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Taren Hunter Rambeck Update - 05/05/2008

Update on Taren
Monday, 5 May 2008 @ 5PM
Here is an update on our little Taren guy:

I realize I haven't sent out an update for awhile.

I believe you know that Taren had surgery on April 21st to put a VAD in his head to collect the excess fluids. All went well and he has recovered from that and is continuing to grow again.

He continues to be in Portland at OHSU, but the hope is to transfer him to Salem when the doctors say that is OK. Here is today’s update from Sarah & Joseph in their own words:

“Sorry it has been so long since giving an update on Taren. He is doing really good!

He is gaining weight quickly. He is at 2 lbs 9 ounces right now. He is no longer on any of his IVs and eating only breast milk now. He is now wearing clothes! Sarah got to dress him in his 1st outfit yesterday (we attached a picture of it).. He is still having his VAD taped twice a day.

He is having another head ultrasound today to see if the fluid levels are going down. We are praying that they are!! We will give you an update when we get the results. Thank you for your continued prayers!!

As you can see our little Taren is doing well. He seems to be ahead of the schedule the doctors expect in all aspects. His motor skills are great and readily grabs your finger or anything else in his sight or feel.

It is also a joy to see him smile big especially when Sarah talks or sings to him and holds him. Truly he seems to be a normal baby except really, really tiny!

Our prayer points are still that: the fluid in his head becomes normal and a permanent shunt is not required in the weeks ahead. At this point it is still being tapped daily. that he continues to grow and can soon nurse and be without the feeding tube you see in the pictures that he may soon be able to be transferred to Salem Hospital near home. (I understand the parameters of that to be that the fluid issue must be solved) that he continues to surprises the doctors in his development

Thank you for keeping up with our family’s prayer need in this. We surely know that with God all things are possible!

Bob and Kathy

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