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Austin Cameron Update - 06/24/2003

In attending the Winston West event at Tri-City Raceway this past weekend, my goal was to meet some of the people I hear about. One person in particular was Austin Cameron. Not knowing if he would be there or not, I asked around and several people said he was around just not at the moment. I wasn't quite sure what Austin looked like since I had never seen him in person, but I was told to look for a tall guy with a big smile.

Austin had been in the Napa Hospitality suite signing autographs, mingling around pit road and even gave the occasional interview or two. While walking around the pit area I noticed a large group of people and kept hearing a repetitious laugh. I turned around to see who it was and saw a tall guy with a big smile on his face. Austin had several people around him at all times and was sharing many laughs, hugs and of course smiles. I waited until he wasn't as busy, to get in a few quick words. Austin had a big smile on his face the whole time and was very friendly. I explained how I had gotten interested in the series and himself after the Las Vegas race and Austin replied with a big smile, "I'm really not a bad guy!"

Although my talk with Austin was short, I got a true sense of his outgoing personality. I was really impressed with the Winston West Series and all the great people who surround it. I cant wait to see Austin in that blue and yellow Napa Chevy doing what he truly loves to do. If being a great person means going out of your way to enjoy the ones around you and get the most out of life no matter what the circumstances are, then I think Austin has definitely fulfilled being a great person! :)

From Becky of Becky's Beat

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