you and your first win at Altamont when the cars in front of you all got in a accident and just as they parted you drove thru for the win. The guys are going to Shasta for their first race. Thanks for the nice conversation last night about life. You were so positive but yet sad about Cindy and Jesel and wished that you could be there for them but that you will always be with them in spirit and protect them at all times. You gave me a big hug and told me not to be sad anymore and that you are doing just peachy and kicking some ass on the track up there. I know Joey will do a great job this year to keep your spirit alive on and off the race tracks. Sean and the guys are going to Shasta and I hope all goes well for them and that it is not to sad for them. Well my son I will talk to you another day. Keep on driving it like you stole it. I miss you. Cindy and Jesel smile you are being loved by me. All my love,Dad (Pops)
  • Sean Holifield
    Well my friend once again I find myself facing the fact that your not with us anymore. awhile ago I told you we were working on a program to go racing in your memory. Well the friday before you past my self ,Steve,Anthony,Mark,Doug,and Franky went to get some drinks ( I know crazy us drinking! who knew?) We decided that our last season with you wasn't how we would want you to be rememberd.( please excuse my spelling Wendy is still sleeping) So we thought of someone who you and us respected as driver and a friend to race one last time with your colors and memory and we all came up with Joey Zampa. Beside the fact that we pitted next to them every race and they always ate our tri-tip and swallowed all our Coors Light we had! We knew Joey would be the best to keep your racing spirit alive. You would be proud of how both teams have come together to make this happen. So this weekend is our first race at Shasta and I'm sure it's going to be a cry fest but I know that Joey and all of us will give it everything we have to kick some ass and keep your name out there for many races to come. I would trade all of this and more to see your ugly face on friday at practice but I've had to come to face the fact that your not going to be there in person but I know you'll be there in spirit! Be a good spotter for Joey this weekend and look for me looking up at you when we take the checker flag! love your friend Sean
  • Jim McNally
    Spring Break, Pismo Beach, Oceano dunes...Brandon and I spent his week off there. On a beautiful afternoon we found a quiet corner of the park between dunes, ocean, sun & sky. Our solemn prayers for healing, happiness and well being go out to Cindi, Jessel, Pops and entire race family. God Bless 76
  • Cindy
    I would like to clarify some of the rumors flowing out there. Zampa did not absorb Jeff's sponsors or his team. JA Racing felt that Jeff Anthony, a four time champion, deserved more than a single race to honor him. Joey, the team owner, the 92 crew and sponsors were asked if they would participate in a tribute season because Jeff respected and enjoyed competing with them. JA Racing's sponsors have also contributed to the tribute season. The two teams have become one and Joey's car is painted a special scheme to honor the infamous 76 driver. I for one am looking forward to a positive season for the new team and a special way to honor Jeff...
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Hi Jeff, been watching some of your old races from Altamont finally able to watch them and just laugh at some of your first interviews from there. I sure do miss you. I sure do wish I could just pick up the phone and just shot the shit. You would tell me everything is just peachy. Your first race this last weekend was cancelled and postponed to the 15th. We will not be there and the next race we will make is your memorial race on June 17th. I can not wait to see Joey Zampa's car with part of your paint job on it. He picked up most of your sponsors, which is great.Cindy had some cars amde up to look just like your racecar, so I sent Uncle Bruce and Uncle Dave one for their birthdays. Taht is about it for now talk to you again real soon. Smile you are being loved by me. All my love, Dad
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Really sorry the race has been cancelled. I will not be able to be there on April 15th. The next race we will be up for is Jeff's memorial race on June 17th. Was really hoping to relieve all my fretting over going back to the races. Oh well. Pops
  • Cindy
    Bummer about the race be cancelled and rescheduled...
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Well 4 months have gone by. I can not believe it. I am doing better misiing Jeff, but still have my dreams and night sweats. I have had a couple of good talks in my dreams with him and have woken up with a good smile on my face. Marsha just looks at me and says I see you had a good dream. Going to the first race this coming weekend. I am still apprehensive about doing it but the pit crew will be there so that will be great. See you are the race. To Cindy and Jesel smile you are being loved. Pops Anthony
  • Joanne
    Hi neighbor! Today marks the 4th month that you have been gone & boy do I miss you! I miss looking out our kitchen window & seeing you in the mornings before work; I miss seeing you work on the house (however, it's finally finished, & I know if you were still here, it would have been the never ending project - HA!) and my poor Suburban needs some JA attention! Your hot-office-babe and you son are all moved in to the house, and I think they are settling in pretty well. Jesel is just such the little man - a total "Mini-Me" of you! I do have to say - at Cindy's expense! - that the day she got the truck stuck in the mud, John & I had a good laugh watching them try to get it out, and thinking of all the colorful things you would have been saying!! Anyway - just wanted to acknowledge the day & say how greatly you are missed!
  • Cindy
    Four months today...
  • Cindy
    Yes, he would have laughed his butt off! Luckily, John was there to remind me what Jeff would have said... Oh and he was there to help since Jeff would have been too busy yelling at me for being an idiot-stick...
  • Laura Bakanoff
    Fruity.. My truck needs you! Missing you tons..
  • Cyle Coatney
    dam jeff you have alot of shit. this weeken we we out the the shop and hleped cindy moves some stuff out the garage and into the shop. jeff you would of laughed your ass off when cindy got the truck stuck it was kinda funny so then we had to get the other truck and pull her out. you would of killed us we blew up the little 90 so now we have to go out and and fix it!!
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Well the start of a new race season is only three weeks away. I am very nervous about going ,but the whole JARacing pit crew is going and it will be nice to see them all again. It will be a weird feeling going to the track and not see Jeff and get my hug and to be able to just talk. I still think of him everyday in one way or another. Some days I cry and some days i laugh. I have been watching some of his old races from Altamont and for the most part I just laugh at all the great times we had there. I really enjoy some of his interviews. I do wish I had the DVD's of him racing in SRL but I never bought any of them and I regret it deeply that I did not do it. Cindy and Jesel are in the house now and when Marsha and I stopped by to see her and she had the biggest smile on her face that I have not seen in a long long time. Congratulations Cindy on finally getting back to your own home. We had a blast with Jesel and just went to MacDonald's and played air hockey and he just ran all over the gym set there. Can not wait to play and see him again. See you all at the race April 1st. love Pops
  • Cindy
    Three months now… Sadness, guilt, tears and such are still around. There’s not a moment that goes by when I don’t think of him. Jesel and I talk about him often and we’ve both had our own set of crying spells, his fewer than mine. He’s a strong little guy and does rather well when he sees his mom crying. He’s given me many hugs and tells me often that everything is going to be okay. He’s even said we’ll see daddy again someday… He’s also expressed some concern about who’s going to teach him to build his racecar when he gets older… Just like his dad! Thank you for all of your love and support! A light is finally showing on our lives… He and are I about to move in to the house Jeff and I started together. We’re only waiting for power now. I hope that the healing process will begin once we’ve started our own special routines in our new home. I know Jesel will do well because he’s already made friends in the neighborhood. I think he’ll be like his dad and he won’t have too many problems making and keeping friends…and will probably have a line of people to help him race if that's what he chooses to do.
  • Peggy Mullins
    February 18th - Well, I just read "Nae's" note and the tears started up. It always breaks my heart to hear stories of Jeff and how good he was as a father to Jesel. My other son, Scott, returned home last Saturday. His new car loaded to the roof with all his possessions. He's somewhat settled in now. Had to have an emergency root canal the second day he was here, but is doing fine. He's looked into 2 jobs so far and has helped me alot around the house with my "honey do" projects. He even installed his theater sound system in my livingroom - I tried to tell him that my t.v. sounded just fine the way it was. It's getting close to moving in time at "the house" in Byron. Maybe next week-end if the inspections go well this week. I know that Jesel can't wait to sleep in his new room. I'm guessing that Scott and I will go out to help move and organize things if she needs us. Thank you all again for your support and kind words.
  • Renee aka Nae
    As I was getting my kids and my daycare kids ready for school today and making sure everyone had all of their stuff they needed for their Valentine's parties Jeff came across my mind. Last year on Valentine's Day Jesel was having a party at his pre-school. (Every morning it was Jeff's job to get Jesel to where ever he was going for the day.) I remember Cindy calling me to let me know Jesel would be late because him and his dad were driving to Livermore and right before they had arrived in Livermore they had realized they had forgotten his Valentine's cards(or Cindy called to ask if they had them and then they realized..I don't remember that part)so Jeff turned around and went all the way back to Byron to get Jesel's Jeff Gordon Valentine's cards so he would have them for his party. Cindy and I were talking smack and said it would have been cheaper to go to Wal Mart to buy new ones. Oh well...Anyways....I know Jeff had a reputation of a smart ass, hard ass, etc....BUT he was such a good dad....Jesel had softened him aroung the edges and Jesel absolutley adored his still very much saddens me that Jesel has been cheated of his father. I guess no one knows what life holds for us or what will happen tomorrow. We all need to step back a minute and realize the blessings we have.....we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this rat race we all live and all of the material things we want and think we need to have.....and someday when we are gone none of that will really matter. What everyone remembers and talks about is what kind of person you were and the relationships and good times you had with your family and friends. Spend time with the people who are important in your lives especially your only get one chance at life....follow your heart!!!
  • Dianne (aka Loser) Santos
    Hey Jeff! Well, a couple months have gone by and still no reprieve from missing you! Rick and I took off over this past weekend, just to escape reality for a couple days at DisneyLand and while we were driving down 99, we came to the Lerdo Highway exit and a flood of tears came without warning. All the fun memories of the Bakersfield weekends hit me like a rock! It's funny how you think you're doing ok and then BAM, something hits you like a ton of bricks and there come the tears again. It still amazes me how someone can touch your life so deeply without you really even realizing it. Just makes you cherish life that much more everyday and to make every minute as positive and fun as possible. Still missin ya...Love D
  • Jim Miller
    I came across Jeff's story when I was reading about the Jason Baldwin tragedy. Racing, riding, and flying are dangerous activities. I am an active racing fan and Dirt Bike/ATV rider in Colorado, and was touched by Jeff's story. We do not understand why God chooses to take these great champions from us, but somehow we must accept that it happens. I just wanted you to know that Jeff's story DOES mean alot to others even hundreds of miles away, and I pray that you will only think of the good memories and be able to Ride On !!!
  • Sean Holifield
    Well my friend im sitting at my computer at 1:40am thinking about you (hella gay I know)and how much I miss you. I've had a tree sitting on my side yard that I got for your birthday that I've been telling Cindy for about a week that Im going to plant for you on the property ( hella gay I know) but Jesel and Cindy are going to need the shad and it should help as a wind block just in case it ever gets windy out there! But just like everything else since you left us, I find my self keeping so busy trying to not have time to sit and think about everything that has happen. Today I broke down crying without warning and later to find out that your dad had left a message on our answering machine wanting to talk made me get up at this time and realize I need to make time to slow down and take everything in that has happen and to keep in check how much life is very short. This all may not come out making much sense but Wendy is sleeping so she wont be able to spell check for me. Jesel and Cindy are doing good as to be expected , Cindy is one tough gal and Jesel is going to be just like you, you know hard headed and set in his ways! I got a new tattoo on my left arm to remind me of you it has the 76 number on top of two racing flags and on top it has R.I.P and underneath it has your name just like it showed on the race car. Speaking of the car we have a cool deal working on for this year that I cant tell you about right now but later when things get worked out. The house is almost done and ready for Cindy and Jesel to get moved in. I know Cindy cant wait to get in and on with life, you would be proud of us we have been closer this past few months than in the last 13 years I think we both put our opions aside when this happened to you and realized whats realy important. Ive also seen what you have seen in her all along and I'm glad we are good friends now and like I told you a couple of months ago I'll take care of her and Jesel like they were family because they are to me and so are you. I think that why I'm having such a hard time because we have been friends for such a long time and allways will. Well It's been about a hour since I started writing and I'm sure my spelling is not getting any better so I'm going to give your dad a call today and probaly cry somemore but thats ok I think that is what I need to do. Take care my friend I will talk to you soon. love Sean
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    well 2 months since Jeff passed away.I dream about him almost every night and wake up in cold sweats. Marsha wakes me up some night because I am talking to him in my sleep and swearing. I wish there was someway I could take away the pain for Cindy. I feel helpless. I walk by the pictures we have of Jeff,Cindy and Jesel and miss being able to just pick up the phone and just talk. I do not cry the way I was but the thoughts and pain still are the same as when this all first started. To Cindy and Jesel I love you.
  • jaracing
    Yes, tomorrow is two months since Jeff left. Every morning I wake up and hope it was all a nightmare. I hope that when I open my eyes I’ll see him sleeping next to me because, as was often the case, I fell asleep before he got home from working late on the race car, the house or his last obsession of sand rails… I drove the Kodiac to work today and it was extremely hard. It reminds me of him in so many ways and I wasn’t ready for the onslaught of emotions. I can still hear him telling me how cool it was and how we should get rid of the other truck then I could just tow the boat with that. I remember when I said he was nuts he told me that we’d be the coolest chicks ever pulling up in the Kodiac and the guys would be all over us. I remember laughing at him and telling him that he’d lost it but he still insisted that it was really cool. I still don’t understand his feelings about it but it can still make me laugh. I go through days of feeling like I should be crying but can’t. I go through days of crying and feeling like I’ll never stop and days of guilt because I am here and he’s not. Days of thinking that he was the better parent and seemed to always know what to say and do with our son. I go through days of wondering what I’m suppose to be doing, wondering if I’m selling and keeping the right things, wondering if I’m moving on too fast, if I’m teaching Jesel the way he would want me to, if I’ll ever be okay again and always wondering why he left. I still grab the phone to call him on a daily basis. There are so many unanswered questions and even more foreign emotions. There are books on grief but where’s the manual? I could really use one. It’s hard for me to go on as everyone else has… or as it appears they have… I’m having trouble understanding why life never even skipped a beat for his loss. I still have a few friends that call me a couple of times a week to check on us. And when it’s clearly not a good day for me there’s a couple that will do most anything (and do) to make me smile… I’m thankful for them and the innocence of a four year old.
  • Bones
    Jeff- Just want to thank you for being my guardian angel during the big crash! I know you were there looking out for me as you always did when you were here. Cindy says you were the one who kept me from being hit by semi trucks as I was spinning across two lanes of traffic! I say you are the one who made it so I walked away from a totaled vehicle. I keep hearing you laughing and calling me an "idiot stick" for crashing. I keep picturing that look on your face that says "Ok dumb ass...what were you thinking?" When I am looking at new cars, I hear you nagging at me asking why I need this or that in the car. Jeff, just know that I appreciate all you have done for me over the years and what you are still doing for me now. I miss you more every day.
  • Peggy Mullins
    It's January 23rd so this Friday will be 2 months since Jeff left us to the oval track up above. On Jeff's birthday Cindy and I went to the social security office (a 2 hour wait I might add)and then on to The Oasis - Cindy got a facial and I got a much needed massage. That was our treat in Jeff's honor. I thoroughly enjoyed the get together in Livermore that night. Even tho I was going to have a "drink", (which Cindy couldn't wait to see) I had my usual diet coke - am I boring or what? Jesel is doing fantastic and we have nice visits when we are together. He talks about his daddy constantly and always remembers to let me know that he's still racing with Dale Sr. and beats him every race. I sure wish I could be as innocent as he is. It sure would make my days go a little easier. My son Scott has made a big decision to move back to California (now lives in Pa.) and without his daughters. I'm excited and yet sad that he won't be able to see the girls very often. Hopefully we can have them for the summer months and at Christmas and New Year. He's driving his new Envoy to Southern Calif to see his dad for a day or so (I guess) and then head for Dublin to settle in with me for awhile and look for a job. He's been working for a cold pack company driving a fork-lift and doing warehouse work so if anyone out there knows of an opening in the bay area (preferably close to Dubln) let me know. On another note-I received a card from a Jim & Pam Garcia, no return address but I noticed that they had put a message on this web site. I don't know who you are and would like to know how you know Jeff and if maybe I had met you once and forgot about it. My address is BLACKBAILEY@COMCAST.NET. Since the family has basically no idea who has contributed to the trust fund I would like to personally thank those of you who will made it possible for Jesel and Cindy to have the things that they will need now and in the future. Love and hugs to everyone. Jeff's mom, Peggy
  • Cyle Coatney
    happy b-day bud, by could i use you right now i need some spark plug wires cut and some other shit but manly you to bug the shit out of i guess we might be moving to idaho you know us rednecks so i am going to have to go out to your new place a few times a check it out and see what the little one is up to and bug cindy about driving your chevelle she is stubbern just like you well off to work on the car like you always say never fukin ending story later bud
  • Jerry Anthony (Pops)
    Well today is Jeff's birthday. Happy birthday my son. Just wishIcould have just a couple of minutes to give him a hug and tell him that I love him and have him give me a hug back and tell me that he loves me. The last time I got one of those hugs was at the last race at Bakersfield. I missed his phone call to my house the afternoon of the night of the accident at Glamis. I was asleep and Marsha (mean wicked step mom) got to talk to him. I was so tired from stil battling this damn cancer I did not even hear the phone ring. This will eat at me everyday forever. Marsha talked to him and tried to get him to stop by on his way to Glamis but in usual Jeff fashion he was real rush to get the park to setup camp before dark. He said he was really looking forward to coming to the house for Thanksgiving and would see us then.Sometimes in your life you have no control over what happens and this was one of those times. I talk to him everyday and tell him how much I love him and will see him one of these days at the big racetrack in heaven. To all of you who have helped Cindy and Jesel I will be eternally greatful. You all are true friends and I will love you forever. To Cindy and Jesel smile you are being loved by us.
  • Laurie Moilanen
    Happy Birthday Jeff. It was the first thing I thought of this morning when I got up. Here's one to you! Miss you lots.
  • Joanne
    Well, I'm sitting here at work thinking about Jeff today - today would have been his 37th birthday. Happy b-day, dude! I know some of us are getting together tonight to have a drink...or two or his honor, but I couldn't stop myself from sending a birthday wish from here. The last 2 months have been so sad, and my hope is that every one of Jeff's family and extensive network of friends and fans are finding your own way of working though the loss of such an awesome person. He would be so proud! The Byron house, "Anchor Acres" is almost ready for Cindy & Jesel to move into...finally! The paint & trim are all done outside, & the inside is near completion. Hopefully only a couple more weeks before a move-in date! A fabulous group of people came together for Cindy to make getting the house done a reality - too many names to list, but you know who you are. The crew has supported Cindy so much in everything - house, shop, etc., and I hope you all know just how much you are appreciated by her. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jeff, happy birthday to you! We love you & miss you!
  • Dianne (aka Loser) Santos
    Wow, it's been over a month now and I still can't take your damn number out of my phone. When I scroll to find someone's number I always pass 'Dickhead'. I even got a new one and had to transfer your number over. Yours and Grandma's, who died just a couple weeks after you. It's weird to me how you can know in your head that someone is gone, but yet find it so hard to let go and move forward. Life goes on, each day comes and goes, but that portion of life is still kinda in pause...waiting for them to show up, call or something. I can still see you lying in the hospital bed, can hear your voice talking to me, giving me shit for this or that, picking Jesel up at my place on your way home, complaining you have to stop but being SO excited to see your little man! You are my big brother, always telling me how it is and steering me in the right direction in life. I knew you would always give it to me straight, whether it was what I wanted to hear or would tell me point blank when I was wrong. I'll miss the funny times too. Breakfast on Sunday with you, Cindy and Jesel, the parties where you and I danced almost all night long (you were such a GREAT drunk dancer!!!), the smacks on the ass and of course the nicknames. I'll never forget a couple of years ago when I went through a pre-midlife crisis and cut my hair super short. You started calling me butch. You tried dike but said it just didn't fit. I was thankful for that! The sexy or hot mama you always seemed to call me when you had someone else in the truck when picking up Jesel, you LOVED to embarass me anytime you had the chance! Jeff - I really miss you alot. Cloe still cries for her Uncle Jeff. We'll never forget the times we've shared, nor the fortune of having you as such a big part of our lives! Love you!
  • Tim Eoff
    Angie is right. I've learned that someone only dies if you don’t talk about him or her. In the next couple of weeks I will tell my stories of Jeff and what he meant to me. I would like to hear any stories that someone might have.
  • Let's tell some stories about the Good Ole Boy!!
    It is starting to get a little bit slow on here lets keep Jeff's memories goin for the friends,family,and loves ones.I know there are lots of good memories and good ole stories to tell so let's share them. Well here goes one of my fond memories with Jeff. We had just finished his motor for the Chevelle and he was picking it up that morning I gave him so much shit that he would never put that thing back together and it would sit.... Well I won't use the exact words he told me but it went like this my shit ain't gonna sit around like your shit I get my shit done.... I don't mess around I'll have this thing in and runnin in a couple of days....sure you will Jeff.. well he loaded that thing up and within a couple a days I mean 2 to be exact I showed up at the shop about 6 am and there he was in the Chevelle smilin at me with that shove it up your you know what grin....well he fired it up and next thing you know I was'nt even out of my car he had that thing on the line lock buzin it to about 3500 rpm burnin the tires like he was at Sac Raceway for about 2 mins he let of that thing like he was gonna back up in his tracks and launch it....right in front of the shop..right where the customers opened the door to walk in for info.. there were two huge black dug in the ground for life burn out marks... it was pretty cool..well he talked a bunch of shit and told me I told you so..well about 15 mins later Grumpy Ole Fart came in a.k.a Dave and he was yellin at Jeff he was so mad and of course Jeff blamed the whole thing on me and said I antagonized him to do it.. so then we were both getting yelled at he was and Jeff were laughing...but I did get in Jeff went up stairs as he always did to work on all his projects and it was my time to get him I popped the hood pulled the coil wire off closed the hood and went back to work..Jeff came down about 1 hour later and said tell Grumpy Ole Fart to chill out.. I'm goin to work he laughed and smirked at me and said I'll see ya later..he went out to the Chevelle rurururururururururu for about min it seemed like... he stops and turns it over again rururururururururu he stops and does it again well his mechanics finally kicked in and he figured he better pop the hood...I was dying laughing all I here is AAAAAANNNNGGGGIIIEEEEEEEE WHERE'S MY COIL WIRE....I got him and it was great. We miss him terribly and just wanted to share one of our fun memories. Angie
  • anonomys
    Who You'd Be Today by Kenny Chesney Sunny days seem to hurt the most I wear the pain like a heavy coat I feel you everywhere I go I see your smile I see your face I hear you laughing in the rain I still can't believe you're gone chorus: It ain't fair You died too young Like a story that had just begun But death tore the pages all away God knows how I miss you All the hell that I've been through Just knowing no one could take your place Sometimes I wonder Who you'd be today Would you see the world Would you chase your dreams Settle down with a family I wonder what would you name your babies Somedays the sky's so blue I feel like I can talk to you I know it might sound crazy chorus: It ain't fair You died too young Like a story that had just begun But death tore the pages all away God knows how I miss you All the hell that I've been through Just knowing no one could take your place Sometimes I wonder Who you'd be today Today, today, todayyyyy Today, today, todayyyyy Sunny days seem to hurt the most I wear the pain like a heavy coat The only thing that gives me hope Is I know, I'll see you again someday Someday, somedayyyy
  • Cyle Coatney
    dear jeff, what goin on up there. you know i never though that somthing like this would put an impact on me like this its like every day i catch my self thinkin about you and woundering what you would of said. it still really has not hit me it did some what when i was about riding at my buddys place in the woods. you would of loved it. that day was when it hit me, you would have tor shit uo out there, it also it me in xmas when i got all my parts and i sat and though well who is going to help me with this shit, and i knew what you would of said dont like you stupid redneck truck driver dad mess with it!! i am getting a new set of heads for my car and a new cam an intake i know you told me not to b.c i would ne be able to drive it every day but i am going with the 501 lift and bigger valves and shit and putting your roller rockers on. well im out of here, cindy if you need any help out at your place you have my number give me a call. ill have to come out and see ya guys and ride with the little on.
