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Austin Cameron Update - 06/02/2003

Hey everybody, AC here.

You have all been so incredible by writing in your prayers and well wishes that I wanted to give you an update. First of all, some really amazing news-I had a chest X-ray a few weeks ago and that mass in my chest that was originally about the size of a whoopee cushion is now no longer visible on X-ray! This is by no means total victory, but itís a great start.

I donít know how to begin to tell you how much it means to me that you all continue to give so much of your energy to me by writing in. It gives me more strength than you can imagine. Janet, I especially want to thank you for putting together this web page and keeping it going. You are truly an angel. I missed everyone at Madera, but I want to assure you that I will be at every single race (driving or not) when my health allows.

I want to give back everything I can to NAPA Auto Parts, BMR Racing and Winston West for the incredible support I continue to receive. Iím near the end of my second 4-week cycle of chemo, and Iíve lost about 20 pounds. Bill McAnally is whining cuz heís gonna have to buy me a new ďslimmerĒ seat. I havenít been able to get out much, and let me tell you, Iím going stir crazy here on this couch. I canít wait to see you all again, Iíll be the skinny bald guy.

Finally, let me give thanks to the Lord for the strength and courage He gives me through all of you.

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