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Randy Brown Update - 02/04/2003

I'm still a little messed up in the head so please bear with me.

First I'd like to thank Janet and Charly for giving us this wonderful place to pass information and share our thoughts. I can't thank every one in the racing community enough for all the help and support you have given. From the food, the calls, the turn out at the thing and the donations to Randy's fund which offset a big part of the costs. I can't believe how far some of you traveled.

Thanks to Carlos from GoodGraphx, He made 400 of the memorial stickers, they were gone the first night, he went back to work and made 400 for the day and they are gone.

Rich and Rich's Motorsports Lee, Ruben. Rich spent a lot of time to go to the place, find where to put the truck, came and got the truck with his hauler, got it there and got it all back to the house.

Brain Gunn went to a lot of work to design make and get the great stickers on not only the truck but also the back of the hauler too.

I ask Tom Merrit to speak and gave him very little input to what we wanted. It was more than we could have ever expected, you all saw and heard how great it was.

Darrin Purcell put a tape together that you can't believe. I don't know how he went thru a years worth of tape and got it all together in such a short time.

Jay and Carol Rutherford, I just can't say enough. Jay put his life on hold for at least a week for us, Jay you made so much-so much easier for us. I wanted special memorial cards made, called Jay and he said Rich is already working on them Bud, Thanks Richard Green. I wanted "Ran" to have a steering wheel and I guess I said Tony Stewart’s would be sweet, some how Jay got it done. Ask him if he could help Tom talk, it’s already taken care of Bud working on notes right now. It goes on and on. I can't thank Jay enough, you really showed who and what you are.

And thanks to the whole RB3 Team and there families, you all saw thru the year how great these guys are and they are still proving it. They are the greatest.

I hate to try to name specific names because I know there are so many more I've forgotten at this time and so many more who did so much that I don't even know about. You all know who you are and your continued support is great.

Thank you all for being a part of "Ran's" life, for being apart of putting that smile on his face!

Sorry for rambling on and not making much sense

Thank you all
Bob Brown

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