  • Kristi (Falvey's "wife")
    I didn't spend a lot time with Jeff on a regular basis and I would never have thought that his passing would have such an effect on me. From the phone call in the middle of the night last month until last night it never really hit me. Then, last night Kevin and I were going to meet up in Fremont, as we often have. Last night was different though..usually he'd be hanging out at Jeff's shop just waiting for me to get into was strange last night...I went down Fremont Blvd. on my way to meet up with Kevin and I passed the shop and it just looked so quiet, lifeless. It was a very surreal experience. And it all just kind of hit me...Kevin used to be at the shop all the frigging time, it DROVE ME NUTS! I'd call him and he'd say he was "getting ready to leave" and then like three hours later I'd call him again and he would still be "getting ready to leave". Everytime I'd call Jeff would be in the background making some kind of Jeff-type comment (All of this calling lent me the nickname, The Warden) By the time he'd finally make it home, I'd ask him, "What do you do down there!?!?". And he'd always come back with the same answer..."just hanging out". Jeff was a magnet and people were just drawn to him. As much as I would have never admitted it to Jeff, I got a kick out of him. :) He was sarcastic, had a good heart under that rough exterior and just said whatever was on his mind. I'll miss him. I know Kevin misses him and I'm sure the rest of you that were "just hanging out" at the shop will miss him. . . Cindy, I think of you daily. I hope you are hanging in there...we're here if you need anything, need to hang out, need to get a coffee, a drink, need a break, need a laugh...whatever, we're here.
  • Cindy
    A month later… The party and a Christmas without him… The party was overwhelming for me. I don’t do well speaking in front of crowds and when I looked up and saw so many faces I thought I was going to pass out! Huge THANK YOU to Rick and Sean for ensuring everything happened as it was supposed to. We have left over sand and stickers if you would like me to make additional vials in his memory… Just let me know. So much led up to the event that I didn’t know what to do after it. I was there at the hospital from the beginning to the end and yet the reality hasn’t hit me either. Every night I wait for him to come home. Throughout each day I catch myself thinking of things I want to tell him or ask him. Jesel says or does something and I pick up the phone to tell him… Nights and weekends are the worse… so lonely. We made it through Christmas Eve but it was very difficult. Peggy and I didn’t do well at all. It just doesn’t seem right. I still struggle through every hour without him in my life. Jesel is handling it well. It’s obvious he misses his daddy but he is still able to be a happy four year old. Thank you for the support you have shown us. Although I know that 2006 can’t bring back what was taken from us in 2005 I hope it brings some happiness.
  • justin
    Dear Jeff, The definition of Legend is one who inspires.It helps your legendary status to have family, friends and fans gather standing room only in your honor. I bet everyone one of those people were in awe of you at one time or another.You have left so many legendary stories I cant wait to start embellishing on some of them.One thing is for sure Cuz,you have inspired a lot of people. That makes you a Legend. Your smirk, the infamous chuckle and that facial expression for pure disgust were some of the most perfect things ever on this earth. I will always hear that chuckle and remember that smile. Damn near my whole life you had greasy hands and a pseudo- mullet, but pretty girlfriends, so I always thought you were at least just a little cooler than everyone else. Disturbing as it is I copied that mullet. As time passed and you bought auto discount, it became a refuge for me. I could always go down there, get in the way and BS with you. Over the years you have taught me a lot. The passion you had for motors and mechanics in general was so strong, I had no need to learn about cars. Just give it to Jeff, I have all faith and trust in him. Apparently cuz, that’s how everyone who brought you their cars felt.Your honesty is a trait I hope Bolla learned from you. You did teach me I could own a business at a young age, and to have confidence in your live life everyday , be passionate,and to be a dickhead if you have to. Through you I know that if I ever find my passion and attack it like you did your whole life, I can accomplish anything.your humbleness is something that should be congratulated and emulated. I rarely if ever heard you pat yourself on the back. I miss you already but I’m comforted by the conversations we have shared .We used to talk about family a lot. You always listened and helped steer me in the right direction. I never imagined you getting all evil knievel on us. I always new I would see you racing NASCAR. Beating Jeff Gordon and pushing Stewart into the wall. I always figured you would be racing Jr …not Senior. Many times our talks led to our personal lives, I never left your shop without saying “thanks cuz”.I must have said that a thousand times. You always helped me and my brothers out and I made sure you knew I was appreciative. Christmas eve will never be the same without you. We missed your spirit smile and was tough and I tried to be strong for Jesel..who wrestled with us all night.He looked great in his chest protector and couldn’t wait to ride his quad.. I realize how congested your life was with business, family, racing and friends. I thank you for the time we shared just being family. I can say for sure the bond I shared with you will never be replaced, that would be an impossible void to fill. For the rest of my life, I will always do everything in my power to help the family you loved so much.Jesel has you as his guardian angel, im sure he will always feel your presence. I will always be there if Cindy or Jesel needs my help. I will always remember you cuz.and I know when I get thru those pearly gates I’ll see #76 rippin donuts ,smilin’ and sayin”whats up Big J” Love,Justin
  • Tim Eoff (a.k.a. Cletus)
    Merry Christmas Jeff. You are missed by so many.
  • Becky (aka Beckalicious)
    The reality still hasnt hit me that Jeff has left us. He was so full of life that its SO hard to believe he's gone. I'll miss him coming into my work and hitting me with a newspaper and saying "whats up Beckalicious". (I got the name after he set some guys straight that were harassing me) I think of him whenever I get an order for a peanut butter and banana waffle at Country Waffles. That's all he ate when we came to my work. I'll miss hearing him teach Jesel how to say "Hey hot girls" when me and Nicole Piper would stop by his house. I'll miss our Sunday evening bbq's with him and Cindy when we'd sit outside for hours and talk. Jeff taught me alot about guys and was always concerned when a guy (especially ones he knew) talked to me. He has a protective side with me. Its hard driving by his house on Curlew. I have to do it several times a day. It brings back a lot of memories. I never used to look at it but now that he's gone I naturally look now everytime I drive by. I'll miss our front window rattling when he drove his Chevelle or race car down the street. And how we'd wait for the cops to come when we drove our go karts and honda 50's on the street. Im going to miss watching him race and as he's kicking ass, hearing my dad say, "come on jeffy boy!" I miss him more everyday. Cindy and Jesel, we will always be there for you. We love you Jeff and you will always be remembered, in our prayers and in our hearts. <3
  • Brian Wehrman ( Bungee Bri)
    It's been a month and I still can't seem to come to terms with this loss. I can't imagine how cindy,family and crew must be coping. Thanks to jeff I have great memories of houseboat trips, thursday afternoon jet skiing sessions, wheeling, and even a snowmobile trip. But, the most fun was the 2-3 seasons we did the demolition derby's. In the early-mid 90's when he was still living in Dublin, and doing quarter-miles at sears pt.; I was heading up to the lake at mid-night w/ boat in tow on 580e going thru dublin/pleasanton when I shreaded a fan belt and my truck started to overheat. So I called Jeff at home (think I woke him up) and asked if he knew of any parts stores or gas stations that might have a belt that would be open this late. He said "Hell No but, I have the exact size you need mounted on my race car, Ill be right there" He took the belt off his 64' chevelle and put it on my truck so that I could stay lake bound. He stayed this kind of FRIEND to the end. I feel as though (no matter how many times I asked) I was never able to return the favors he has done for me over the years. If there is anything I can do for family/crew please don't hesitate to call me. Cindy and Jesel; Tracey and I have you in our thoughts
  • Jerry" Pops "Anthony
    Just sitting here at the computer and thinking of Jeff. I thinking of all the times I phoned him just to hear his voice and find out how the shop was doing. He always hit me with everything is going just fucking peachy. Then I would ask him about Cindy and Jesel, he would take a deep breath and tell how Jesel was really improving on how he was handling driving the Quad. I could tell how proud he was of Jesel. Then he would explain how Cindy and he are working on the house together and enjoying being a family. I will be eternally greatful for the times at the race tracks, all of the crew working together to make the car better. I am actually prouder of him for the way he was always helping some other race teams out and for always being the best he could be win or lose on the track or off the racetrack.I miss his smile. I miss his laugh. I miss his pouting.How I will fill this tremendous void in mine and Marsha's (mean wicked stepmom) lives only time will tell. I will miss going to the shop on Mondays like I used to and being with Jeff,Jeff, Steve,and Doug.I will miss all the teasing and hard work we did. To Cindy thank you from the bottom of my heart for Monday being with Jesel to celebrate Christmas was perfect. Jay, Nathalie and Tracy also had a ball and really appreciate you showing them the house and that enormous barn with all those great toys and cars. Smile you are being loved by us.
  • Kim Jess
    Some time has gone by...But I still can't find the words, it still does not seem real to me. I was there when he fell til he took his last breath...yet I still don't want to believe that Jeff is gone. All I could think about was to be there for Cindy....I miss you Jeff and you will never be forgotten.
  • Tracy Christian (Jeff's Sister)
    Jeff, WOW you have so many friends! You have touched so many people that its great you will be known forever and never forgten. I miss you and cant wait to see you soon. Verg asked me to save him a spot next to you and Dale Sr. I love you bro!! Cindy and Jesel, I will ALWAYS be here for you, I love you guys too. xoooxxox
  • Jenn (The Chinese Hooker) Yee
    Dickhead (aka Jeff) – Your absence is still surreal to me. I pass by the shop on a constant basis, during my daily routine of things. It brings a tear to my eye knowing that I will never stop by there again. I will no longer be able to walk thru your garage and hear you yell “What’s Up Chinese Hooker”. You were truly one of a kind. What mechanic could ever keep my brother’s Cobra for 4 years, give it back and it still not run right. And NO it’s not because it’s a Ford. Me and the guys will forever miss the good ‘ol days, when we use to chill at the shop on the late nite. It was always us “hoodlums” and the “pit crew”. Though those days are past, the memories will forever stay with us in our hearts. We will not say Good-Bye, but simply, See you later. WE LOVE & MISS YOU LOTS! Cindy & Jesel – My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jesel and your family. I know these are some difficult times, but always know that you have a WHOLE LOT of friends, family and even strangers here to support and love you. . .now and for always.
  • Dianne (aka Loser) Santos
    Wow, how incredible was yesterday?? It's funny when you think you know someone, only to find out they were so much more awesome than you ever knew! The amount of people who came was unreal. I'm so glad that we were able to share the memories we all have with eachother. Whether it was standing up in front of everyone, or talking amongst friends, or introducing yourself to someone new, sharing how you knew Jeff. It was an honor to have known him and been so close with him. My kids have missed him more than I would have ever expected, he truly touched their lives as one of their uncles. I wrote a poem that I didn't have the chance to share yesterday. I'm posting this on here for Jeff, because I know in my heart he's reading all the postings on here, saying 'That's Hella Gay'!! FROM JESEL: Mommy told me today You weren’t coming home No daddy with whom to play I feel so alone Everyday I go to school But you don’t take me Everyday I ride my quad But you’re not racing next to me I do the doughnuts you taught me Riding on two wheels Mommy says she can’t watch me But I know how you would feel Sometimes I think about you And it makes me cry But I know you’re watching us Saying there’s no reason why You’ll always be with us You would say In our hearts And our thoughts each day I’m too young for this And so are you A day won’t go by That you won’t be missed Your friends are fixing the house You would be so proud They’re going really fast But man they can be so loud! I won’t say goodbye Since I’ll see you often I just wonder why You had to leave us so soon Just know you’re the best dad And couldn’t have made mommy happier For a while we will be sad But we know… We will see you later
  • Manuel & Annaliza
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless.
  • Rich & Linda Struhm
    We just got home from "Jeff's final Party' and we think that he would be proud to have seen how many wonderful people showed up. I was just really humbled at the sight of all of those people watching the memorial videos, and I doubt there was a dry eye in the room. It was for sure a fitting good-bye to such a wonderful person, taken away soo early. We talked about our fond memories of Jeff all the way home, and will always remember that grin, and his great sarcasm, but most of all the generosity he showed in everything he did. I'm sure that Jeff is already trying to figure out just how fast angel wings will go, and how to make them faster!!!
  • Jeff Young
    I attended Jeff's final party this evening. I don't believe I have ever seen a more evident outpouring of love and devotion. It was both hurtful and funny. Jeff was a special man and I fell lucky to have been able to share the memories. To Sean, Meg, Kirk and Kevin and too many others to list it was good seeing you after all these years. I will never forget this day and it will stay with me for years to come. God bless Jeff's family and love ones you really know how to rally together even in this dark hour. I for one have taken something home today and will remember Jeff with a smile.....DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!!!!! God Bless...
  • Doug Thomas
    Cindy, What a great turnout for Jeff's celebration of life. There must have been over 1,000 people there. I don't know how you held up so well thru all this, but you've done a great job. The video's on the "350" in. big screen TV was a pleasure to watch, seeing Jeff, Jesel, yourself, your new house, and your many adventures.I didn't stay long as I didn't see anyone I knew, but said a few prayers for you and family, then left watery eyed, as it was sad knowing I'll never see Jeff again. May God Bless you and Jeff's family, and if you need anything call.
  • Tracy Rapozo
    I was one of Jeff's roommates back when he lived on Burton St. I was so saddened to read that he passed away. I wanted to give my condolences to Cindy and their son Jesel. I am so sorry for your loss Cindy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have a lot of fond memories and had the pleasure of watching Jeff win one of his races in Livermore. I hope that in some way you can find some kind of peace as you go through this loss.
  • becky mcbride
    To Jeff's Family and Friends, I miss you guys and know that Sunday will be a great celebration.I'm going to represent Jeff in Los Angeles at a mission to help give toys to kids. I know Jeff would be proud of how strong you all are being. We will see each other again soon, until then, know that your friends in San Diego are thinking about you.Karen sends her prayers to you also.
  • Robert Dyer
    I will never forget the first time I went to Altamont. It was an SRL 100 and Jeff started around mid pack. But I had some kind of a hunch and told my race "buddy" next to me that I am picking him to win. Jeff worked his way,aggressively,but cautiously through the field. It was a thrill! He got to the front and stayed there for an exciting win. It was a blast and I felt like I was part of the team in a way! Ever since that day I always pulled for Jeff and I am glad his last 100 at Altamont was a good one, podium finish in second as I recall. I will never forget him. He was a great champion.
  • willie
    Still remember the day I met you a fearless racer trying to make a name for yourself in a street stock right away I new you had what it takes to win and a great crew to support you. even though it was afew years ago when you raced at the track I was working at every weekend.winning 3 championships then stepping up to the SRL,I think you won the championship the first year in the series that was great.But still you are the only driver that would request to help out at the track when you was not racing that weekend fixing fork lifts and other track equipment and even worked on the safety crew to my knowledge the only one that has done that.In the first years he was like a sponge grasped all the info he needed to become the champion that you jeff would ask alot of questions about racing procedures and why i did this or that a real sportsman who didnt just care about himself but he cared about the whole division.not like today where you have small group of drivers not everyone but they know who they are that care less about other drivers.jeff showed class and boy did he have of favorite memories was it started to rain at the track not heavy but just enough to make the track undrivable then it stopped the chief steward at the time said to all officals to get into our personal vehicles and dry the track out. it was fun driving around on both tracks slipping and sliding around all of us on the edge of control i was entering turn 1 when some one passed me onthe outside driving I think a tow truck the driver stuck his head out the window it was jeff smiling at me I tried to pass him back I couldnt catch him then it started to rain again race rained out I will always remember jeff for not what he did but how he did jeff did it right A true cindy and jesel stay strong and I will see you soon.
  • Kathleen George Goldfein (a Pardee cousin)
    Peggy, Cindy and Jesel, I am Peggy's cousin and only knew Jeff as a little (very lively) boy. You have my deepest sympathy for your loss. It is my loss that I know more about Jeff now than when he was with us. These messages convey a real sense of his life and personality. The world is surely diminished because of his passing. However, your memories of him will continue to be an inspiration for us all.
  • Madeline Wenn
    Jerry & Marsha, Peggy & Scott and families...My prayers are with you all. (I have wonderful memories of the early years with Jeff and Scott.) So very very sorry for your loss.
  • Colleen Lacey
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jeff's family. I am so sorry about your loss. Jeff was wonderful to work for in the SRL. I don't understand how God works but I don't question it. Jeff is in the ultimate world. God bless him and you.
  • Cindy
    Everything is happening the afternoon of the 18th. It's to be a celebration of his life. He wouldn't want it any other way.
  • friends
    we know that there is a party for JEFF on the 18th, will there be a service on the 17th?
  • Denise Van Blarcum (Peggy's Friend of many years!)
    Jeff from Hero to Angel, watch over your Mom, Cindy and Jessel..they will always know you are with them...I knew you when....many years ago when Mom worked at Mother's Cookies and have kept in contact with her and the events of both you and Scotty for over 30 years....You both have been the apple of her eye and center of her heart...The sorrow will lessen and the memories will grow and never ever be forgotten..Race on my darling and smile on us all...Your all in my prayers...Denise & Family
  • Jackie & Dan Spray
    Our Prayers and Wishes go out to the Family and Friends, especially during this time of year. We are here to help in any way we can.
  • David Wayne Landreth
    This is one of the fondest memorys I have of Jeff; when we were growing up on Burton Street in Dublin CA, Jeff always had every kind of dirt bike know to man! I used to love it when he would ride up and down our street on his dirt bike terrorizing our street like Evil Knievel pissing the hell out of Bud and Pat! I love this so much! I even wished I could do this myself. Also, Jeff was the first one to get a moterized goat cart and I used to think "how fricken cool is that" while I would build little crappy push go carts.. - to Jeffs family and friends, I would like to say - May our troubles and worries go down with each sunset, and may hope rise with each dawn!!
  • Joelle Buffa
    On behalf of the staff at the San Fancisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Fremont, CA, I'd like to let folks know that Jeff made a mark on the natural world as well. For many years Jeff serviced and repaired our fleet of vehicles used to manage and protect wildlife habitat on 7 National Wildlife Refuges in the Bay Area. By providing trust worthy, reliable, and reasonably priced vehicle repair service Jeff helped us to optomize the amount of our funds that went to protecting wildlife and their habitat, including many endangered species. We will miss Jeff. San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuges: Don Edwards Refuge San Pablo Bay Refuge Antioch Dunes Refuge Salinas River Refuge Farallon Refuge Ellicott Slough Refuge Marin Islands Refuge
  • Jeff Young
    I spent many a soccer season on the same team with Jeff. I grew up going to the same schools and hanging with the same poeple. Today my heart is heavy knowing of Jeff's passing. He was always funny and intelligent what he could do with a motor in highschool would even impress the most seasoned mechanic. I could only imagine what he could do as an adult. Called a few old highschool friends today to share the news.... wish I didn"t have to.....God Speed Brother and I will pray for your family.
  • Flying Floyd
    I'm going to miss jeff. I can't believe someone very special has be taken away from us My thoughts are with his family and friends we will always remember the 76 car and a great driver and great person. We will miss you Jeff!!
  • David Wayne Landreth
    Jeff was one of the coolest guys I ever had the pleasure of knowing. We grew up together on Burton Street in Dublin. When I relocated to my home in Fremont, I would take my car to him to his shop in Fremont. Jeff was always there for me regarding car issues. I will miss him and want to let every body know that we must always continue to keep Jeff in our minds and hearts, thoughts. His physical presence is no longer with us, but remember that his spiritual is. Continue to talk to Jeff, continue to love him. We may not be able to hear him but remember that he will always be able to hear us. Jeff is all around us, he is the air we feel, breath. My deepest condolences to Cindy and your children with love, and I send my deepest sympathies to you Peggy, his wonderful mother and friend. May we continue to keep Jeffs spirit alive, I know I will! Peace to you brother!
  • Karyn Hilton
    I never met Jeff, but I work with his Aunt Cindy, and know his dad, Jerry, and his wife, Marsha. What a tragedy, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone. This is so difficult for a family to go through. All the loving support from friends and family for Cindy and Jesel is heart-warming. Jerry, I am thinking of you. Marsha, take care of Jerry. Jeff sounds like a great guy...full of fun and adventure. Everyone take care of each other and yourself.
  • Teresa Tupinio (KCMO)
    Dearest Cindy, Jessel & Family Today is 12/8 and received the news of Jeff's passing and I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I had the opportunity to visit you & Jeff (before Jessel was born)and experience the excitment of Jeff's racing, he was awesome! Thank you for that. I also met a few members of Jeff's family and close friends, it was a great time. I read the emails and shed tears for your pain and the passing of such a great guy. Cindy, I wish I could be there. Please know that I am thinking of you, little Jessel, Jeff's family & friends. You are all in my prayers.
  • Diana Rose
    Cindy, Jesel and family, I am so very sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you. Your friends here at Sprint in KC are thinking of you. Though I never got to meet Jeff, the way Cindy spoke of him with so much pride and admiration - it always made me smile. May God be with you and provide you the comfort needed at this difficult time.
  • Tiff (Cousin Jason's Daughter)
    Hello Cindy and Jesel. I was thinking about Jeff and I remembered a saying that I that I used to use. It goes, "Hero's Will Be Remebered, But Legends Will Never Die". Jeff was a hero but because of his big heart he was a legend. Well to me and maybe alot of other people. But to me he was someone to look up to, a role model. Almost like a dad to me. Well I will see you at Jeff's party. But just remember," hero's will be remebered, but legends will never die". Lots of love. *Tiff*
  • Cindy
    One more thing I forgot to add about the party... Casual suits.
  • Jeff's Final Party
    Date: Sunday December 18th Time: 3pm - 6pm Place: Robert Livermore Community Center 4444 East Avenue Directions: Take Vasco Road (South) from Highway 580 Right on East Avenue Right on Loyola Way – Park in the big lot
  • Becky
    My deepest sympathy for your loss, Cindy and Jessel. I only Met Jeff in person a handful of times but I loved to watch him race. As i hear the engines roar from my home in Tracy my family will always think of #76. Steve, Becky Andersen and the girls (Emma and Elizabeth)
  • Randy French -- Franks Radio Service
    I am SO sorry. God bless you all. My prayers are with you.
  • Jeff Jarvis (a.k.a Chubba) & Family
    Jeff you'll be missed and thanks for everything you've done for me and my family...your career was exciting to watch. Can't wait to catch up with you in the next life!! Cindy & Jesel: You are in our thoughts and prayers and if there is anything you ever need just holler....
  • Scott Rutherford (Uncle Scott)
    Geoff, i don't know what else to say except that I'm going to miss your awnryness & stubborness. That's what set you apart from most people because you were a straight-up honest friend! Behind that stone face of yours we all really know how big your heart was! Your a great person & we shall meet again my friend! GODSPEED to you! Cindy, you know you can call me any time you need anything! You hug Jessel for me!
  • Jumpin' Johnathon
    I was just informed of the unfortunate events leading up to Jeff's passing on. I would like to extend my deepest condolances and sincere regrets upon his untimely death. He was a great racecar driver with a successful career that was just beginning and he will be missed by the whole racing community as well as by his friends and family. I feel honored to have known him and to announce his races at Altamont Raceway, and would like his family to know that he will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this sad period. May he rest and race in peace, Sincerely Yours, Jumpin' Johnathon
  • April Walker
    Cindy, Jesel, The #76 Crew, DAD and Family... We are so sorry for your lose and we are here for you guys. I was just sitting at my dad's (Verg) house last night looking at old pictures and I found some really nice ones on Jeff's car when it had the #76 in the orange circle ( one with him in front of dad and another him behind dad) and then another one that isn't that good (kind of dark) of the first race in Irwindeld with the teal and red #76.(That is the weekend we sat in the parking lot and really got to know Jeff) It's really hard to think that we will never see that car out there with Jeff behind the wheel. The two families had there up and downs but we are all family and love one another. We are here for you if there is anything you need. Love, Papa Bear (Verg) and the two ladies (ha ha) (Janet and April)
  • 12/04/05 Peggy Mullins (Mom)
    It is a quiet Sunday evening. Scott and Dorothy have gone home so now I'm all by myself. At this time I am so thankful for the support from all of Jeff's friends, family and especially the racing family. Becky, Doug, Mike and Karen, thank you all for everything. I think that I can speak for all the family that the staff at San Diego Kaiser were a godsend. His nurses wonderful and didn't even say anything when there were 10 visitors in Jeff's room at one time. Warm hugs to Jeff's special nurse, Carol, Shiela, Tina, Becky and Belan. In reading this web site I had no idea how many lives Jeff touched and I had no idea that he hung out at BK and was drag racing in Livermore. I guess those are the things that I was supposed to never find out about. I was out in Byron today and Jesel is scary on his quad. He's going faster now due to a restrictor plate adjustment and does do-nuts that leave him almost on 2 wheels ( do ya think he's like his daddy?) He is such a love and I miss seeing him every Wednesday when Jeff would drop him off for the day and of course they would have already made a stop at Johnnie's Do-nuts with Jesel wearing powdered sugar all down his shirt. I lost my husband almost 7 years ago then about 3 weeks before Jeff's accident I had to put my cocker spaniel down. I feel as though God is punishing me, but I don't know for what.....mmmmm, I wonder if it could have been when Jeff and Scott were about 7 & 13. I told them they had to clean their rooms and they decided that they would much rather go over to "Fred" and ride their bikes. Well, I was furious-I took "everything" (except furniture) out of their room and threw it on the front lawn! Needless to say neither of them was very happy with me. Well, I want you all to know that ALL of Jeff's family is appreciative the your warm wishes, funny stories of Jeff and fond memories. Jeff & Kim, thank you so much for being there for Cindy. I miss Jeff terribly and damn it, I need someone to repair the brakes on my 3000GT. I know he's racing in the sky with my "Bailey" riding along. Just remember to tell your family you love them everyday and don't forget long hugs. My love to you Jeff "Honey"
  • J&K Racing and Poor Boyz Motorsports
    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. God Bless
  • Richard Tafoya
    I went to school with Jeff at Dublin High the things we did in the parking lot or in that VW.that back seat was hot.I will alwas remember.When I got the news My prayer was that every thing was goning to be fine.I put you on our prayer list at Church the day before you past.Cindy,Jesel and family you are still on our prayer list and in my prayers I am so sorry for your loss.For all the guys that I hung out with Sead,Ed and the others if you would get in touch with me I would like that my email is God bless,Richard Tafoya
  • Adam Lovell
    You will be missed Jeff Anthony, my heart and prayers go out to your family and friends. I went to a couple races at the Altamont with my uncle,grandpa and cousins and always couldn't wait for Jeff to hit the track. Then after the race since my uncle (Sean) was on the pit crew to go in the pits. Good times, memories are priceless. I'm sure he's in heavin right now racin' through the clouds lookin' down.
  • Sean Holifield
    Jenk's, thanks for all of your help on moving the shop. I believe out of all of the group you've had it the worst with what was going on in your own life. Wendy just played a song for me tonight by Tracy Lawrence called "If I don't make it back" and I keep playing it over and over! It pretty much sums up all of our friendships and what we thought of Jeff. Even though me and the gang haven't known you for twenty years, you're someone who we think of as part of the family and I know Jeff agreed. Twenty years from now we'll look back at this tragedy and thank Jeff for making all of closer as friends and family. When I was at the house yesterday I saw Jesel riding his quad and I swore I was looking at Jeff thru that helmet! We will never forget him. Love you and the group. Sean
  • rhondaflorey
    i liked jeff he was a good race car driver and i admired him for that i will miss him a lot and please take care of his family they are nice people love rhonda
    Pops I love you to. You know the crew and me will be there for you and your family. We all love you so much. The loss of Jeff will change all of our lives so much but we all must go on. You know my number so call me when you want.. Jeff I don't know what i will do every monday and thursday now. Jeff this sucks I try to think of things to do but it will never b r the same. I talked to Cindy today and she said Jesel is doing fine I guess that is all we can ask for. I want to thank all the friends for all the help in getting the shop moved.....
  • Guido & Catherine / C&R Racing
    Our prayers are with you Cindy and Jesel. Jeff will be missed and in our thoughts forever.
  • John, Aida & Family
    Cindy, Jesel and rest of the Family. I have sat reading some of the respond from all your friends, and its very touching to know that so many people care so much for you and jesel. Girl the only thing you have to do now is take care of that little boy and youself, Jeff is in a good place not suffering. I'm sure his looking over you, and appriciates the thought that he had so many caring people in his life. If there is anything else I know you have a lot of support and caring friends to help along. Take care Cindy. We are praying things will get better for you in time. If there is anything you need from us, let John Jr and Danika know.
  • Sean Holifield
    Jeff, Well it's coming up on a week since you left us and I'm sure you have been with us the whole time having a fit over all the stuff we have thrown out of the shop. I told you I (Mr Clean) would clean the shop someday. You wouldn't believe all the letters people have written on this website! It might have to be a permanent forum just for you! Tonight we were with Cindy and the gang looking at all the pictures Cindy had collected over the years, pictures of jetskiing at Pedro and the classic Sinking boat picture, or the chevelle at the drag's, or just the gang doing what we do best drinking beer and bullshitting about the past. But the pictures I loved the most are of you and your son which I am so glad you and Cindy brought in this world because when I think you how much I miss you and I know it will be every day till we meet again, I can pick Jesel up and give him a hug and know a part of you is still on this earth. Love your friend forever, Sean.
  • Brenda & Gary Bryant
    Cindy, you dont know me, but I am Dave Ferland's sister from Maine. When we heard of this awful tragedy, we could only imagine the pain that you and your family was going through. Our heart goes out to you and Jesel at this most difficult time. Although, I never had the chance to meet Jeff, I feel like I know him by all the letters and stories friends and family have written about him. He sounds like he was a wonderful guy and I wish I could of had the honor of meeting him. I can see that you both have touched so many peoples lives. Know that our thoughts and Prayers are with you. Jerry, I can only imagine the pain and sorrow you are dealing with right now, losing a son. You sure didn't need this at this time. As hard as it will be, you need to take care of yourself. We are praying for you to get better. Take Care & Keep your faith in God.
    theirs nothing that i can say to make it any easier But thoughts and prayers are with you
  • nogueira racing
    our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.jeff was a great help to me and to my son when we were up at altamont.the help he gave me and to others will never be forgotten i know he will be missed by more people then you know he touched everyone he talked to god speed jeff.rick austin and trevor nogueira
  • Jerry (Pops) Anthony
    To crew of JARacing #76,Jeff, Sean,Doug, Steve, Mark, Anthony and Frankie Too. I love all of you from the bottom of my heart those were 7 years of best years my life and I will cherish forever. You are all like one of my sons and I hope we never lose touch with one another. Jeff will be watching over us and laughing at us all. He is in heaven now racing at the big track and kicking the hell out of all the drivers that are up there with him. I have never felt so close to a group than I do with you all. We never gave up and fought thru everything and anything that was in front of us. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you guys.
  • Brian & Sherry Miller
    You are in our thoughts & prayers
  • Shawn and Lori Ferriter - H.U.R. Perf Engines
    Cindy, Jesel, Jerry, Tracy, and the rest of Jeff and Cindy's family, We think about you every single day and still can't believe Jeff is really gone. We will miss him very much! We really enjoyed being a part of his team.
  • Lisa Castro-Manley
    I was stunned when I heard the horrific news. I have not seen Jeff in over 13 years but was instantly affected by the information and knew he went out doing something he loved. Without delay I was reminded of so many extraordinary memories that I will always treasure; His Chevelle (Can’t Touch This), Burger King, Baylands, Raymond Road, great times with great friends, the list could go on. Cindy and Jesel, my heart goes out to you and his family at this time. I hope all of the love and support around you is healing. He has touched so many lives and will be deeply missed.
  • EMT John
    Our thoughts are with all the family & friends! John Greene & Family
  • EMT John
    I am at a loss for words... Jeff - I have the shears! He always joked with me at the pit exit, I would need my Trauma Shears to cut the belts if he got upside down. My friend I never needed them, keep racing!
  • Randy, Kim, Amy & Hailey Powers
    Cindy - I don't know what to say I am in shock. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and that if you need anything please call us. We will always remember the good times back in the "Early Days" You know cars that we pieced together and never ever painted. Jeff was loved by so many people, people from so long ago and so many many people along the way. Take comfort in Jesel and know that you will always have a piece of him with you always. Our prayers also go out to Jeff's mom and dad and their spouses. And special message to Jesel, your daddy was the best with a heart as big as can be, always know that he was a great guy and loved you soo much.
  • Ginny Kniffin and Family (Marsha Anthony's sister)
    To Cindy, my sister Marsha,dear brother-in-law Jerry, Jeff's mom Peggy, and the entire Anthony family. What is there to say, except our hearts are with you during this terrible time. Jeff was certainly loved and admired by so many people. What a great tribute to the kind of parents he had. May you find peace in your hearts in the coming days.
  • Tiff (Cousin Jason's Daughter)
    Hi Cindy and Jesel. It's been a really long time, well to me its been forever, well since i have seen you guys. I could't believe it when Jason told me what had happened to Jeff. I loved to see Jeff. Me and him loved racing, well he loved to race and I loved to watch it. I was so excited to see him for the holidays like usual and tell him how much I know about racing. But when I heard the bad news I just couldn't help but cry. It still hasn't hit me that he is really gone. But I know he is still here with all of us. And Cindy and Jesel just remember him and never forget him. But remember always, " he left us in true Jeff Anthony style, he left us doing what he loved and he Drove it Like he Stole it! And I'm really sorry for what has happened. Hope to see you guys soon. Lots of love. Love Tiff
  • tom walsh
    Jeff Anthony was a first class driver and a first class person. Myself, as a SRL official, would always look forward to dealing with Jeff and his team in the pits. He was always good for a joke or laugh, and was always professional at the track. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and pit crew and may he rest in peace.
  • Dave's Engine Machining Crew
    It all started back in 1997. Grant from Grant and Dan's transmission called the shop and said hey I want you to sponser a good friend of mine that wants to go roundy round racing at Altamont, his name is Jeff Anthony @ Auto Discount. So Grant,Jeff and Dave all went to lunch to meet and next thing you knew we were sponsering his motors for the car. We will never forget the first time he brought over the "OLDS" we were like this is the car!!! and he was like "WHAT", well it did'nt take long before he was "DOMINATING" the field,and that came from the passion that man had for the love of racing. He could not get enough of it! We worked with his racing for 7 years and were so proud of the true racer he had become.I am sure all of the people who have helped with that car, their are so many of you, no what I mean. He could'nt get enough of it. Jeff was a great person,a son, a father, a friend and now forever a "LEGEND" in all of our hearts and will never be forgot.Love to the 76 Family/ Dave,Angie,Roger,Linda,Mikey and Daniel
  • "Jenkins" you know who I am
    Firs of all I want to thank all the friends that have been there to support the family and to help with everything. "JEFF" my brotherby now you have seen all the stuff me and the rest of your friends have put in the dumpster at your shop. I know it is just pissing you off but we had to do it. I know you loved all your crap but Cindy and Jesel dont need it. We saved the good stuff. Their is allot of other things I want to say to you but I will tell you later. Well there is two things. Hey the last race we got the care to turn. I think we finaly got it figured out. Second my life will not be the same. Thank you for taking me into your family and letting me share the good times and the bad. I guess I will race with you again in the next life. Cind and Jesel You know you are a big part of my family. I love you all and together we will get through this with all the love from all. Cindy I better get the calls on the Nextel that Jeff and Jesel would do all the time. Pops you hang in their. We have had allot of good times at the races and all the good talks we have hade. Get well and lets drink some Tequila for Jeff. Life will not be the same without you Jeff. You are a legen and I will never forget you.I will be your crew chief again some day.
  • matt nichols
    cindy, please know how sorry I am for your loss. I am thinking of you and your son.
  • Julie Michele Gomez (Bruce & Carol's Niece)
    I love you all and pray that you make it through the pain of all of this. May god keep you strong and positive. God Bless.
  • Turtle
    Godspeed Jeff
  • Greg Leonard & the entire Leonard Motorsports Team
    Dear Jeff Anthony, You are an inspiration to the local racer and will be missed by this racing community that you helped build. NASCAR is built by "legends" and is what it is today because of racers like Dale Earnhardt who left behind a sport that he helped build. You mean to us what Dale meant to this sport, therefore you are "Our Legend". Our thoughts and prayers are with the Anthony family, friends, Cindy & Jesel. God Bless you all.
  • Cindy Seerley & Family (Marsha Anthony's sister)
    Cindy, Jesel, and the entire Anthony Family. This past few weeks must seem like a horrible nightmare. One in which you hope to wake up and find Jeff safely home with Cindy & Jesel. I only hope through all these messages it can help in some small way to relieve some of your sorrow and pain. This truly is quite a tribute to Jeff and his family, seeing how well loved he was. To Jerry, my brother-in-law, LiveStrong.
  • Sheila & Justin Wall (Off the Wall Motorsports)
    Although I do not know you Cindy, I wanted to tell you how sorry we are for your loss. Jeff seemed like a great person the few times we saw him at the track. At a time like this, people typically say if there's anything we can do, let us know. As you know, the race family in this community is huge, if you need a fence built, or something finished at your new home, please put it on this website so we can help. We all need a helping hand from time to time, and there's plenty of us to help you in anyway we can. The Wall family
  • Nancy & Larry Morris
    Cindy We are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and Jesel and your extended family and friends.
  • sara gigliati (official at Altamont)
    Cindy, Jesel and the entire Anthony family. I am at a loss for words. The entire team was always fun when they signed in at the booth. My prayers and thoughts go out to you all. Jeff was such a great person and loved by so many. He will never be forgotten. Cindy may the strength from God help you and Jesel and family and friends get through this.
  • Pat & Michelle Lenahan
    We were so very sorry to hear about Jeff. We only had the opportunity to meet him once and it was at Glamis. We have been so very moved by the outpouring of love on this site. We're not involved in the racing community and I can tell you that it is awesome to see what a truly tight knit group you are. I guess its because all of you live a little on the edge and truly know the value of life. May God bless Jeff and all of his family and friends during this time.
  • Flaming Camaro
    Jeff, you left us too early. You were a good man with the best intentions for your family at heart. I wish you had stuck around longer, just doesn't seem fair but I know now, you are being taken care of and are in better 'em how to race, Jeff... Cindy and Jesel, my best to you during this time of great sorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. jim
  • rick
    although i'd only seen jeff race a few times, id always heard what a great racer he was. i am extremely saddened by the passing of another member of our nascar family. take care
  • Chris,Joleen,Chloee & Ava Ironside
    Cindy,Jesel & Family- Our thoughts and prayers are with you. If you need anything we are here.
  • Chrissy (Jersey) Patch
    Cindy - I just got off the phone with Wendy. She tracked me down here in Dallas to let me know of Jeff's passing. I am in totally shock. Although I only hung with you, Jeff and the gang for a short while, I cherish the great times we had together. I can't possibly imagine what you and your sweet little boy are going through. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jesel and all his family and friends. (I'll give you a call soon.) He was loved by many....
  • George Orrego, Susan Aversa Orrego & Drew Aversa, EFD
    Our family sents all our strength to your family. We met Jeff through his father Jerry. George worked with Jerry for many years. I wish there was more we could say.
  • Steve Durkee & Family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff and his entire family. Jeff will be greatly missed by all. He was a great idol & influence to my kids as well as many others who have learned a great deal from him.
  • Jerry & Marsha Anthony
    As we sit and read all of these wonderful tributes to Jeff, all of the thoughts, prayers and support from everyone, we are so deeply grateful for all of you. It is a real comfort to know that Jeff was so well liked, loved and thought of in all of the various circles he was involved in. You never really know how your children affect others in life and only hope they treat them with love and respect, dignity and kindness. From reading these messages, we believe he did just that. This is such a great way of sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. I have printed out most of them and it has already surpassed 42 pages!! We also want to thank another special person, Mike Mendenhall. He is a fellow competitor on the race track who lives close to San Diego and who magically appeared at the hospital to do whatever he could for the family and friends who were there. He stayed with us for the whole duration and helped so many of us. THANK YOU MIKE. We will never forget you or your kindness. Another thank you goes to the doctors and nursing staff at San Diego Kaiser. They were outstanding. This was a difficult time for many of them, after seeing all of us and caring for Jeff for about a week, they too became attached to him and Cindy. They showed great compassion, and gave excellent care to both Jeff and Cindy and the family and friends that "hung out" for those incredible days. Again, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
  • Cindy
    Just a quick note to let you know that Jeff's final ‘party’ will be held on Sunday, December 18th in Livermore at the LARPD Community Center on East Avenue. The final arrangements are going to be made next week. I also, wanted you to know that Jesel is aware of his father's passing. He handled it extremely well. His main concern was who was going to ride quads with him. I told him there were plenty of guys that would love the opportunity. If only I could have his innocence… I am taking it day by day. The support and love you have shown us is beyond belief. With such a tragic event and the loss I feel I thought it would be a long time before I was grateful for anything other than my son. I was wrong. You have made me a millionaire but not in the monetary sort of way… You have given my son and me more than money could ever buy for us and for that I will be forever grateful…
  • peewee
    To the family of Jeff Anthony If I could put in your hearts all the fun an laughter Jeff and I found and shared as friends,Your hearts might not feel so empty right now. All of you must have known how special Jeff was,But i got to see it every day working for him. What I learned was Jeff's reward wasn't money or success but the smile people had after he helped them.Being the friend Jeff was he also gave me reassurance in life.when Jeff took me under his wing after my dads death,I knew then what it meant to have Jeff call you a friend. To Cindy an Jesel you're the closes thing I have to my friend, So the friendship Jeff an I had belongs to both of you now an I offer my wing. Im so very sorry for your loss.
  • Dana Labrado
    It's your A/P girl. I've been thinking of you everyday. Let me know if I can do anything.
  • fred lara
    cindy and jesel i don't even know what to say this is why it has taken so long for me to write to you. i only met jeff last year throught rick r. and mark smith i got to know him a little better this last year as i was on the pit crew of the 52 car and from what i know of him he was a great person and i can also see that in all of the letters that have been sent.mark called me on monday nov.21 to tell me what had happened i was so sorry to hear about this. i kept in touch with rick and he would keep me updated on his condition. i was sad to hear that he had passed away. i'm glad to have known him if only for a little while he was well liked by all. i also lost a cousin that same week so there must have been a reason two great men were taken from us the same i had told rick we prayed for him when jeff was in the hospital and we will continue to pray for you and jesel. if we can do anything to help let me or rick know.
  • Pamela McCulley
    I was the Official that handed out the Prize Money at the Altamont. I always considered Jeff the Man with the Magic Touch. Always a winner on the track and off. He will be missed tremendously. My prayers to the family and fast healing. He has left behind a great legacy for his family. Aways remembered, never forgotten.
  • Donna and John Plummer
    It's been a while since I've seen Jeff and really only met him a few of times when he was young, but I can tell by all the notes written that he was loved by so many people whose lives he touched. Looking at his pictures, I see so much of Jerry in him. My heart goes out to you Jerry as I know you have been going through a tough time with your own health. Stay on the right track in getting better. It sounds like you all have had so much support through all of this. So nice to have that. My heart goes out to the rest of the family also as I know this is hard on everyone. Even though I never met you Cindy or Jesel, I know you have the support from family and friend and the memories to help you get through this. Hopefully, we'll meet you some day. Take care. Donna (Dave sister) and John.
  • David Munoz (Paster) and race track announcer
    From all the listing here we will all miss Jeff, and there is a lot of support for Cindy & Jesel and a lot of comfort for all. I leave this for the family of Jeff Anthony. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,The father of Mercies and God of all Comfort. Who comforts us in all out tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble,with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.Amen Jeff your life was a race the race of life and now Jeff you ran the last race the biggest of all race's Rest in Peace Amen
  • k. williams
    wow! shows us all how smwll we really are, if you live in the bay area, you couldn't go to a rsce at altamont without this guy dominating the show. next thing you know, he's taking on a new challenge. i think we can all agree, he was bored with us, and decided to take on a larger of luck to those racers in the higher place, this guy comes to win!best wishes to the family.
  • Art Garrett, past turn 4 official
    Jeff, God speed and may he give protection and peace for your family. It was my pleasure to know you.
  • Ed Rasmussen / the JEW BOY
    Cindy and Jesel I just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. I was trying to think of the first time I met or became friends with Jeff. I thought about it all afternoon. I finally have it. My sophomore year and Jeff's freshman year we shared a computer class together at Dublin High. Back in the "olden days" computers were not very impressive, and most of the time we just screwed around trying to make the computer do anything it wasn't supposed to do. After coming up with that I tried to think of the last time a saw Jeff. It was when he dropped of the Honda Trail 70 to my house. That was about 6-8 months ago. I started to think about all the interesting paths we were on together, here are just a few. 1.Jeff's first car that he worked on all the time (VW Baja bug) that had a radiator that cooked anyone in the back seat, and a stereo that made you go deaf 2. Our first apartment(townhouse) with Sean and some other guy I cant remember anymore, all the beer we drank after the six months(we saved all the bottles) 3. Jeff falling asleep at the wheel (he wasn't even drinking) coming home from Dublin and running into a light pole by the Livermore airport.The call that woke us up to come get him in the middle of the night from his girlfriend 4. Street racing in Livermore, and hanging out a BK 5. All the times I had to have Jeff work on one of my cars because I couldn't fix it, or didn't want to fix it myself, and having to listen to him tease me about it the whole time. never had a warranty claim either. 6. When I almost killed myself 4wheeling out at frank raines park and rolled my truck, Jeff was one of a large group of my friends that helped me pull my truck out of the ditch it was in. He also bought the truck off me when we got it home. Anyway I could go on for a while. Even though Jeff and I have grown apart over the last couple of years I always kept up with Jeff and Cindy through friends. Jeff you are no longer with us, but I know God must have some big plans for you, why else would he call you home so soon. I'm sure you will be looking down to watch over your family and friends. Please know this I'm proud to have called you one of my friends. Cindy gather ALL your friends close for support we are all here for you. Ed Rasmussen / "the Jew Boy"
    All of us at Ukiah speedway and Lakeport send our respect to a fallen CHAMPION. FLYIN' FOSTER # 29 MOD.
  • Aunt Joyce and Uncle Dave, James and John
    I am having a very hard time putting all of my thoughts down in this message. I feel very lucky that I found out so much more about Jeff that I did not know. How giving he was, with so many people and so many friends loved him to the core. I hope someway Jeff knows how much so many people cared for him and we will miss him so very much. Cindy you are a very strong women and you were there for Jeff until his last breath. I feel alittle better knowing that Jeff will live on in somone through the organ donor program too. Even with his passing he still lives in someone. We who were there were actually blessed to be there and show Jeff how much we loved him to the very end. What a wonderful statement to his life and how much each and everyone of us loved him. I know that the angels came and got him took him home to heaven. I have also learned that you were a great father. Evertime I see Jesel I will always think of you. We have alwasy been proud of Jeffs racing and how well he did and how much he loved it. My heart also goes out to Jerry, my brother who is suffering so much right now, knowing he will not have Jeff in his life anymore. I hope as the days pass he will get stronger after his Cancer and treaments and his deep loss. Jeff will always be with you Jerry. Cindy we are here for you anytime you need us Ok. I wish I were with you right now to hug you again. Love you!
  • Frank, Michele & Annalissa Andreetta
    Dear Cindy and Jesel and all of your family- we extend to you our deepest sympathies. We are saddened at the loss of such a great person as Jeff. Jeff was a friend to Frank, one more life of so many he touched. You are all in our thoughts and prayers at St. Raymond's community church. Frank asked our Pastor to pray for Jeff as soon as he learned about the accident. Surely God welcomed him into the gates of heaven. His life is eternal now. He will be greatly missed by so many. Bless all of you, The Andreetta's.
  • Paula Petheram
    Cindy and Jesel. Chris, called and told me today about Jeff. I send you and your little son all my prayers.Come and stay at the ranch anytime for as long as you like.
  • Michael @ Vintage Racing 5
    It is so hard to beleave that it wasn't long ago he talked me into pulling the car out of the trailer to fix it and fight on. We did and finsihed well. I may not of known Jeff personaly, but at the track he was a great help and insperation. THIS REALY SUCKS. To Jeff's wife, child and to the crew that was always by his side. I PRAY for all of you. In Gods name may he REST in PEACE. Sincerely: Michael A Carver
  • The Dove's - Gary, Tyler & Debbie
    The Anthony Family, Cindy and Jesel. We are very sadden with Jeff's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Tyler and I had a lot of enjoyment watching Jeff race and getting to know his family and friends.
  • John and Tiffin Cisek
    You are our prayers. Words can't express my sorrow. I smile when I think of those old memories of all of us at BK. The old races down Patterson Pass. May God bless you and your son, Tiffin
  • Dirk Lorenz, on behalf of the entire Centerville Business Association
    On behalf of the entire business association here in Centerville, we send our deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers to Jeff's family. Our thanks go to Russ Martin for keeping us updated on this tragic accident. We are sincerely sadden by Jeff's loss.
  • The Girls at Sanida Lab Credit Union
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • Ryan & Jenny Wickstrom (Cindy's cousin)
    Just wanted you to know that we love you and are praying for you!!!
  • Carol and Bruce Puphal (Aunt Carol and Uncle Bruce)
    This is a hard message for me to write. Words just can’t express just how hard the loss of Jeff brings to this family. I am glad that we were in San Diego for part of the week. I debated whether to leave or not. I was so torn. Something made me think that Jeff would understand that I just had to be with my children and grandchildren. I just had to tell them how much I love them and that their love is so important to Bruce and I. I told everyone that I talked with, to look around their Thanksgiving table at those they love, and to tell them just how much you treasure every moment with them. Cindy, your strength during this last week was amazing. Your friends and family gave you great support, but I can’t even fathom how you held up. You are so lucky to have such special friends….those that were by your side constantly. I know that the days, weeks and months ahead will be so difficult for you and Jesel. I pray for your continued strength and support from us all. Many of you that have read this web site, sending your prayers and comments and have offered they help in any way they can. There is one thing we can all do and that is to contribute to the trust fund that has been set up for Cindy and Jesel. I hope you will all consider doing that. Your words and prayers have meant so much to all the family especially Cindy. Thank you all for sharing them with us. If you are able your contributions to the trust fund could be of great help also. Check for the Trust Fund info in this web site. I just want to say how proud I am of Jeff. It was truly amazing to see just how many friends Jeff has and how many lives he has touched. Jeff lived for the day, did what he wanted. He loved living on the edge, through the sports that he loved. That was his passion. Most of us are grieving for ourselves, since we know that we can’t be with Jeff again. But I am struggling to find a positive in this tragedy. I just have to think of something that I can learn, something that I can change in my life to make his loss make difference, just something. I have thought of a few. I will never, never forget to express to my husband, family and friends how very important they are to me and how much I treasure every moment that I have with them. I will try to be the best that I can be, so that I can have even 1/10th the friends Jeff had. I will get a donors card from DMV and fill it out immediately, so that if something were to happen to me, someone may live. I am so proud that others will live on due to his organ donation. You see Jeff is there for others even in his passing. He will live on in them. I/We will take care of doing our living trust very soon. Never take anything for granted. Live like today is your last day, and make every day count. I want to thank my sister, Joyce. The morning we lost Jeff, everyone there was able to see Jeff one last time. I couldn’t be there. Joyce, I am forever grateful to you for letting me speak to Jeff one last time. She held the phone to his ear so that I could say my goodbyes. She later told me, he moved while I was talking to him. Thank you. We are here for you Cindy is you need us. You will be missed Jeff!!
  • Kirsten
    My heart is in so much pain for you right now. I know that you experienced a love that many people live their whole lives and never find. I am so happy that you have been loved and have been able to love like that. I hope that you and Jessel will heal from this in the best way you can. I am here for you, as I know many other's are, in this time. I love you so much!
  • Ron Dameral & family
    We are so sorry for your and Jesel's loss. Our hearts go out to you and your family.
  • McKean Racing Family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. No one that young is suppose to die before their parents, we know what you are going through. Keep your faith and it will bring you through.
  • jerrod
    this f n sucks I never thought this would be so hard.all day I think about jeff ... cindy and Jesel then at night I dream about him .I cant seem to stay away from this web site. I love you jeff... with love your cousin Jerrod
  • Ryan
    jeff you will always be with us in our thoughts---anyone would be proud to say that knowing you made them a better person youll be missed but always in our prayers and in our hearts
  • Chris Middleton
    I still cannot believe this! I am so very sorry. Please, Please, let me know if there is anything I can do. I can take Ed and Mali if you need me to. Much love and prayers Chris
  • Jeff and Renee Engberson
    Cindy, Jesel & the Anthony family- We are so sorry to hear of Jeff's passing. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
  • Carlos Alicea (KFC)
    This morning I got the news of Jeff's passing, to tell you the truth it did not seam real. Along with the sadness came alot of fond memories. There are not many people in this world like Jeff and he will be greatly missed. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Cindy and family!
  • Bill Adams
    One night way back in the 80's my friends and I were hanging out at Burger King when we heard something coming. Someone said "what the hell is that?!". Back then, it was a white "CNTTCHTHIS" Chevelle that blew everyone away at Raymond Rd. We heard him coming before we ever saw him. We'd say "Here comes Can't Touch This! I wonder who's doors are going to get blown off tonight?". I never really hung out with Jeff much, but he always seemed like a great guy. Over the years, I'd see him blow people away at the Altamont and in SRL cars. Over the last year I talked to him when he came in to my coffee shop, and have really enjoyed watching him race. I was always proud to be able to say "I know that guy". After reading this, it sure sems as though there are a lot of people that feel the same way. My condolances to all of Jeff's family.
  • Roschelle
    I was wondering what happened jeff's website?
  • Kristina
    I have been thinking about my "Uncle Fruity". He is in a great place although we all miss him dearly. He was one of the people that put a smile on my face every time I saw him. He was a great guy but the thing that I love most is that he was a great uncle. My love is with him any where he is and my love is with the Anthony family. Love Kristina
  • Gary, Brad & Chris Walker
    We have know Jeff for about 15 years now and could not believe it when we heard the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Cindy, Jesel, the family and the crew. Jeff was a very focused and goal oriented person. He told it like it was, and could race anything with wheels. Jeff was an inspiration to all of us beacause he was proof that with hard work and determination you can accomplish anything. Jeff, always know we will keep you in thought whether we are pleasure riding or out there racing.
  • Doug Thomas
    Cindy, for a day I kept praying, "Wake up Jeff". And I know you did too. But then Jeff told me,"Don't worry about it Thomas, look where I'm at! I'm in first place, I already made it up here to Heaven, look where you're at!" I'll always remember Jeff & Jesel coming over to visit the chickens and Shasta, or Jeff coming over to see if I had some Ford parts or nuts & bolts that he could use on his toys. Cindy, you've been great to talk to on the phone, thanks for being so strong at such a difficult time. If you want me to come run Jeff's Ford tractor, call me. Jesel, you had a wonderful daddy, and when you get older, slow down, you don't have to go as fast as daddy did. Jeff, you went out in style, as I remember an old Frank Sinatra song, "I did it my way". It was great to read of you're organ donation's too. Thanks for being such a great friend and neighbor and person. May God Bless your wealth of family and friends.
  • Kolby Willmes
    Hey I'm really sorry for what happened...Everytime I think of the great times I had at the Altamont Raceway I cry because they were so fun getting to go to his trailer after the race.I'll never ever froget Jeff and how cool he was.I will do anything to help your family at my school!Jeff was a great person and I will always remember him!
  • Chris & Erika Beratlis
    Cindy, Jesel & family, we are so shocked & saddened by what happened. We just can't believe it. Jeff was one of those good ol' friends that was easy to get along with that would lend a hand whenever you needed it. The nights spent waiting in the Burger King parking lot waiting for a worthy race is still fresh in my mind. I remember when no new competition showed up, we'd just all race each other & then go to someones house to drink & have fun. Our thoughts are with your family Jeff.
  • Renee aka Nae & Angie's sister
    Cindy, Jesel, family, and friends...I just want to begin by saying I am SO very sorry for your loss!! I wasn't involved with Jeff's racing, a shop buddy, or as close to Jeff as many of you were, but I am thankful that I was fortunate to take care a very important part of Jeff's life...Jesel. Jeff would drop Jesel off on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the first thing Jeff would say to Jesel is "Tell Nae what you did this morning." Generally it was he road his quad. Jeff was so good with Jesel and such a proud Daddy. He would always make Jesel give him a kiss and hug before he left. It saddens my heart very much to know that Jesel won't be able to do that any more. Cindy...I know that you and Jesel have more support than anyone could ever imagine. Jeff has left a legacy that will last forever. Cindy you know I am here and will support you with anything! will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
  • Brian Kennedy (Auto Discount bud)
    Jeff now that you are in a better place I with always remember everything that you taught me. I know you will be watching over a lot of people and if they are doing anything wrong I know you will say "thats hella gay." Everything you were worrying about will be taken care of by your friends and family. I will always know that even though you gave me a hard time you were the best boss I will ever have. AND I MEAN THAT!
  • Dave Daniel (aka Crazy Dave)
    My family and I are deeply shocked about the loss of a true competitor, comedian, and friend. Your dirty hands,long hair and abusive words of encouragement will always be treasured and never forgotten. Cindy, I know what you are going through, stay strong. If you ever need help my wife and I would not hesitate.
  • The Catons: Steve, Traci and Jake
    Cindy, we are so heartbroken for you and Jesel. I hope we can do something, anything, to lessen some of the pain you are feeling. Please know how proud (Steve especially) we are of Jeff's success on and off the track. Steve has been sharing his memories of camping, Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, and especially the annual 4th of July fireworks in Pleasanton when Jeff and Steve were kids getting in trouble. May God guide you through this especially hard time, may you see in Jesel everyday the reason to keep pushing through painful times, and PLEASE reach out to all or any of us whenever. Steve and I hope that Jesel and Jake get to make even half the memories that Jeff and Steve made together growing up. And, for whatever it is worth, we wholeheartedly support your decision to donate Jeff's organs so that other's may live. I can't think of a better way to honor and bring to life Jeff's passion for living life on the edge of his seat. All of our love and thoughts, Traci, Steve, and Jake Caton PS - A friend recommended this book as you help Jesel to understand what has happened: "What's Heaven?" by Maria Shriver
  • Carol Guardias
    I was so shocked and saddened to hear that Jeff is no longer here. I called the shop this morning to see if I could bring my car in and I was told what had happened.It took a while for me to understand what was being said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.Tears came and my heart ached. I do not know you Cindy or Jeff's family but my heart sincerely goes out to you, I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling. I am so sorry! Jeff had been my mechanic for the past 8 years. Jeff was a great guy, an honest guy, a man of integrity. I referred friends to him and always spoke of his honesty and let them know Jeff was not one of those mechanics that would "rip you off". It seems Jeff has a huge arena of friends and we all know about his love for racing. He lived his life to the fullest doing what he loved the most.
  • Strongone Family
    Cindy, Jesel and family. I was shocked to hear about the tragedy. I have known Jeff since the late 80's, hanging out late nights at Burger King and racing cars on Raymond Road, Baylands or any straight away. He always had a great attitude and a distinct persona like no other I've seen. I enjoyed when he would take me in his new modified ride (usually a car he bought from an old lady;) to do a few donuts or get sideways. As we matured we didn't see him as often but on occasion would watch him race at Altamont and he never changed...same old Jeff. When the crowd would occasionally "boo" him, I was proud to be his friend. Wasn't his fault the track was too dang small, he was born to race, and his slower competitors tightened their cheeks as Jeff approached them...."move out my way or else" and a few other colorful words. I loved his energy. His passion for racing and competitive spirit was one of a kind. Do this day my son remembers when Jeff let him sit in his car and take a picture. Jeff, you will always be remembered, spot in my heart and my prayers go to your family & friends. Godspeed. My son Angelo is watching me as I write this and here's his note: "You are a very nice man and you're a really cool race car driver. I will miss you a lot". Joe
  • Pete "Buck" Whiteland
    I am so sorry for your loss Cindy and Jesel. Jeff was a friend and a wonderful person and I will miss him terribly. I didn't see him very often, but have great memories of the times that I did. He was one of a kind.
  • Kirk and Robin Wilson
    The past ten years since I moved to Colorado, I haven't kept in touch with many of my old friends. A lot has changed in those years. When I heard the news of Jeff's accident, I was shocked. My thoughts have been about Jeff every day since. I have worried and hoped for the best, but that was not to be. One minute I was sad but the next, I was smiling thinking of all the great memories I have of Jeff. When I met Jeff, we were in the 7th grade, and even then Jeff's passion was motor sports. He was building cars long before he could even drive. If it had a motor, fast or slow (preferrably fast), he was into it. There are so many memories, dirt biking at Carnegie, house boating at Pedro, skiing at Bear Valley, our lunch time 4WD trips (sometimes we didn't make it back for our next class!), water skiing, tubing, jet skiing, camping, etc. JEFF LOVED LIFE! Jeff was the kind of friend you could always count on. If not for him, I probably never would have met, fallen in love with and married Robin. To Jeff's family, please accept our condolensces. Our thoughts are with you now and in the future. I know nothing can be said to ease your pain, but it would be far worse to never have know Jeff at all! The world is turning a little bit slower today.
  • noelle
    You were a great race car driver! My thoughts are with you Jeff Anthony family.
  • Bill & Marilyn Bauhofer
    We've known Jeff since he opened his business in Fremont, across the parking lot from our business (many years ago) and he took care of all our auto repair needs from fixing our business trucks to our personal cars to repairing our relatives cars....we always knew that if anybody could solve our problem, Jeff could. We always felt confident that he would give us an honest answer and be fair about it. We found out about the tragic end to Jeff's life today as we again went to see him on business. It was an enormous jolt to hear the news. We would ask him about how his son was doing when we saw him and immediately he perked up and the proud Dad in him showed up. We are deeply saddened by this news and we will remember him with fondness and may his son know forever how much his dad loved him. Bless you Cindy and Jesel.
  • Joey Zampa
    when the phone call came on sunday of Jeff's passing I think emotionally I had prepared for it. From the few words that were said after the phone call my five year old Logan who adored Jeff Anthony figured out that Jeff had gone to heaven. a whole new set of emotions hit as we tried to explain to him what had happened, Jeff touched so many peoples lives including my own in a way that you'll never now. For myself, my family, my team and one of his biggest fans Logan the races will never be the same. looking foward to pitting next to the 76 crew was a must for us next year will definetly have a big hole in it for us. Cindy, family and crew we are all here for you. You will be missed Jeff!
  • Shauntrell Seim Laura B's sister-n-law
    Cindy, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. May God bless you always.
  • Don Hay
    To Cindy, Jesel and the Anthony Family, after meeting Jeff for the first time approx 5 years ago I thought he was a character from the start, I liked his no BS attitude and competitive spirit. He lived life in the fast lane and all could see that he enjoyed his life to the fullest doing just that. A big part of my summers were going out to the track to watch him in action. I will deeply miss him and please accept my sincerest condolences on your loss.
  • Jerrod, Rhonda & Joshua Jess
    Dear Cindy, Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jesel and your families. I can’t even begin to express the sorrow that we feel for all of you. I wish there were a way to take away the pain of your loss. Unfortunately this is something that only time can diminish. I know that you will be strong and carry on the way that Jeff would want you to, especially for your beautiful son. I keep thinking of the last time that we saw you guys, it was at Jason’s birthday. I remember trying to talk you guys out of Mali…..but Jeff wasn’t having any part of that! :) I also remember Jeff playing with Jesel in the pool and how sweet he was with him. I made a comment to you about how adorable they were together and you said “He is definitely a Daddy’s boy”. You could see the love that they have for one another. That will be with Jesel for the rest of his life. Jeff is a part of who he is and he will forever live on in his heart. It was obvious that Jeff was a wonderful Daddy and that he loved you both very much. Jesel will grow up knowing that he had a wonderful father who loved him immensely. I know that Jeff and Kim both love you dearly and that they will help to keep Jeff’s memories alive for both you and Jesel. Our hearts break for them as well, for they have lost someone they love like family. I could hear the pain in Jeff’s voice each time that I talked to him during the last week. Our hearts break for each of you. May your memories continue to comfort you through this terrible time. Please let us know if there is anything that you need. We are only a phone call away.
  • Cheryl Springer
    Cindy...You and Jesel are in my prayers. You are an amazingly strong woman and I know that God is with you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or Jeff's family.
  • Mike Bolla AKA B.O.S & Angie Bolla AKA Big bootie mama
    Cindy,Jesel and familiy, we just wanted to say to you all how much fun Jeff Anthony was, we all have so many memories with him and that shop has so many stories.He was a BIG BROTHER to me and I would never have met my husband without him. Words can't say how much he is missed.Mike told me that he owe's 80% of who he has become and the things he has accomplished in his life TO Geoff. We truley loved him very much and always will!!!Cindy whatever you need whenever you need please call~Love B.O.S & BIG BOOTIE MAMA
  • Shawna & Mike Varney ( Vern)
    I just can not belive Jeff is gone. I have known Jeff for about 18 years. I met him around 1988 or so street racing in Livermore. We all hung out at Jeff's house on the weekends for BBQ and beer. Jeff, Steve Heck, Shawn Holifield, Doug Wobser, and many others started going to Fremont and Sears Point to the drags to run our cars. Those were great times. Jeff got into circle track racing and I stayed with drag racing, but I went to a lot of Jeff's races and loved it. But now he's gone. I will miss him so much. He was a lot of fun. I love all you guys. Cindy and Jesel, call on me if you ever need anything. Vern
  • Tim Stratmeyer, Family and Friends
    To the entire Anthony Family and Race Team. Jeff was a great guy and a hell of a competitor, there is no way that I can say the pain we feel is equal to yours, but it still hurts. Jeff has made it easier for me to ease the pain by leaving me with many fond memories of days on the race track. God Speed Jeff Anthony and we will keep your family and you in our prayers.It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep your whole life.
  • Barbara Fensler
    Although Steve sent out a message on our family’s behalf I felt that I must send my personal message to Jeff’s father Jerry, his Mother Peggy, Cindy and Jesel. To Jerry and Jeff’s Mother Peggy, As a parent I know of no greater blessing than to have a child, watch it grow and in your case grow into a great race car driver and most important a great human being, and I know of no greater tragedy than to lose a child. There are no words that anyone can say to make your pain go away, but please know that we are all blessed that we knew him and my thoughts are with you and I pray that you both can get through this rough road ahead. I hope knowing how much he was loved by all will ease some of the pain. Please know that we are here for you. Cindy and Jesel, Jeff’s memory will shine through Jesel. He is going to grow up knowing his father was a great person, and when he is old enough to read all these wonderful messages, watch all the video’s he will be so proud to have a dad as wonderful as Jeff. Please know that all my family is praying for your family and we are here if you need anything.
  • John Pierce
    My thoughts and prayers to Cindy and Jesel, Shirley called me last night as I was driving back from a race in Arizona.... That left me with 13 hours of driving and thinking about Jeff and how we became friends.. That boy could drive the wheels off that car and made most of us look like slugs... we will battle again d... head! Jeff was a great guy. Anyone that knew him close can relate how he'd help you out in a pinch. We reclipped my car in two nights... He'd always burn the midnight oil for another driver who wanted to be racing the following Saturday. He was also a walking enclopedia when it came to fixing any car that drove into that shop... I could go on forever... I'm gonna miss him..
  • Hooter Momma (aka Laura B)
    I have nothing much or new to type because everyone else has said all I could ever think to say. Jeff - you were so loved. I want to thank you "Fruity" for giving me my own special nick-name. Ill never forget how special I felt when you would say those two words. Hooker and Jesel - I love you! CHIN UP, HOOTERS OUT!
    We are truly sorry to hear about Jeff, our thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends.
  • Don Castro
    Although I met Jeff once, I could tell from the gleam in his eye and his firm handshake that he possessed a real zeal for life. I could sense his proud and honorable stature while surrounded by you and Jesel. These were his gifts to you and Jesel. Be proud of them and remember him well.
  • Rich & Linda Struhm
    Jeff took that final checkered flag in first place yesterday. It is such a tragic loss. It seems that when a star shines as bright as his, they often burn out before their time.Jeff touched so many, many lives...a fierce competitor, but would give you the shirt off his back if you needed help.Jeff really lived life to the fullest and accomplished a lot in the short time he was with us.God speed and our thoughts and prayers are with Cindy and Jesel, and the whole #76 family, because they truly are a big family.
  • Cindy
    Jeff, Kim, Peggy (Jeff's mom), Dorothy, Scott (Jeff's brother) and I made the long drive home last night. I didn’t want to be in San Diego anymore and yet I wasn’t ready for home either. The long drive was soothing, almost theraputic. Throughout the drive I wondered what was on this site. I cannot tell you how much it is helping me cope with his passing. A whole new set of emotions have hit since I walked through our bedroom door and the doors of the house we were going to share together. His friends, well our friends, have been so wonderful. As I sat in the hospital this week I thought about what Jesel and I were going to do without him. In my heart I knew he wasn’t coming home with me. Jeff was not much of a forward thinker except for maybe thinking about the next toy he was going to get or how he was going to make the barn work or what we were going to do next year for the racing season or what silly thing he was going to teach Jesel to say next so it’s been scary thinking about Jesel and our future. I still cannot believe the outpouring of help you all have given. His Fremont shop was a scary thing for me. The thought of stepping into it without him brings fresh tears and makes me sick to my stomach. Thank you for seeing that it was taken care of. I woke up early this morning (sleeping and eating are forced right now) and walked over to the house and barn. Another set of tears came. I walked in and thought to myself that I better call him and tell him what the guys have done and where they were putting everything… After 13 years of being with him I know it will take time for them to stop…. Thank you again for your love and support. Your e-mails, calls, text messages and hugs have meant the world to me. I treasure these postings and will one day read them to Jesel so he knows how many people his father touched in the short 36 years he was here.
  • Denise Gonsalves
    I am so sorry Cindy! My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jesel and all your family members. You are in my thoughts heavily right now, my heart goes out to you. You are a very strong positive person. Please let me know if you need anything at all.
  • Diane Curtice
    I am shocked & saddened by Jeff's passing. I was not part of his racing world nor was my husband but Jeff took care of our auto repair needs. My 83 year old mother has a 72 Chevy Blazer that Jeff took care of for us. My Mom always insisted on paying her way and she lives on a fixed income. So Jeff would make up a phony receipt for us to show her that was always much less than the actual cost (which in itself was always more fair). We would pay him and then she would pay us back the lessor amount based on his dummy receipt so it wouldn't hurt her pocket book so much. He got a big kick out of doing that to help her out without her knowing. He was quite a guy. I lost my husband a little over two years ago and miss him terribly. But, time eases the pain and the wonderful memories get us through the rough spots. My prayers are with his family and friends in this time of need. May God bless you all.
  • Shirley R. ( Hillbillyraceteam )
    I am sorry to hear about Jeff. My thoughts & prayers are with Jeff,Cindy and Jessel.
  • Herman Prock
    To Cindy and Jesel and Family My heart goes out to you all. I have had some great times at the race and Mike Davids race shop with Jeff and his crew. The nights we would just talk and eat taco bell. I have stayed in close touch with peewee and he keeped me informed with what was taking place. Cindy if there is anything that you or Jesel need I am more than happy to do it. Peewee knows how to contact me if you need my help with anything feel free to ask for it.
  • Travis Ables & Family
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Jeff's family and close friends at this time of sorrow. God Bless!
  • Jason Fensler
    I am at a loss of words hearing the news of Jeff's passing. Jeff was a one of a kind guy that everyone enjoyed being around, and would always have that grin on his face. Jeff was a fierce compeditor, but at the sametime always raced you with respect. Not only does this show you how close the entire racing community is, but how much Jeff touched all of our lives in one way or another. Cindy & Jesel, The entire racing community is here for the two of you during this difficult time. We will keep you and the entire Anthony family in our thoughts and prayers. Jeff, you made this difficult on us buddy, but I know I look forward to the day that we will race against each other again. I am so glad I had the chance to race against Jeff Anthony, A TRUE CHAMPION!
  • Tafoya Family - Richard & Tammy
    Richard has known Jeff for many years. I remember meeting Jeff probably in 1990 or so. He was always a character. May God give you peace during this difficult time. God Bless, Tammy. Houston TX. ( Richard (713) 417-5664
  • Josh Smith
    May god be with Cindy, Jesel, and all Jeff's family and friends in there time of need. My heart is heavy at the loss of an amazing person, and a true legend!!!! God Speed Jeff.... It is amazing to see just how many lifes Jeff has touched in his short amount of time here.... Jeff you will never be forgotten, and I know you will live on in Jesel..... Thank you so much for just being the person that you were.... R.I.P. Jeff and God Speed
  • Alex Krell
    Cindy, my heart goes out to you and Jesel. If there is anything you need don't hesitate to let me know. Meanwhile, I'll pray for you and will follow BAD's lead on extending a hand. Your friend from Reno. AKA
  • Angela Asborno
    As I thought about Jeff again and how my first and foremost thought was for Cindy and Jesel to lose their love of their life and how hard this must be for her and her son, I was unaware at just how many people Jeff has touched throughout the way. I guess we all are somewhat unaware until something like this happens. I wanted to say to Doug, Sean and Steve, my 3 reasons for knowing Jeff, that even though distance and "life" sometimes makes us loose touch with people we care about never has meant that I do not hold a very special place in my heart for all of you and your families. I will be thinking of each of you as you go through this and may you find comfort in your friends and memories of Jeff.
  • Lisa Mergen
    Cindy and Jesel, I never had the opportunity to meet Jeff personally, but the way you spoke of him was with love and pride. I've tried to wrap my brain around what has happened and imagine what you must be going through, but I am so saddened by the news, that my imagination has ceased. Whatever you need my friend, please don't hesitate to ask for. We are all here with the love and support you so richly deserve. My heart and my hands go out to you.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family at this sad time gods arms are open for you all.
  • Loopy Sr (Rob Pierce)
    I very sorry to here about Jeff. He was one of the best I new. I'll never forget him and all the fun we have had race cars ,go kart and anything with wheels. I'll pray for the family to be strong.
  • justin
    cindy,it didnt hit me till last night,there was that saleen in jeffs shop wich seemed like a couple years...i remember seeing it on the rack a month ago and i was tellin jeff he shoulda charged rent for storage on that car..well yesterday he came and picked up the car,as i was leavin he ripped a nice 40 ft burnee smokin tires and almost clippin the trailer.he then burned out of the parking lot and was scratchin tires all the way down the street..we all smiled and said thats how jeff woulda test drove it too.Even though it was a ford,i know jeff wouldve been smilin. it was a fitting way to take the last car out of the discount was our barber shop..bald as i am i never go to one,but jeff was the link for all of us.i met a lot of cool people over the years at that shop.a lot of my friends became his friends.Every time i think of or see jesel i know jeff will be there with us.see you soon..
  • Mike Silva
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You will be deeply missed. Thank you for everything.
  • Jim Cook
    No words can say how shocked I was as I learned of this horrible accident today. Being part of the SRL family for the last three years there was always one constant, that was Jeff Anthony. From the first time I met Jeff I could tell he was a special person, not just a racer. He always conducted himself as a true professional. No matter the circumstances Jeff always could find a reason to smile or at least give us that Anthony smirk. The SRL family has endeared a tragic loss, but nothing that be can compared to that of his family. I offer my deepest sympathies to the Anthony family as my families prayers are with you.
  • Dianne Santos
    Like Sean said, I'm sitting here staring at the computer screen wondering what to say. I'm back at work today for the first day since last Monday when I got the call from Cindy at 2am. I can't focus, I just keep thinking about the last time I was with Jeff and Cindy at their house. John Bannert was there, we were all hanging out while Jeff worked on putting the vents on the outside of the house. The kids were all riding the quads and John was hassling Jeff and Cindy about the big M word, a conversation that comes up every now and then. Jeff was like the brother I never had. I've known him as long as Cindy, I was with them on their very first date at the drive in movies. He took his shoes off and fell asleep! I kept wondering to myself 'what are you thinking Cindy?', but over the years I grew to know and love him. He could be brash on the outside, but he had one of the biggest hearts I know of and would do anything for anyone without ever expecting anything in return. Just like everyone else, I am truly devastated by this loss. The amount of support we received both on these racing websites and the people who visited in the hospital was incredible, more than anyone could ever imagine. Cindy and Jesel will be well taken care of and there's not going to be a day that goes by where Jeff's memory isn't shown in some way, by someone. Jesel will always know who his daddy was and will live out his memory with how much of his daddy he has within him. Jeff, I love you and will always love you for who you were in my life and the uncle you were for my girls. They love you and will miss all the fun things you taught them. I won't say goodbye as I'm sure I'll see you again sometime. Your picture is up in front of me on my cube wall and will never come down. See you later!!!
  • Jim Zoehrer & Lesley Cooke @ Tru-Line
    To Cindy, Jesel, & Team; Our sincerest condolences to you and your team on your loss of Jeff. We have found memeories of watching Jeff at Altamont in the Late Model series and always hoped to see him move up to the SWT. He was a great racer and even better with the fans in the stands. Jim & Lesley @ Tru-Line
  • John, Joanne Shayla & Morgan
    Even though I knew to expect the call sometime Sunday, when John finally did get it, it still tore me apart. It's so hard to realize that I'm not going to look out my window & see him bangin' away on that house of theirs, or riding the quad with Jesel and my girls. Sunday afternoon was amazing - all of his buddies that are pulling together to close up his shop brought out 2 huge enclosed car trailers full of parts, tools, cars, etc, & there was a whole other group planning on how to finish the "ANCHOR" house. It did my heart some good to see all of them out there, pulling together in their time of grief. I know the decision to let him move on to the final race was so very difficult, but he wouldn't have wanted it any other way. The next time I hear thunder during a storm, I'll know it's Jeff, screamin' around turn 4, getting ready to take the flag! Our deepest regards and prayers go out to Cindy & Jesel, and to the entire Anthony & VanHook families. Race on, dear Jeff! We love you!
  • Gilbert Contreras
    Anytime a Racer leaves us , a void is left behind. I did not know Jeff , but the Families pain is felt by all in this great diverse motorsport community. GODSPEED JEFF!!!
  • Karen & Don Arnpriester
    I am so sorry to hear about the tough decision Cindy has faced and the loss of Jeff in their lives. It is so difficult to accept the loss of family that is ill, let alone such a devastating accident. Cindy has always appeared to be a strong woman and I hope that her strength will get her through this until time can soften the blow. Wish I could give you guys a hug!
  • Clayton Mason (#38 srl crew)
    To Cindy,Jesel and the family and crew of Jeff may god be with you during this time of mourning he will be truly missed both on and off the track
  • Anthony "joanser" Herrington
    Cindy, Jesel, Pops, Mom and family I pray the great memories, all the love, and support for you, help you through this time, a time to celebrate Jeff's life. His friends, family and memories are helping me. I was fortunate to be a friend. He was an inspiration, and an example. I have so many great memories with him. High School, Moms house, Baylands, The shop, Wheelin', Racing, sking, Camping, and of course the bars. Every time I look back he was a part of the good times! I'm truely amazed at how many lives he touched and how he shared his passion of motorsports with those who were seasoned, beginers, and competitors. I will continue to spice up my life Jeff Anthony style. I will lay posi through third gear, shred up some mud, drift an on ramp in the rain, park on an island, spin donuts, be a complete smart ass at times, and most of all surround myself with great people as he did. I dont think Jesel will need much guidence he's a natural like his father.
  • Sean Holifield
    Jeff, I'm sitting here staring at the computer wanting to write something about how you affected my life, but I can't put all of my feelings for you in words. But I know that you are with me and know what I'm trying to say. They say that all things happen for a reason but I don't think I will ever know the reason you had to leave my life so soon. I promised you on Saturday that I would help take care of Cindy and Jesel and that I would let Jesel know how much you meant to all of us and how much you loved him and his mommy. You have and always will be in my thoughts. Love your friend Sean.
  • Robin
    Cindy and Jesel, I was so saddened to hear of the news. My prayer for you is that you are able to be strong through this. It looks like Jeff left you with much support through the friends that you and he made through your life together. Please do not hesitate to call if there is anything I can do to help. Love you, Robin
  • cyle
    jeff.... what can i say man, you were ther for me and my brother every time we needed help with are car, i would always call and bug you at work and see what up and you put up with it, if it was not for you i would not know what i do now about car and motors, you have tought me alot and i thank you for that, we also had alot of good times together, i still remember that 4 of july that we put all of the bottle rockets and a tube and got a tourch and lit them off and one shot by and almost hit matt pizzato in the head. i just wanted to let you know you have really touched my life and other and i will never forget you, i will always represent you with you name and number on the back of my car. there is one more thing i have to say your son is going to be one bad ass kid!!! R.I.P jeff you are loved by the coatney family!!
  • Mike McNally, Bakersfield Ca.
    Cindy, Jesel and Family, im so sorry for your loss. Jeff was a great guy! He was always there for me and my brother when we needed help with our dirtbikes. I will never forget the good times we all had a at Altamont and Mesa Marin raceways. Jeff we will miss you alot, may you rest in peace. Thanks for your friendship. My prayers goes out to the Anthony family.
  • amanda and austin
    jeff was a great friend to my daddy. he knew him for 26 years. jeff, he really misses you.
  • Dick and Donna Dusenbury
    Our prayers and thoughts for the family of JEFF. He will be missed by us.
  • Bill and Colleen
    I have read all these postings and think how wonderful that you touched so many lives. What a tribute to you as a person. But then you always were special. I loved Cindy's ending to her posting this morning-Drive it like you stole it!-I read a great book that had a quote in it the said "It was a great Run", what more can anyone ask. Thank you for being part of our lives.
  • Dave, Diane, Brittany & Tyler Abbley
    To Cindy, we have known you and Jeff for a very long time and he will be greatly missed. Like most people have said we have many great memories of him and the greatest gift he gave us is his friendship but most of all your son, Jesel. Please let your precious son be your strength to get through this most difficult time in your life. We've prayed all week for a miracle, but for some reason God needed him more. I think Dale Earnhardt Sr. needed some competition. He was our family, friend and favorite race car driver and he'll be missed dearly. You know by this past week that you have a great support group in all of your family and friends. It's amazing how many lives Jeff touched so deeply. We're all here to do whatever we can to help you now and always, so please take us up on it! To Jeff's parents, We're so sorry for your loss as well, but we have Jesel to watch grow up and become the great man his father was. Jeff....We love you and will miss you dearly! God Bless You, Love the Abbley's
  • Patrick Maxwell
    Jeff's probably racing like he stole it in that big race in the sky now!
  • Rick Albarran
    My heartfelt thoughts and praayers go out to all of Jeff's family and friends. Jeff is a true racer's racer. Race with the Angels now Jeff as you are all winners. And to HIM and the other that have put together graphic memorials...excellent work guys. I am sure Jeff is wrapping his arms around all of you. God Speed Jeff will always be a hero and a Champion....forever.
  • Jerrod,Jennifer,Alexis ,Amber
    where do I even start?This whole week has been an emotional roller coaster.Cindy and Jesel we all love you and you are family. I still can not believe this happen to Jeff.Jeff had so much going for him .we all know jeff really did touch alot of peoples hearts and to see that he has alot of REAL friends.that will be there forever.aunt peggy ,scott ,jerry we love you guys stay strong.cindy I really cant stop thinking of you guys. you watch JESEL will grow up to be just like his daddy.I look at this to jeff has just passed away and already he's helping somebody survive.ONE OF A KIND.We will miss you cuz but NEVER forget you!!!!!!!!!!!! with love your cousin Jerrod
  • Laurie Moilanen
    To Pops, the entire Anthony family, Cindy and Jesel I am truely sorry for your loss. Jeff was a great person who is going to be missed by everyone he has touched. My heart is with all of you. I know I will cherish all of the memories that I have from the past 25 years of the family camping trips I was part of, watching Jeff race at Baylands way back when to the blast we all had at Jerry's retirement party. In my heart I feel as though I have lost a brother and I will miss him very much. Heaven now has a new angel. My love to all-Laurie
  • Brandon McNally
    To Cindy and Jesel, Whenever I needed help fixing something on my yz80 or just talking, Jeff was a good dude. I will never forget the fun time we all had on Curlew one 4th of July night and Jeff was really lighting up the sky with fireworks. Another time he was chasing me on his 50cc at Rancho school, after Chris and Cyle Coatney threw my shoes in the bushes. We were all laughing so much I couldn’t hardly run :) He always made me feel special and I miss him. He was a big brother to all the kids.
  • Michael Armienti &Family c/o Dublin Glass
    Cindy and Jesel,our prayers were with you guys all week, a miracle we were hoping for realizing all along Jeff's life was a miracle, I'll miss you Jeff, till we meet again...
  • John,Danika,Alyssa&Tyler Kirk
    The song say's "only the good die young". How did they know they would be writing that about someone so true as Jeff Anthony. The only problem with that is in Jeff's case it should be only the GREAT. Jeff was great with anything from a dirtbike to a racecar to a commuter car.But most of all in his own way he was one of the most giving people anyone will ever know.We all know he was a great friend and wonderful DAD. We will love and miss him forever.
  • Skip, Walla, Zach & Toby Lupton
    Cindy, we never got to meet Jeff, but he sounded like one heck of a guy. Please know that all of us have you and Jesel in our prayers.
  • Wendy~Laurie's friend
    To all of Jeff's family and friends. The world lost a special person, and gained a guardian angel. I am certain that Jeff will live on in all the memories that we all share, in his friends and family's love and in his son. My deepest sympathy goes out to all who new him. He will be missed.
  • Angela Asborno
    Cindy, I am so sorry to hear about Jeff. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care.
  • Dave Johnson
    Cindy, I wish I were closer and able to lend more support and help, but with all the lives Jeff touched I know that all of his friends will be there for you...I will do what I can for you from here...keep you and Jesel and the rest of the family in my prayers...
  • The Willmes Family
    Cindy and Jesel you're in our thoughts and in our hearts. We share your sadness and would love to do what we can to help. You have a great group of friends to support you. Jeff will always live on through our memories...our boys will always remember the races and what a great guy Jeff was. We Will Miss Him!!!
  • Frank and Sue (from Curlew)
    Cindy, Jesel and family, We are so sorry to hear of Jeff's passing.He was a great guy, always there when you needed him.He is with God now and is probably smiling down at all of us.It was a pleasure to watch him race, he was a natural.We will miss those windy nights at Altamont watching him WIN!! Godspeed.......
  • The Parkers-Phil,karen,Tori,Gabby &Jackie
    Dear Cindy and Jesel, We are so saddened by the passing of Jeff, as is everyone on Curlew Rd. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this terrible time of sorrow. If you ever need anything all you have to do is ask. Please take care, you are in our thoughts and prayers. your friends- the parkers
  • Carlos Dias
    Cindy this is truely a tragic event. I'm still in shock and can't believe Jeff is actually gone. Although we didn't hang out too often, we were friends and had a special bond. I know that Jeff had a certain respect for me and deep inside he really wanted to be a police officer. He always wanted to hear a cop story, the gorier the better. We talked about the fact that it wasn't too late for him to start a new career. I'd tell him, "Hey Fremont's giving a test". Jeff would tell me, "Well maybe I'll apply". I too had a deep respect for Jeff. I was amazed how talented a mechanic he was. Jeff could listen to an engine running or just have someone describe the problem and he knew exactly what was wrong. His talent on the racing track also amazed me. And so occasionally I'd stop by his shop, usually while on duty, and we'd catch up on things. We'd talk about cars, crime in Fremont, his racing, people we knew and of course our families. I'm really going to miss that....I'm really going to miss him. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and Jeff's family. I can only imagine the pain you are enduring right now. Cindy just remember that Jeff loved you and Jesel very much and he will be watching and protecting you both from the heaven's above. May God bless and give you strength.
  • kahuna motorsports
    we will miss you jeff thank you for all the memories
  • Laurie Harrison~Duncan
    I cannot express into words how heartbroken I am. I will treasure & cherish my memories of Jeff for a lifetime. He will always be in my heart. Cindy & Jesel, you both have received the greatest gift he left behind in this world and that is each other. May my life long friend rest in peace, you will be missed more than words can say.
  • dave fly
    i will miss you so much. gods speed.
  • Tommy Mason (the kid with the big yellow hat)
    well i never herd of this driver untill i attended the first ever SRL race at Mesa Marin. from that race alone Jeff stood out in my mind. there was something about either the car or the driver but what ever it was the whole package was there. when ever i think of the SRL series the bright yellow number 76 flying around turn 4 at Mesa is honestly what i imagine. i want to wish the Anthony family and friends the best.
  • Lori Lott
    To Jeff's parents - My heartfelt and most sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful son. I, too, lost a son 3 years ago in a motorcycle accident and it breaks my heart every time I hear of another parent that has to travel down this road. I know you don't know me, but sadly, we now have a connection that no one ever wants or expects to have, so if you ever need to talk, I am here to listen. Just remember that Jeff is ALWAYS with you, and his memory will continue to live on through stories shared and through the wonderful memories that he has left for you. I wish you peace in the days, weeks, and years ahead. Lori Lott (Joey's Mom) 925-376-5213
  • Performance Motorsports/Joe Nava
    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Anthony Family
  • Kristi
    My thoughts and prayers are with you Cindy, Jesel and the Anthony family during this hard time. God's Speed!!
  • Rachel & Nikki
    We're extremely sorry and our hearts and prayers are with your family and everyone else that had the chance to meet Jeff.
  • Anderson Racing#5
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • Scott Miller
    You will not be forgotten! May you rest in peace.
  • Dave Byrd
    I wanted to send my condolences to Jeffs family.I have always admired Jeff for the way he handled himself on and off the track and for the way he drove.I know that I will miss seeing him.
  • jake smith. (crew for #22SRL)
    all i can say is legends never die. they live in our hearts for ever! and jeff is and always will be a legend!
  • Doug, Jeanette, John and Vicki Brown, Curlew Rd.
    Cindy, Jesel and Anthony family, we are very sorry to hear about Jeff's passing. Our hearts go out to you. Our prayers are with you and Jesel and whole Anthony family. Cindy I also want you to know that I, "Jeanette" work in a Funeral Chapel here in Livermore and can help you with any questions or arrangements that you may want to make for Jeff. You can call me on 925-337 0873 at any time with any questions you may have even if you have already made tentative arrangements else where. Just want to help. Again we are so sorry. God Bless you.......The Browns, Curlew Rd.
  • Chris Angelo
    Image hosted by We Will Remember you Jeff.......
  • Karen Arnpriester
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss Cindy. You and Jessel are in my prayers. Time is the healer.
  • Kerry Herrington
    Cindy, I have to say Jeff is already screwing with people... Anthony got a speeding ticket on his way out to your house today.. He said Jeff would have rather had him pissed off about a ticket rather than feeling sad about him!! Thought you'd get a kick out of that!!
  • Stacy D.
    Cindy, Jesel and Anthony Family - I was a great fan of both Jeff and the racing team. I have since moved away and I am very saddend by the loss. I am friends with the Piper family and had been going to the races religiously for 2-3 yrs. Jeff was a great guy with a larger then life personality. He could make the best of any situation in life and on the track. God Bless all of you in this time of sadness. Know Jeff is in a better place, racing with all the best racers! He will be missed.
  • Katy and Shane Van Hook
    Cindy and Jesel we ae miles away but still thinking of you. We love you both very much. We keep thinking of our fond memories of Jeff like our trip to CA when Jeff drove the boat on the Delta. He sure knew how to have fun.
  • Scott and Sherry Wilcove
    We wanted to send our condolences to you and your son at this very difficult time. We never had the privilage of meeting your husband, but our grandaughter, Kristina Blum, always spoke fondly of her "Uncle Fruity" Are thoughts and prays are with you. God Bless You All.
  • The Curlew Road Gang
    How terribly sad! I know I speak for everyone on Curlew Road when I say we are deeply saddened by Jeff's passing. Cindy I hope you know that we are all here for you and Jesel and if there is anything we can do, just come on back to the neighborhood! Take care and God Bless you all. Barb Guinn
  • Stepanoff Family
    Cindy, Jesel, and Anthony family. Our hearts go out to you at this saddened time. Jeff was a great person. I'll miss his smart ass nicknames for me. Wish I could have punched him one last time. Even in death, Jeff is doing what he did best. Helping others! I hope you know how special you are and I will always remember you in my heart. Cindy, if you need anything, please call. Love Alex,Deana,Karlee,Angelique,and Faith
  • Jim @ Pam Garcia
    Our deepest simpathy to Cindy and jesel and all Jeff's family. Jeff will be missed greatly by all who knew him. Maybe we will see him race agian in some other place. For now we have fond memories. God Bless.
  • Chandler Family DENTPRO AUTOBOBY
    May God bless the Anthony family
  • J. Dirks (Falvey's K. "Mom"
    Cindy, Jesel & Jeff's family. I am so deeply saddened to hear of Jeff's Passing and my Deepest Sympathy is with you all. I have prayed for a miracle for Jeff to pull through this and that he would soon be home with you and Jesel soon. Now that the time has come for Jeff to rest in peace in Heaven, I ask that God give you & your families the STRENGTH to know your decision was right & to be with you & guide you through this very difficult time. I would also like to Thank Jeff's father and everyone who praised Kevin for saving Jeff's life and being with him at the scene of the accident. Kevin's dream to become a Paramedic someday will be greatly impacted by this tragic event & give him the strength to succesfully complete his dream. Kevin in June of this year was Nationally Certified as an EMT, and we are very proud of what he did for his dear friend Jeff Anthony. May God Bless You and comfort you every minute of the day. Jeff Anthony will live on Forever in our Hearts.
  • Tim & Dalene Harrison
    Cindy, Jessl and family we are so sorry for your loss and Jeff will be missed so much. Even thought we are so far away if we can do anything for you & Jesel all you have to do is call and we will be there for you both. We have so many memories and will never forget the times we had with you guys. Love you both
  • Tami
    Cindy I am so sorry for your loss. Jeff will be deeply missed by many. He has many good friends and they have really shown how good by being there for you through these hard times. When Alex called me and first gave me the news a week ago I went into shock. You never realize how close to home things can hit. Jeff was a Great person and I was very impressed by why he had accomplished over the years. His son will be very proud to say Jeff Anthony was my dad. I have not stopped thinking of you and jeff this week. My thoughts and prayers remain with you.
  • allan schaffer aka scabby
    i have known jeff for many years, he was a good friend and a great person. my heart goes out to you cindy and jesel and i love you both. jeff, god bless you , i will miss you . love allan
  • Jim Dutra and Family
    Our deepest sympathy to Cindy, Jessel and the entire Anthony Family. We have known Jeff since he took over the shop in Fremont. His passing will leave a big hole in our hearts and a big void in our lives. Although Jeff is gone from this Earth, his memories will live on forever. Jeff, until we meet again........
  • Mike Marchant
    I'am so sorry to here of your loss. He was one of the first Racers to catch my eye very talented in many ways. His name and memory will always live on. God Bless
  • Pete Holko
    Though we are all saddened by our loss we can take comfort in knowing that you are in a beautiful place and that heaven just became better.
  • Sonny Bachman
    Cindy, Sorry it's been a while since we've seen eachother. I love and miss you and jeff I've been praying for you and jesel I'm going to miss jeff Lord Bless see you soon
  • Carl Christian, Jess M/S #51
    Cindy and Jesel, I am very saddened to hear that Jeff has passed on. I am very sorry for the pain that everybody is suffering, but also happy to see the outpouring of support from family, friends, teammates, and fans for Jeff to recover. It really shows how great of a guy he is, and always will be in our hearts and memories. God has invited Jeff Anthony to race in the "big show" at the Pearly Gates Superspeedway with the other greats, and legends of racing. May he never be forgotten in our hearts and memories.
  • Kristina
    My prayers are with you the whole way. My love is with Cindy and Jessel. Love Kristina
  • Fordie & Dot
    Peggy, Scott, Cindy & Jesel & Family Fordie & I are heartbroken for your loss ~~ we wish we could say or do something to comfort you ~~ We love you and are here for you.
  • Barry,chris,keelei (rear end shops)
    cindy,jesel,pops and the entire anthony family.i'm proud to say that jeff was a good friend that will be missed forever
  • Becky Peteren
    My heart is greatly saddened by the loss of my friend. Jeff was a major part of our SRL family and I will keep that spirit alive in the seasons to come. To all of my Gentleman on the 76 crew....and Pops....I love you guys, I know how difficult this must be for you as it is for all of your families and friends. Cindy...your a doll! You have always givin your support and love and now we can show ours to you, Jesel and the rest of the family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. God bless you and give you strenghth. You are in my thoughts and prayers
  • Tim, Allison, Miranda, & Morgan
    We are so very, very sorry! Jeff was one of a kind. To his family, we want you to know we pray for you everynight and know that Jeff is Heaven looking down on you! He will always be in our hearts!
  • Cathy Gobel
    Cindy, I am so amazed at your strength and I am so glad that Justin and I were able to spend time with You, Jeff, Aunt Peggy and Scott yesterday. I kept waiting for Jeff to just wake up and yell at me for not taking better care of my breaks or give me shit for my tattoos like he did when we saw you both at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. You are such an amazing person and I take comfort in knowing that even though Jeff is not here with us physically, his spirit will forever be in our hearts. We have to be strong for Jesel and remind him everyday that his Daddy is an inspiration to us all. I love you all very much, Cathy
  • Vickie Ortega (Alex's Sister)
    Cindy & Jeff's Family, I am so sorry to hear what has happened. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May he rest in peace.
  • mark
    To the whole Jeff Anthony family.I am proud to say I am and always we be a friend of jeffs. I will never forget him and all the good times I have shared with him and his family and friends. We will do everthing possable to take care of Cindy and Jessel. We will allwas remind Jessel of what a great father he has. my love goes out to all of you. Love Mark
  • Sherry Helms "Boma"
    We all prayed for a miracle, unfortunately it didn't happen. Cindy, Peggy and the entire family please know that Eric, Matt (of course Shannon) and I extend our sincerest thoughts your way during this sad time. Know that the right choice was made and cherish those happy memories of Jeff. It's too damn bad that tears couldn't have helped him, I know there have been so many shed this week by so many people who knew him.
  • Holifield Family
    Words cannot express the sadness and sorrow we are feeling for the loss of our friend. There are so many memories we have of Jeff. Cindy, we are always here for you and Jesel. Jesel, we are so saddened by loss of your daddy. He touched so many lives and we wish he could have been here longer to see you grow up. Sean is going to able to share with you so many great memories of your daddy from when they were in grade school through now. We love you and let us know if you need anything.
  • Anthony Jr
    You were a cool guy.I hope to see you again one day. Now you can race with wings on.
  • Amanda Howard
    Cindy, Jesel, And Jeff's Family, You have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. I am So Sorry For Your Tragic Loss. JEFF'S Memories Will Live On Forever! Cindy, I'm More Than Willing To Watch JESEL ANYTIME, or help with anything you need! Once again i am so sorry! ~*Amanda Howard*~ (Mike Clarke's Girlfriend)
  • Charles and Roschelle Rettig
    From the day we found out about the accident we we were in shock and can't believe that this happened to him, we kept praying for Jeff and his family. We are so sorry that this happened but glad that he left in peace. GOD wants JEFF to be with him this soon because he is such a good man. We will miss you JEFF. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Cindy and family!!!!!!!charles and roschelle
  • Stephanie Monahan
    May Jeff rest in peace and for God to give the entire Anthony family and team the support that they need. You are in our thoughts. GODSPEED
  • Steve and Ramona Silva / Steve's Bodyshop
    Dear Cindy, May Jesus comfort and strengthen you at this very difficult time. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. We will continue to pray for all of you.
  • Herrington Family
    Cindy ~ Its been a tearful morning for all of us i'm sure ~ Please tell Peggy & Pops we are thinking of them. I'm so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. I'm glad you have so many GREAT guys to count on that you know would do anything for you!! (Can you feel the LOVE) It's crazy how the whole gang comes together at a time like this. Give Jesel a hug for us. We love you!!!
  • DOUG 76 CREW
  • Husar family
    Cindy, Jsesel and the entire family: this news is crushing and we all send our wishes to everyone. Jeff was a good man, friend, son, companion and father. We will all miss him but carry his memories with us forever. 76 will always be in victory lane!
  • Jim Hilson (OT Project)
    I was very saddened to read of Jeff'passing this morning. I enjoyed following Jeff around the track with a video camera this past season. He was a true competitor. Although we don't know why, God has called him home. His work here on earth is finished. He won't suffer anymore. My prayers are with the family as you all go through this difficult time. May God show his love to you and give you peace at this difficult time.
  • Rick
    our thoughts are with you and your family. Sorry to hear about Jeffs passing, we know that he is in a better place and will always be remembered. Again our thougts are with you and your family. The Ericksons
  • Jeff & Cherie Roderick
    We are sorry to hear of Jeff's passing and he will be missed dearly. Lord, please keep Cindy, Jesel, Jeff's family and friends in your hands and help them through the days to come.
  • Bubba
    We will miss you Jeff, but we will keep you alive in are hearts and minds.
  • Bubba
    We will miss you Jeff, but we will keep you alive in are hearts and minds.
  • Steve Fensler & Family
    We are so lucky to have spent time with Jeff. I can't say good bye, I will only say Jeff I will see you later. God needed you for a reason we must accept. Cindy, Jesel, Jerry and the Anthony family, we will all be here for you.
  • Trisha Gobel; Cousin Jason And Kids
    CINDY- My thoughts have been with you from day one. I want to tell you how sorry I am for this tragic event that has happen. We want you to know that we love you guys and are here for you and Jesel! ANYthing that you need even the smallest thing we are there. Jason is right now helping with all of Jeff's friends and Jerrod with the shop, getting things taken care of for you. I will always remember just a month ago seeing Jeff and talking with him about your house and racing and Jesel and the incredible smile that was on his face while he was talking.( So changed from the frown I would get when I would take our car to him for repairs ) Jason and I have been so touched by the comments on this posting they have been so comforting to read during this difficult time. The kids have asked me everyday," How is Uncle Jeff?" I know he wasn't there uncle but that is what they thought of him as. We all send our love to you and the family around you right now. Jason is so grateful that he had the chance to see Jeff on Tuesday. I know Jeff's memory will live on forever through Jesel and the wonderful people you will have around you. YOU don't hesitate to ask us for anything you need. We live so close by. Once again, We love you!!!! Love, Trisha
  • Ed Coughenour -
    How sorry and deeply sad I am for the passing of Jeff Anthony this morning. I wanted so much to find some positive news about Jeff's condition this morning, news that unfortunately did not come. Jeff never left our thoughts and prayers over the past few days. God's Speed Jeff, you were a true champion. We pray that God will give His strength to the Anthony family and friends in this very difficult time.
  • Tracy Christian
    I would like to thank everyone for being with us at a time like this, Jeff- you have been a great brother I am going to miss you so much. Thank you for all the good times!! LOVE YA!
  • Ken and Carol Austen, and Laurie Hockin
    We were so shocked to hear of Jeff's terrible accident and subsequent death. We can't imagine how the family is coping with this tragedy. Our prayers are with Jeff's family and loved ones. We send our love.
  • marsha & Jerry (pops) Anthony
    No words can express what sorrow and pain we are all feeling but Jerry and I want to thank all the family and friends for your support, love and caring. There are so many of you, it is mind boggling. There is one happy note in all of this. Jeff was a very giving person to all of his friends in his life but now he is also generous in his death. We already know that he will be helping others with organ donation. There is already someone here in San Diego that is receiving his liver at this time. The person is a 35 yr old male. So Jeff lives on.... Again, thank you all , Love, Pops and Wicked Stepmother!
  • Rob, Jami and Dalton
    Jeff was one of DJs idols - I mean how cool is it to know a racecar driver? Jeffs spirit and love of life will live on through Jesel and his memory will be kept alive through all of his friends. We will always be there for you for whatever you may need.
  • justin and cathy
    i prayed that jeff wouldnt suffer,that he would come back to us fast or go home won the race cuz,you beat us to heaven.Im glad we were able to say goodbye left us behind, so as you look into that familiar rearview mirror,and see us grown men crying like babies,its ok we know your smiling (laughing)at us.i love you cuz,i will miss you forever!one more left turn to heaven.Cindy Peggy Jerry and Scott,i am so proud that he was my friend and my cousin.i love you all..
  • Tracie & Jody Miga
    How do you say good bye to someone like Jeff Anthony? I cant express how sad we are over this. Cindy & Jesel the rest of the farm back at the Jess house misses you and we will see you soon. "May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your field, And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
  • Jeff and Kim Jess
    In lieu of flowers (Jeff was allergic to them) and to honor his memory the family asks that you contribute to the trust fund for his loved ones that have been left behind, Jesel and Cindy, their dogs, Ed and Mali, their cat Simba and their step-dog Winston… Bank: Washington Mutual, Name: Jeff Anthony Trust Fund, Acct#: 01961516558, Address: 3100 Balfour Road, Suite A in Brentwood, CA 94513. Phone 925-240-8426 x 3. The funeral will be in Livermore and is tentatively set for Saturday, December 17th. The place is still to be determined. The information will be posted on various websites once the final arrangements have been made.
  • Cindy and Jesel
    When we came into the hospital Monday morning we were immediately told that Jeff’s situation was not looking good. I asked well what does that mean? The doctor explained that Jeff had severe brain injuries and that it was pointing towards a brain stem injury and people generally don’t recover from them. A short time later we met with another Neurologist that said we would have to make a decision. I again said what does that mean? The doctor answered that Jeff had all of the signs of a brain stem injury and that he was unlikely to wake up and if he did he would have severe brain damage and disabilities. He would not be the same person we knew if he were to wake up from this. The doctor said that the critical time for brain injuries is 24 to 48 hours. We’d do another CT scan and go from there. 48 hours came and went and the 2nd CT scan showed no improvements. The doctor told us the window for our choice was 5 to 7 days from the accident. Meaning, we needed to decide whether to let him go peacefully or have him incubated indefinitely in a nursing home. To ensure we made the right decision for Jeff we requested a 3rd CT scan to be performed Friday evening. Saturday morning we (Jeff’s family and friends) reviewed all three scans together and the doctor explained the minimal changes on them. As a team, we made the final decision. This morning at 10:31 AM Jeff Anthony peacefully left us. He went without pain and gave his close family and friends the time to say goodbye. His memory will live on his son Jesel and in true Jeff Anthony style, he left us doing what he loved and he Drove it Like he Stole it!
  • Pete and Laurie Whiteland
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel and Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You're a terrific person and we hope you pull through. With all our love, Pete, Laurie and Family
  • Joeylee, Glenn, Beth and Family
    Cindy, Jesel and Jeff our thoughts and prayers are with you. we're praying Jeff pulls through this. Fight hard Jeff we're rooting for you!
  • Deb
    Cindy, Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jesel and Jeff's family during this difficult time. We love you. d
  • George, Kimberly and Madalyn Warren
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel and family~ You are in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time. We send our love.
  • Brandon, Ali, Riley and Preston family
    Our Thoughts & prayers are with you. The world won't be balanced without you here, my brother. I call you my brother because, friends are the family we choose to have. Jeff, you were always like a brother to me. So fight hard to pull through. I love ya Man!
  • Dean Gray- offical @ altamont
    I started over 9 years ago at Altamont on the saftey crew and got to know Jeff,I worked my way into the old white tow truck,and got to know him even better,even after towing him off the track he would go up and tell me thanks for the help.He touched me a way he well never know.I was saden to hear the news but over come with a renewing of my faith in man(and racers) to see the outpouring of love and support for the family anf friends of Jeff,while I cant speak for the staff of Altamont raceway I know their prayers are with you Cindy and family at this time,anything we can do let us know
  • Charles and Roschelle Rettig
    We have been checking the computer everyhour since we last saw Jeff on Wednesday. Thank you Cindy for letting us see Jeff. Paige still wants him to WAKE UP. Like everyone else. We are praying for a miracle and haven't given up. with all of our love and prayers to the family, charles roschelle and paige
  • Tyler Andersen (Rettig Construction crew)
    Jeff I've known you for a year and a half since i've been working for Charles. Almost everytime we get off work we would come to your shop.You and Charles would crack jokes and talk smack to each other, which was the funniest thing i've ever seen.The first race i ever went to was yours and i didnt know if i was going to like it because i'd never been to a race.But when the race started it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. We saw you start in the very back and work your way towards the front and pull off the track three or four times and still ended finishing fourth. which i thought was amazing,Like i told you the following Monday it was one of funnest times i've ever had,Jeff you are one of the coolest and nicest people i have ever met and i'm going to miss stopping by the shop and seeing you and Charles bustin' each others balls. By the way to Jeff and family we only worked on your house for one day but whatever it takes to finish this home myself and everyone at Rettig Construction are to willing to donate all of our time and materials that are available to us to help your family complete the home that i know meant so much to you and your family.I am still praying for a miracle and want to see you race again. Tyler Andersen
  • Dave Johnson
    Jeff and Cindy...I may be miles away but have known you two for years, and I know jeffs strong will and desire to win....we are all there for you and you are in our prayers....
  • Diane Abbley
    Jeff....We've known you for so many years, And this weeks brought so many tears, You have so many friends indeed, Just look at these posts and continue to read, We pray that God takes care of you, No matter what he decides to do, You've touched so many peoples hearts, So much to say but where to start, We will continue to be there for you, And of course for Cindy and Jesel too, So Jeff my friend, Please don't give in, This is one race you have to win! We love you Jeff!
  • Tom and Pam Rhodes
    We are praying for a Christmas MIRACLE - hang in there, Jeff. Our best to the Anthony Family at this tragic time.
  • The Galloway Family
    Jeff, Cindy & Jesel - Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • Amber Rettig(charle's daughter)
    I know i've never met jeff or any of his family before, but I hear a lot of good things about him. My dad is one of his biggest fans! Ever since the accident my dad has been on this computer,looking at this web site 24/7. He's always talking about how Jeff is such a great guy and how much jeff has helped him out. My dad really respects Jeff and really loves him. I just wanted to say to the family that i am really sorry for what has happened and hope for the best. p.s-my dad is more than willing,and would love to help finish your house
  • Randy,Laurie,David and Amber Jahoda
    As i sit here in shock and disbeliefe i just wanted cindy, jesel all your friends and family and especially you jeff that we are praying for all of you and WILL see you at the track next season GOD BLESS!
  • Curtis,Kim,Jennifer and Nato Nagengast
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you in this hard time. I miss him calling me on the phone and calling me"dickhead and Cortez." Before we went to Wilseyville,Jeff picked up parts and left some really nice stickers on the back of the RV (if you know what I mean). We saw them while fueling up on our trip. And immediately called him at his shop,and let him know we were only giving him the #1 sign with a finger you could only imagine. I hope to see you Altamont racing next year. We've thought about you everyday this week. Cindy and Jesel we will help you in any way we can. Please call us-(925) 606-4257. Love, The Nagengast Family/Melrose
  • Lori Reed
    To Jeff's family and friends... while I do not know you, you all are in my prayers. What a tough time this must be for you all. Keep strong and don't give up!! Lori Reed-MRO Chaplain
  • Cindy and Jesel
    I've stepped away from Jeff's room for a few moments to see what else has been posted on the internet. He had another CT scan last night and the doctor went over it with us (family and friends that are here) this morning. I so want to tell everyone that there has been a change but I'm sad to say I have nothing new to tell. The phone calls and text messages are appreciated! I do not want them to stop. I need them. This is the hardest thing we have ever been through. Jesel is not here with me and it hurts but I talk to him often. He is with his Gigi and Pappy. His innocence makes me smile and keeps me strong. I have been playing tapes of him for his daddy and I have a voicemail from him that makes us all laugh every time we listen to it. So, we listen to it often. Again, I thank you all for the love and support you have shown us. Yesterday, the 76 crew flew in and Jeff and Kim have been here since the beginning. Last night we sat together in his room and laughed and cried with the stories we all brought with us. Becky McBride, thank you again for giving us a Thanksgiving dinner! It allowed us to relax for a bit and talk about Jeff and the many memories we have of him. There was lots of laughter and that is what he would want. Doug, the use of your condo was more than any of us could ask for. I feel better knowing our loved ones are staying together there while I spend my nights at the hospital with Jeff. I will be forever grateful for the generosity you have shown us. I know miracles happen everyday and I think the miracle here is the love and support that surrounds this man. He has touched so many lives and I know he will keep on touching them...
  • Jim, Lori, Mike and Brandon
    To Hard Charging Race 76; Jeff, our hearts are heavy with sadness as we heard the news. Our solemn prayers are for Gods grace and intervention. That you, Cindy and Jesel, family and friends are comforted during this difficult time. Looking at a cherished picture of love and happiness on a beatiful day at Mesa Marin as you embrace Cindy before a race, it gives us great hope. Love and Faith, they'll get you through ol'buddy when nothing else can. Your Friends, The McNally Family, Bakersfield Calif.
  • Laura Jacob
    Cindy ~My prayers are continuously with you..... I send all my love and want you to know how much I care about you and your precious family. I am here for anything you need... You have been in my thoughts everyday. Be strong.
  • Shannon
    Jeff- I just got home from spending the last five days with you, Cindy, and the rest of the family. I still can't believe something like this could happen to you. I never thought anything bad could ever happen to "Jeff Anthony." In my eyes, you have always been and will forever be invincible. I wish there was something I could do to change things. You have been the best "big brother" a girl could ask for. You have made such an impact in my life over the last ten years and that will carry with me forever. Like I told you this morning (and yes, I know you heard me) I love you very much. --Bones I want to thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts this week. Having been with the family, I have seen the way it has helped carry them through this difficult time.
  • rob
    I speak for all of OT Project. We would like to send positive thoughts to Jeff and family. I truly hope the miracle happens, and we wake up tomorrow to some good news.
  • Will Bakersfield Ca
  • Will Bakersfield Ca
  • Caitlin Husar
    C'mon Jeffy boy don't let us down! we know you are better than this, I wish I was back in Cali just so I could've seen everybody one last time!
  • Alex Stepanoff and Family
    Jeffery my Friend, Now is the time to fight for you and your beautiful family. My heart and prays are with you everyday. Cindy I am here for you if you need anything. Stay strong sweetheart.
  • Jeff Jess
    Thanks for all the wonderful support. There is still no change in Jeff today. Will update you again soon.
  • Todd E Mumma
    jeff, may god be with you and your family...lets Win this Race!!!!
  • Kerry Herrrington
    Cindy, Hope you are finding comfort in all the friends that your surronded by that love you. What a great feeling to know all of Jeff's friends hopped on a plane to be by his side.
  • Cletus and Jan Brown
    You've touched so many lives. Our prayers are with you. You've given so much hope and incouragement to so many. You've made it possible for Josh to look ahead. You mean so much to him. You'll always be in the hearts of many, no matter what. Keep fighting.
  • garyshafer
    get well soon,our prayers are with you..
  • Anthony Jr.
    I am gonna miss you trying to beat me up - If you wake up soon, I'll let YOU win!! I will wear my 76 hat for you today.
  • Rick
    we are thinking of you and hoping for the best. Our prayers and thoughts are for you and your family and friends. The Erickson Family
  • Wendy
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel, Peggy and Jerry: I just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts.
  • Bill and Colleen Holifield
    It is so hard to put into words how we feel right now. But please know that our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. I was reading all the entrys this afternoon and had to stop because my tears were blurring the screen. I remember so many times you coming into Monument Car Parts/Dublin and calling me "Mom" and even before that what good friends you and Sean were and still are.Please take care and know that so many people care so much about you and your family.
  • Kristen
    I haven't known Jeff that long but his smile and that sarcastic sense of humor make him instantly your friend. That's what he is- A FRIEND- a great friend. When I asked Mark what I could do for him he said, "Make Jeff better" I wish with all my heart that I could do that for all of you- his friends. With tears in my eyes and hope in my heart I am wishing for just that.
  • Mark & Barb Guinn
    Curlew Road is in shock!! We are all praying for you and hoping you will come home!! We are ALL here for you, Cindy and Jesel. Lots of love to you all!
  • Linda Barbara
    Cindy, Jeff and Jesel. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and want only the best for all of you. Be strong and keep the memories close to your heart during this sad sad time. Blessings to you all.
  • Morgan Bannert
    I really miss you, and hope I can see you soon! My goat, Mocha, misses you too! Love, Morgan
  • Shayla Bannert
    I hope you can come home soon! I miss you lots and I want to ride on the sand rail with you again! Love, Shayla
  • Paulla Martin & family
    We are praying for all of you! Cindy, Jeff and Jesel!
  • Brian K (Auto Discount rep.)
    I went down to the shop today to check on things, as Jeff had asked me to do. I found myself looking around and thinking that it was just not the same. There was no country music which Jeff accually got me like. He would always make-up new words about Rut within those songs. Rut he did it because he liked you not to make fun of you. Anyway, the shop is fine and ready for your move. Waiting for you to wake up so I can check out your new place. Get well buddy!
  • Jim @ Pam Garcia
    Our prayers go out to all jeff's family and extended racing family. I know Jeff is main event material, and has shown it consistantly. He will win this race just like he has shown us many times. Can't wait to see you at the track Jeff. God Bless.
  • Tami Wiker
    I am so sorry to hear the news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • Joanne
    I'm sitting here, tears pouring down my face reading all of these incredible posts from some pretty incredible people. Jeff, you, Cindy & Jesel have been in my thoughts several hundred times a day this week. I keep looking out my dining room window at your house, expecting to see you hammering away on some part of it, or standing around, burning daylight, talking to John! Cindy, I'm so, so sorry I can't be down there with you, but Shayla & Morgan are having a really hard time understanding all of this, so I needed to stay close to home with them, but I am SO GLAD John went down today (Friday 11/26) to see & talk to Jeff, and to lend his shoulder to you. I want to thank everyone who is pulling together to care for & support this family. Again, John's cell# is 925-250-8280 for those of you who can lend a hand, materials, etc. to their Byron house. Love you, Joanne
  • justin heck
    i hope you can get better. i want to see you race again. i hope my daddy is taking care of you today.
  • Chad Rowlands
    TO Cindy , Jesel and the family , my thoughts and hopes are with you always . Anything I can do , I'm here for you .
  • Paul Heally--Tracy Embroidery
    Jeff, Cindy, family and friends--You shall remain in our Thoughts, Prayers and Meditations. God Bless
  • Bob and Donna Rainey
    Your too tough to late this take you. Many of us believe you can make it. Cindy and Jessel our prayers are with you too as well as Jeff. Tell Jeff Bob is pulling for him
  • Husar Family
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel and Pops, all of the 76 fans in Wisconsin send our thoughts and prayers.
  • Doug, Jeanette, John and Vicki Brown and Scott Macias
    Jeff stay strong. We are praying for you and know you will win this one too. Our prayers are with you and your family.
  • The Kramer Family
    Jeff, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Don't give up, you are better then that !!
  • janet
    To All: Please note we have added a link on the left of RacingWest under “Community” for the Jeff Anthony Community Cares page. This will keep it easy to keep in touch with each other and to continue to leave your support.
  • Bill and Suzy Bivings
    Dear Cindy, Our thoughts are with you! We are thinking of you both, and if we can help with Jesel or anything else...let us know. All our love!
  • Fremont Cycle Salvage
    Jeff, You have always been a great friend of ours. You are in our hearts and our prayers. To the family, we wish you the best of luck and you will be in our hearts and prayers as well. Fight hard Jeff, the world is a better place WITH YOU! Wishing you the best of luck my friend!
  • Kristi (Falvey's "wife")
    Cindy and all the folks at the hospital - hang in there, stay positive and our thoughts are with you. I know it's been an emotional roller coaster and I can only hope that the lady in the spandex has continued walking by on a regular basis for a little stress release. Kevin's working on his impression of her-so WHEN Jeff comes out of this he can help with the visual. :) I always knew Jeff had an infectious personality and that people were drawn to him - but this show of support and encouragement that has been on display is just awesome and goes to prove just how great of a guy Jeff is. Thank you everyone who has shown their concern and support to Jeff, his family, his crew and his friends. Jeff, we all need you to come out of this. You've been too much to too many people and we're not done with you yet.
  • Kathleen and the rest of the USGS crew
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • karen, jeff, zoe, jorja, lisa, brian, steve, traci, and jake
    Jeff, Cindy and Jesel- Words cannot explain how devastated and heartbroken we all are. Thoughts of you consume us, the memories, the funny times, the hugs that lingered for days, your laugh…..we all wish that we could be there with you to help shoulder some of the pain and anguish….though we are not there physically, please know that our hearts are there, loving you, Cindy, and Jesel. Cindy, whatever you need, we are here for you…….Jeff, you are not only our cousin, you’re a friend, hero and one hell of a race car driver…… ALL OUR LOVE!!!
  • MSRacing team
    Jeff,Cindy and Jesel, we all have spent many hours together on and off the track and always enjoyed your race team family.we just wanted you all to know that we are praying for jeff daily and wanted to let you know what ever we can do for any of you please pick up the phone and let us help in any way possible .Our love and support goes out to you and your family and friends. God bless
  • Jerrod
    this support for my cousin is overwhelming thank you all sooo much. all of these post are very hard for me to read. but yet I think I check my computer every 15 minutes yesterday . cindy, jesel,aunt Peggy we love you,I know this is harder on you guys then anybody, I never thought this would happen to anybody in our family.Jeff is really one of a kind. thank you to every one that is supporting our family. I cry every time I open this site and knowing jeff he would probably bust my balls for that. come on cuz we love you,hang in there.cindy keep up the hope and stay strong for JEFF and JESEL.with love Jerrod
  • amanda
    cindy-i am glad my dad is going to be with you and jeff.
  • Jim Dutra
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hang tough. Cindy, if there is anything you need please do not hesitate to call.
  • Lynne&Eric and chrissy raineyracing
    It was 4 years ago this month when my dad was very ill he wasnt suppose to make it through the night hes living proof odds can be beaten and hope is there to hang onto never give up JEFF Cindy please notify the family if you need anything.
  • David Misco "Fan In Turn"
    All proffits from photos on billed through Paypal will be forwarded to the fund until February 1, 2006. Credit card donations via Paypal may also be made at
  • Carol (office chick)
    Jeff, you need to wake up, you never made it over to my office to see "the pictures" (he will know what I am talking about) and your faxes are starting to pile up. We love you. Come back to us soon. The pizza and beer are on Bill and me when you wake up. Cindy, we will get Smiroffs for you. When my daughter included you in her prayers at dinner last night my grandson Jordan, whom had only met you one time at Stockton asked why, and she explanied what had happened, he said "oh no not my #76", he remembered you because he had been pulling for you to win along with me, the same as I am pulling for you now. With all our thoughts and love, Carol & Jim.
  • Doug & whole Wobser family
    Jeffrey, Cindy, Jesel - Our thoughts have been with you every minute of this week. I just returned back from Glamis this evening, and finding the outpouring of support for Jeff and his family is more overwhelming than I could ever imagine. I know everyone's thoughts and prayers will make this difficult time a little easier. Jeffrey, your a very special person and a great friend. See you tomorrow, buddy!
  • joey zampa
    let me first say I still cant believe this is happening I catch myself looking at my phone at the computer hoping for a call or a post with some positve news. Jeff, Cindy your team have been a big part of our srl career we as a team have had so much fun racing with you and hanging out with your team at those long haul races bakersfield was always a blast with your bunch. I will always remember when we were away from the track you walking me thruogh your unfinished house showing me everything you had finished and were trying to get finished. You are a special person I am so lucky to have gotten to know you your family and friends. Logan wanted me to tell you to get better he sill has that piece of crashed orange bumper you gave him from a year ago he thinks you and your crew are the greatest. We think about you every minute of every day that has passed we still have hope!
  • Anthony & Kerry Herrington
    Cindy, We can not stop thinking about you and the pain you and your family must be feeling - You are in our prayers and in our hearts.Just know that we love you and we are here for you!!
  • Todd and Lanette Walbridge
    Jeff, Cindy and Jesel, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know.
  • Holifield family
    Cindy - you have been in our thoughts all day (and all week, too). We love you and stay strong! We are here for you. Sean will see you and Jeff tomorrow!!
  • Becky Mcbride
    To Jeff's family & friends, thank you for making my Thanksgiving really special today. Not knowing what to do in this sitution and watching so many people that I don't know, in pain is a tough deal. Jeff has made an impact on family, friends and friends not met yet. Thank's to Mike Mendenhall & Doug Catania for stepping up. Jeff made that relationship through racing and we have been able to do something this week so important, that will make this Thanksgiving a memory I'll never forget. During dinner their was bench racing, laughter and some smiles, tears too but that comes when there is so much love. So, from Karen & I, Thank You for letting us in your circle. Cindy and family you have our support. I'm praying for a miracle.
  • Charles, Roschelle and your little buddy and Fan Paige RETTIG
    We all love you very much. Life would not be the same without you. You've done more for me and my family than anyone could ever expect. You won't even take money from us when we try to force it on you. You're the most trustworthy person and honest man that we have evr met. And the thought of you not being at the shop is leaving a big hole in everones lives. You know we bust each other's balls all the time but the funniest thing was when we saw you last Friday little Paige was busting your balls too, you had the biggest laugh and smile that I have ever seen. You told her that she sure talks a lot for a 3 year old and she still continued to bust your balls, you laughed very hard and if things don't work out that's how we want to remember you. We are still praying for you and your family. with all love, the RETTIG Family
  • Katy and Shane Van Hook
    Cindy, Jeff, and Jesel..We are thinking of you all. Our thoughts are with you. Cindy, we will be there soon. We love you all very much and are very much saddend by the news but still have HOPE!!!!
  • Lalo Aguilar and Family
    Our prayers are with you and your family. We are there for you for what ever you may need during this difficult time.
  • mike mendenhall
    After spending three days at the hospital with Jeff's family and friends I still dont know what to say here. We had a Thanksgiving meal thanks to Becky McBride and Karen Whitt.It was great. Doug Catania has given his condo to the family for the week to get them out of hotel rooms and it is very close to the hospital. Steve Fensler also dropped by today. Jeff has alot of good friends here and sometimes it is very hard to see the pain, but all of these comments from the friends that cant be here mean alot to the family as well.
  • The Heck Family
    jeff,cindy,jessel, we are thinking of you and your family in this time of need. Jeff and the 76 crew have been a large part of my life for the last 8years. If there is anything i can do i will be there any time or place for your family
  • Falvey Family in Oregon
    Jeff and family, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep strong, keep fighting and keep tough. God is with you!
  • Jeff & Kim Jess- Jess Motorsports
    Jeff, Cindy & are family to us...words can't describe what we are in our thoughts and prayers....we hope for the best and...we love you very much!! We will be there for you...always!!!
  • Cindy
    I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your support. It means everything to us. I have printed these out and read them to him. The amount of support for my family is overwhelming. I wish that I had some really good news to share with you but unfortunately there isn't any. What keeps me going is the thought of our son and all of the people that are sending their love and support. There is comfort in the fact that he was doing something he loved to do when he wasn't racing...
  • The Hammerel Family ( Ken, Kim & Kelsey)
    Today is Thanksgiving, and not as easy as usual for me these past few days to come up w/ reasons to be grateful knowing all that Jeff, Cindy, family and friends are going through. I am grateful for the enormous outpouring of support and love they have received from loved ones, co-workers, racing communities, and well wishers. They can draw strenght from it, we're hoping.We're thinking of you all and praying for you everyday.
  • Brian Kennedy (Auto Discount bud)
    Jeff I am thinking of you all the time. I know you can get better because you always say, "if you mess with the bull you'll get the horns!" Cindy, family and 76 team I will help anyway I can. I can help take the reigns at the shop to get cars done and help clean up.
  • Sherry Helms
    Jeff, I've watched you many times come from behind on the racetrack and win. This time all we are asking is that you just stay in the race, hang in there, stay tough. Right now you have no idea how many people are rallying for you and just hoping you can pull through this. Jesel, Cindy, your mom & the rest of your family & huge circle of friends need you to give it all you have right now. As Art says - come on Jeffy Boy!!!
  • France Racing
    Jeff and Family, Everyone at France Racing is pulling for you. If there is anything we can do, please contact us at
  • Perreira Motorsports
    Jeff, Cindie and Jessel,you guys are in our constant prayers. Continue to fight Jeff. You are a fighter!!! Charlie and Katie
  • John,Danika,Alyssa& Tyler
    We know this is an extremely hard day for everyone. We are thankful for the years that you guys have been in our lives and for the many more we are praying to have with you. Just wanted to let you know our hearts, mind, and prayers are with you guys every minute of everyday. We love you.
  • scott shade
    C'mon Jeff, pull through man. Cindy and Jesel, Our family is praying for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
  • Tom & Donna
    Jeff, Cindy and Jesel you are in our prayers
  • Valerie White
    Jeff & family, My prayers for strength are with you. I remember you in high school with my son Kirk, it has been many years. You have accomplished much and have an amazingly wonderful circle of friends and family supporting you and offering their strength. Wanted you to know we are also praying for/with you.
  • Johnnie Ross
    Jeff you were one tough little guy when you were growing up.. You are a fighter and survivor. Hang in there.our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family...
  • judy happ
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I can remember when you were born, and the joy and happiness you have given everyone who knows you. Keep fighting!!!
  • jason, trish, tiff, chris, caitlin and travis
    jeff, keep fightin' cuz! i know you got it in you. if anyone could do it, its you. the amount of support i've seen is incredible. proving to me, just how special you are! i've met racing fans who don't know you personally, but i'll mention you, and their eyes light up and they say," man, i love that guy!" its crunch time, jeff, your time to shine. aunt peggy, cindy and jesel, anything you need, were all here for you.
    Cindy Jesel JEFF. I don't know how to say this. I have been frinds with you and your family for six years. I guess we have Angi and Dave to set that up. We have become great friends... Well you your family your dad Pop's and the rest of your friends that took me in like a part of you family.All of that has made us like brothers. I don't know how to say to you what I am thinking or feeling.Jeff I wish I could have been their but you and the rest of the clan knows why. I know this is the end of you and me but I want you to know that I will do everything that I can do that Jesel and Cindy have all that they need. Jeff I don't want you to go but I cant stop this. I love you and I will keep you in my heart forever. I want to thank all the support from all the people. Please keep Jeff in your heart forever. Cindy I will see you and Jeff on friday. I love you both you are my family.....
  • Misty Costa & Family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Cindy and Jesel, I am here for you if you need anything. Hang in there. Love, Misty & Family
  • Aida & John Kirk Sr
    We are so sorry to hear of your accident, we are praying for your recovery. Cindy We are also praying for you and Jeffs Mom andhope Jeff comes out of this tragety. If you need our help in anything at all let John Jr. and Danika Know, or call us direct 510-317-8216
  • Jerrod, Jennifer,alexis ,amber
    One thing jeff always told me. Do US both a favor dont try to fix your truck. (the stubborn, smartass,Gobel blood"that would just ream you if you gave him the chance least he did to me. if you went into his shop and he didnt tear you up you know he was in a bad mood. I can say that ive never been to his shop and not been ripped a new one. I just think he did that because I was family. every time that I needed jeff he was there.all of us that knew jeff before jesel was born. knows that jesel completely changed jeff.Pretty sure cindy whooped him into shape to.we all know that jeff is a fighter. we love you jeff. thanks to everybody that came out to san deigo to support. cindy we are all here to help you fight WITH jeff to get through this. we will be here for you every minute of the day any thing you need. with love, JERRod
  • Trust Fund Information -A Way to help..,
    Trust Fund Info The incredible folks within this racing circle of ours have set up a trust fund for Jeff, Cindy and Jesel. WHEN, not if, he comes home, they'll need all the help and support they can get. Any show of support will reach far beyond just a bank account! The information is as follows: Bank: Washington Mutual, Name: Jeff Anthony Trust Fund, Acct#: 01961516558, Address: 3100 Balfour Road, Suite A in Brentwood, CA 94513. Phone 925-240-8426 x 3. Thank you!
  • Carl Christian -Jess Motorsports #51
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel, and family, you are in everyones thoughts and prayers for a full and quick recovery. Jeff is very forunate to have so many friends, fans, supporters, extended family that are on his side in this tragic time. One thing that I will be thankful this Thanksgiving is the oppertunity to get to know, race against, and just hang out with Jeff Anthony. I know everyone at Jess M/S Team 51 are pulling for you Jeff and the whole JARacing family.
  • Bruno Zwinggi and Marina Wright
    Jeff, May our thoughts and prayers make you strong. All of us at are praying for you.
  • Scott Vargas
    You've always done what you absolutely love Jeff! Something we can all appreciate! I've known you for nearly 20 years and mourn the thought that you aren't on a racetrack at this very moment. I fondly remember street racing back in the 80's. You were awesome then and even more so now! You're a father, a friend, a racer and then some. I wish you and your family the very best. You're always in our thoughts. With much love and deep respect. Scott and family
  • Big Fred
    Jeff, I have only had the HONOR of knowing you a few short years. I have watch you at the track, kick butt and take no prisoners,I know in my HEART that you can make this pass and win the FIGHT! So my friend get up on that wheel, make that pass and come back to your family and Soooo many friends. All my PRAYERS and Thoughts are with you and Cindy, and that lil, man of yours Jesel.God is with you and yours Buddy! see ya soon.
  • Hansen family
    Jeff we are praying for you and your family.Win this battle jeff, gods speed.
  • Belletto Motorsports
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Gods speed.
  • Koski Motorsports
    We have been praying for Jeff, Cindy and Jesel ever since we heard the news. We hope Jeff can pull through this tough time and Cindy to be strong. You are such wonderful people and don't deserve to be put thru such trying times. Again we will keep praying for the best. Brian and Vicki Koski
  • Dave, Diane, Brittany and Tyler Abbley
    The Abbley family is praying for Jeff, we know he is a fighter and hope he can pull through this difficult time. To Cindy and Jeff's parents, please know that we are here for you and we hope you can stay strong. Please don't give up on him, you know how stubborn he can be, he's just testing us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and you know that you have a great group of friends hoping for the best. Come back to us Jeff!
  • jimpettitracing
    our thought and prayers are with you and your family jeff. you are a great competitor and great person . keep up the fight and never give up. it is always great to see your smile at the races. you alway stopped by to say hi.keep up the fight and you are always and will be in are prayers for a speedy recovery. from the entire jim pettit racing team.
  • justin and cathy
    Jeff is one of a kind. obvious to all that know him,his drive and determination has taken him a long way in his life.I know that he is a bad ass race car driver who has no fear.I know he is a superhero dad, and his son is his greatest pride.Iknow that he cares for and constantly helps friends and family at any moment.I know all of you help him to be what he is.But I know him best as my family,my cousin and my very good friend.I learned exactly how much he means to so many at the hospital on and friends came together in san diego to support Jeff Cindy and to you ,his racing family,we will be forever greatful for the support you have given to Jeff Cindy and Jesel in this sad time.Jeff hears your prayers ,so lets keep praying .Jeff is one in a million,miracles happen and faith and hope go a long way.thank you all for the love i feel you giving my cousin.plese keep Jeff cindy and Jesel in your prayers.
  • Foster Family
    It breaks our heart to hear something so horrible could happen to such an amazing guy like you. We pray every night for you and your family to stay strong and we have faith you will be back with all the people who care about you real soon!!! We just want you to know we think about you and your family everyday and pray for your recovery. Your strong...keep fighting!!!!
  • Jenn and Rick
    Jeff and Cindy, it's amazing how much love and support you have in your life, but I'm not surprised because you guys are special people. Our thoughts are with you, Jesel and your families. Keep fighting the good fight, don't give up.
  • Jim Rutherford
    Our thoughts and our prayers are with jeff and your family. We pray that you come back to all that you have touched. we know that you have the strenth to pull out of this jeff.Chris R or rut as you call him still needs you to teach him a thing or two. From the Rutherford family we are praying for your return.
  • mike mason and mason motorsports
    our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Anthony family
  • Laurie Harrison~Duncan
    JA, please fight with all that you have, stay with your family and friends. You, your family, and all of your many friends are in my thoughts & prayers. Give it all you got!
  • Acoustic Team
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff and his family.
  • whitfield family
    JEFF "MY HERO" --------------------------------- Our thoughts are with you Jeff, We are thinking of you all the time and want you to fight for everything you live for!! Our prayers are with you and your family! Love, WHITFIELD FAMILY
  • cyle
    when and what time are they moving the shop i know they have enough people but i really want to give back somthing to him sence he was always there for me with my car and just a really good friend
  • Jess Pools
    Hi everyone. I just got a call from the 76 team and they have been overwhelmed with love and support. They are all set on help with moving Jeffs shop. That is all taken care of. But please please continue to send your support, donations and help with their house project. Please contact me with anything. Thanks!
  • Alejandro
    My girlfriend informed me of what happened. I don't know you, but I am here in the San Diego area. Hang in there, brother. You got many more races to finish. God bless.
  • Debbie
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel, for your family, crew members & friends. I have been praying to GOD and asking the Angels to be by your side during this difficult time. My thoughts & prayers will continue to be with you, your family and friends.
  • Sean, Wendy, Amanda and Austin Holifield
    Jeff you are so tough and need to keep fighting! Your family needs you! Cindy I wish I could be there for you during this hard time. We are thinking about you and our thoughts are with you, Jeff and Jesel. We are here for you anytime you need us. We love you guys!!
  • Jess Pools
    Hi everyone. Jeff Jess just called and wanted me to post an update he knows everyone is waiting to hear. The out look is not looking as good as we had hoped. Jeff had another test today and there is no improvement. They will be making the difficult decision on Sunday which way this is going to go. Thanks again to all your calls and willing to help in anyway. We are looking at next weekend for his shop move. This weekend may be too early for everyone. I will post more as I hear it. Much love Tracie
    Since your accident we have been praying ..your a fighter Jeff and we not giving up on you. Christmas is a time for MIRACLE'S AND WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU. PEGGY, CINDY & JESEL KNOW THAT WE LOVE YOU AND WILL BE THERE A YOUR BECKON CALL. GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE,
  • Deborah Heden - Pulte
    Cindy - All your friends are pulling for Jeff and our thoughts are with you, & Jesel and the rest of your family. Your Pulte Family would like to talk to Your Racing family so we can take care of you, Jesel and Jeff so you have no worries. Racing Friends, let's work together to help Jeff and Cindy. Please contact John Bannert (925-250-8280) so we can combine our efforts and help them in this tough time. As their neighbor and good friend, he already knows what's happening on the house so he is our best resource. In addition, we have some other thoughts that we could use some car expertise, for that, could you contact me at our Pleasanton office?
  • John,Danika,Alyssa&Tyler Kirk
    If anyone is brave enough to fight this it's Jeff. We are praying constantly for his and your strengh. Cindy & family hold on to him and and be strong. Jeff loves you and Jesel way too much to give up.We are here for you and whatever you need. We love you guys lots.
  • Cyle Coatney and Family
    My thoughts a prayers are with you and your family i know you can pull through with this, there is nothing out there that can stop you!!! keep being a fighter and pull through. i want to thak you now and when you are better for every thing you have done for me. helping me with my car and just being a good buddy. i know i buged you at work all the time but you but up with me on the phone!!! Cindy if you read this it is the TWINS i would reALLY LIKE TO COME OUT AND HELP MOVE THIS SHOP it would mean alot to me to let me help him for once!!! my number is 925-525-9093 thanks COATNEY family!!!!
  • Janette, Jim, Chris, Greg & Alyssa Rutherford
    Dear Jeff, Since hearing the news of your accident, you come to my thoughts often and each and every time I offer a prayer for your recovery and for your family. Know that you are surrounded by love and that love will help you fight to come back to those who love you. May God speed and keep you in his loving arms, and help you come back to those who love you. Our love to you,
  • Michelle Puphal
    My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. I pray that god gives you the strength to pull through this. Cindy, it is harder said than done but stay strong and dont give up hope.
  • Jess Pools
    I just heard from Jeff Jess and the guys at Glamis who are organizing the shop move. It is going to take place next weekend. We will post the day and time and anyone who could come out and help move Jeff Anthonys work shop from Fremont to their new shop at home in Byron would be much appreciated!! Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and help!!!
  • Kirk and Robin Wilson
    Our thoughts are will you Jeff and family. Keep fighting. PS - Sean Holifield, if you read this please contact me. 303-469-8228
  • Tracie @ Jess Pools
    Let me say wow! What a great show of love and support for Jeff, Cindy, Jesel and their families! This shows you how much they are truly loved. When I got the call from Cindy at 3 in the morning I lost it. Jeff is like a super hero to so many, you would never think something like this would happen to him. He is more than a racer he is a wonderful friend and most of all daddy! Please continue to send your love and support! We also got the trust fund up and running so please please donate. Every little bit counts. Just imagine if everyone who read this sent $5.00. It would make a huge impact. With the Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas and then Jeffs birthday in January we all need to pull together to help him and his family out!! I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped get things out there. David (Fan in Turn 4) I will never forget what you did in all of this. I called you and you jumped into action. THANK YOU!!! I know there are people going to help with his shop please call me and give me your name and phone # if you can help and I will pass it on to Cindys mom. 925-437-6123 Tracie Jess Pools And as Jeff Jess would say "Big Picture Buddy" We are in for the long haul!
  • sky dental
    our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. may god watch over you.
  • Jayne & Tom Dirks
    Jeff, our family and friends are praying for you and your family. It is Gods will to keep you safe and in his hands. I am so proud to know my son Kevin was with you and kept you safe until help could arrive. I know he did his best and would never let you down. Hang in there buddy your a fighter and you can win this race too. God Bless you & your family with peace and comfort.
  • -- Joan and Dan
    Jeff, we are thinking of you each minute of every hour. We want you to rest & heal. We want you and Cindy to come back home to us. Jesel asks about you and we tell him you are healing and that Cindy is by your side. We love you and Cindy so much. Love,Jesel's Gigi and Pappy
  • Obion Corp
    Jeff, Cindy and family, my thoughts and prayers are with the entire family, Vern
  • Tim & Allison Eoff
    You have so many people praying for your recovery and for your family. We will be praying everynight until you come home well. If anyone can fight through's you!
  • Lazy Days Racing
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel, family and friends you are in our thoughts and prayers. Jeff is a fighter, a winner and Zachary's second favorite driver. He can pull through this. Let's not forget to be thankful for all that we do have. Cindy, you have a beautiful son and family and friends who love you and care about all of you. God heals and miracles happen everyday. Aaron, Lisa, Zachary, Jacob and the Racing Team
  • Tim, Dalene & Family
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Jeff you are a fighter and we know that you can make it through this. Love Ya.
  • Ed Coughenour -
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jeff and your family. Keep fighting Jeff, you are a winner.
  • Gina Van Hook
    Jeff, we know you're fighter and a winner-- we know you're not going to give up without a fight and a victory. Your family and friends need you just as much as you need them right now. You are not on the race track right now, so if you need time to heal, you take as much time as you need. We are rooting for you, Jeff, Cindy and Jesel!! And Cindy, please don't give up hope! The neighbor up the street that knows Jeff said he knows 3 people that have had similar head injuries and were in comas, survived. One guy took a week to come out and the other took a month. Please don't give up! We are here for you and love you.Brian, Gina, Colby and Katie
  • Bubba
    You are in are thoughts, stay strong, we are here fore you and anything you need.
  • Tim Stratmeyer
    To Jeff, family and crew hang in there we are all praying for you. Jeff's a hell of a young man and I'm glad to say I know him and have raced against him.
  • Troy Ermish
    You're in my daily thoughts Jeff, keep fighting and come home soon.
  • Hurricane Motorsports Howard & Ed
    First we would like to say we our very sorry to here the news about jeff. Our prayers are with jeff cindy & jesel and the whole anthony family especially pop's.I remember before every race pop's would alway's ask us to pray for them and we would. Now we would like to do it again.Lord i would ask you at this time to comfort the family.We as beleiver's know that you are in control of every situation and only you know the outcome.Father god i ask you to heal jeff lord if it be your will.Show jeff and his family your awsome power lord. God i would also ask that if there be anybody that does not know you as there personal saviour that they would make that decision at this time. God we thank you for mercy and grace in your precious name amen.God bless you jeff we love you. JESUS SAVES Ed brunkhorst-crew-chief#41 Hurricaine howard driver#41
  • Sean Holifield
    I've been Jeff's friend for twenty six year's, we have with all of our friends done and seen alot of thing's. Seven years ago Jeff came up with this crazy idea of building a race car to take to Altamont Raceway every Saterday night! Being the good friend's we are we told him he was nut's. But we went along and we all put in alot of time and (Jeff's) money into making a succesfull race team. Thru the year's of racing we all came to realize that we went to the races to win but mostly to be with each other as friends, and to be with such great racer's and fan's like yourself. It means alot to Jeff,Cindy and Jesel and all of our friend's what you all are doing. But most of all this friend and spotter wants his friend to get ready for the next race.
  • Pizzato Family
    "Cooome ooon Jeffy Boy!!!" Hang in there Jeff. We love you guys. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.
  • Steve Gilmour, ClubSport
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff and his family...God Speed
  • Benak Motorsports
    We all here at Benak Motorsports, wish you a speedy recovery..
  • Jeff, Sandy & Nick Forgey
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It is our fervent prayer that God will bring you through this. You are a true champion and I thank-you for all of the joy you have given us.
  • John, Joanne, Shayla & Morgan Bannert
    Hey neighbor - this is the most important race that you have to win! Time is the best healer, so take the turns slow-n-easy, then pull to first like you always do! Know that we're here to help in ANY way - just let us know what you need. See you back at "the property"....soon! Luv ya!
  • Stearns Racing
    Our thoughts are with you, Jeff and family.
  • Robin Oberg
    Jeff, Cindy, Jesel, Peggy and Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. Please do not hesitate to call should you need anything. Love, Robin
  • David Crouch
    My thoughts are with you and your family, don't stop fighting!!!
  • villeggiante racing
    Our thoughts & prayers are with, Jeff & family.
  • Trust Fund Info
    The incredible folks within this racing circle of ours have set up a trust fund for Jeff, Cindy and Jesel. WHEN, not if, he comes home, they'll need all the help and support they can get. Any show of support will reach far beyond just a bank account! The information is as follows: Bank: Washington Mutual, Name: Jeff Anthony Trust Fund, Acct#: 01961516558, Address: 3100 Balfour Road, Suite A in Brentwood, CA 94513. Phone 925-240-8426 x 3. Thank you!
  • Cindy Van Hook
    Thank you so much for all your thoughts and kind words of support and encouragement. It means the world to me and my family and friends. We're doing the best we can too keep our hope up. So far there has been no improvement in his condition. We're all praying that he shows his true colors and fights this as best as we all know he can. Thank you again! I love you for all of this!!!
  • Rob Mendenhall
    Speedy recovery Jeff. Thoughts & Prayers to you and your entire family.
  • Pipes
    Were here prayin for ya Jeff,its gonna be ok you can recover ,it just takes time,a turn here some wedge there an you'll be good as new
  • David & Julie Robinson
    Get Well Jeff. To the family our thoughts and prayers are with you through this tough time.
  • Pulte
    Jeff, Cindy, and Jesel, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. We are here for all of you! Anything that you need, just ask! (Deb,Jen,Michelle, and Zack)
  • Melissa Evett
    All my thoughts and love go out to you guys. You've been such a wonderful inspiration to me this past year, I can't even tell you. Cindy, you've got everyone here at the office pulling for you and Jeff and take comfort in knowing you've got the best support group in your friends that a girl could ever have. Best wishes for a "speedy" recovery! xoxoxoxox
  • Bryans Racing Ent.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Eddie and Rae Bryans & crew NSWS #76
  • Ted Yamashiro
    From the crew at Top of the Hill Performance Center, our thoughts and prayers are with you Jeff and your entire family.
  • Tracie, Jody & Family
    You have everyone fighting for you! We are here for you!!! Anything you need! We love you.
  • Jalil / Leonard Motorsports
    Our prayers are with your entire family, we really want to see you pull through, stay strong! god bless
  • Paul @ Bereg Racing & Paul Beregszaszy Motorsports
    I am sorry to here a fellow racer to get hert like this. May god bless you and be with you in every moment. I am truelly sorry!!!!!!!
  • Office Chick
    Jeff you need to get better soon. I need you to keep me in line. Cindy, you know that Jim & I are here for you. All our love, Jim & Carol
  • Johnna and Mike Hensen
    We are so sorry to hear this news. Our thoughts are with Jeff and his family.
  • Joseph Rubino
    Prayers & Blessings to you and your family... Get well soon... God Bless..!!!
  • Robeck's Racing
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are all looking forward to seeing you on the track next year.
  • Mike Garcia Racing
    All of our thoughts and prayers are with you. We all wish you a very speedy recovery. Hang in there see you soon.
  • Ryan Mosher
    my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Jeff, keep fighting bud.
  • The Piper Family
    All our thoughts and prayers are with you Jeff, Cindy, Jesel and family.
  • HUR Performance Engines
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • GoneRacin'
    Our prayers are with you, your team and family. All of us at GoneRacin'.
  • MANSCH Racing Team Mike & Shannon
    Jeff, Praying for you and your family, GOD be with You!
  • Courage Motorsports
    Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with you, Gods Speed Jeff, you are a champion and you will win this battle too.
  • Jeff & Cherie Roderick
    Our prayers go out to you and your family. Lord, heal this family at their time of need.
  • Gaalswyk Racing
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and we pray for your recovery
  • France Racing
    You can win this one Jeff. Take a deep breath and pull the belts tight buddy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • Rusty and Michelle Buholz
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff and his Family.
  • Bob Strandwold
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  • Mike Carver & pops
    Thoughts are with you budy, hang in there.
  • KT Racing
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  • David Marton
    My thoughts a prayers are with you and your family. Get well soon!
  • Wes and Jenifer Miller
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Cindy, Jesel and your family. Stay tough, Jeff.
  • T. Lewis
    Jeff,Cindy, & Jesel, We are thinking of you and praying for you. Fight on. Todd & Jodi
  • Josh Roberts-LuckyChance Motorsports
    Good luck and god bless!
  • Matt Erickson
    My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope you make it through this.
  • pete holko
    Jeff, the thoughts and prayers of your racing family are with you and your family.
  • The McKean Racing Family
    You and Your family are in our prayers. Hang in there God will take care of you,
  • Kelly Fensler
    My thoughts are with you and your family.
  • Eddie Alves
    My thoughts & prayers are with Jeff and family. Get well soon Jeff!
  • Ray & Niki (21 Crew)
    Our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Come home soon!
  • Chris Angelo
    I pray that you make it jeff. havent know you for that long or been around you that much but your a prety cool guy.. i just hope you make it buddy im prayin for you and your family. stay stong #76 Image hosted by
  • Dina Menke
    Everyone @ Winchel Racing #0 & #14 Legends team. Send all our prayers. Your a winner! Press on! Prayers are with the family at this very difficult time. Father God we come before you right now to ask for your healing hands to be upon this young man and all of his caregivers. We also ask that you be with this young mans family to give them all strength to get through this horrible time. Please give them a sense of comfort knowing your are there. I ask this and all things in Jesus name. Amen
  • Josh Smith
    All my thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff, Cindy, and little Jesel..... GodSpeed
  • Steve Fensler
    Jeff, Cindy and family, there are hundreds of your friends in the room with you and all the prayers will help in this difficult time. We love you Jeff.
    Our thoughts & prayers are with jeff, cindy,jesel and family.
  • Jensen Jennings
    Good luck man may god be with you.
  • Wood Racing
    From everyone here in the Wood Family, we send all of our thoughts, prayers and wishes to Jeff, Cindy, and Jesel. Jeff is a fighter, and he will fight his way through this. *Best Wishes*
  • Zampa Racing
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jeff we love you.
  • andrew livengood
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as well.
  • Beebe Racing Team
    We are sorry to hear about this accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family.
  • Udo Richter
    My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope you make it through this.
  • Rodd Racing
    Our thoughts are with your family and friends through this difficult time.
  • A.R.T. Racing
    Gods Speed Jeff. Our prayers are with you, your family and crew. Don't give up bro & keep fighting. C. Kramm & Family
  • Jess Motorsports
    Our thoughts & prayers are with Jeff, Cindy and Jesel during this difficult time. Hang tough Jeff - we want you back on the track next year.

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