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Source — Penny Nicolai
Date Posted — October 20, 2004
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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Scoring a fourth place finish at the Silverado 350 K, October 16 at Texas Motor Speedway moved David Starr and Spears Motorsports into 7th place in this season's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series point's chase.

"All in all we had a pretty good run," says Starr. Although a win here still eluded us, you can't say too many bad things about a top five finish and a solid move up in the points. Unfortunately our No. 75 Spears Chevy Silverado was just a bit too tight and despite a great effort on the part of Dave McCarty and the entire crew, we just couldn't get it to turn through the center of the corners. When you add that problem to the speed of the two top Toyotas, we weren't able to close up the gap enough to get to the very front. But we are going to get that cowboy hat yet, you can just bet on it."

Qualifying in 5th, Starr, the definite crowd favorite, pulled off the Startline and began to carve his way to the front. Moving up to 3rd, he took the lead twice during the 146-lap/219 mile race. "We definitely had a fast truck," said Starr, "and being able to get out in front earned us those highly coveted bonus points. With our 4th place finish, we are now just 36 points out of the top five and with four races left, we should be able to keep jumping forward."

Running a terrific second half of the season, Starr has nothing but praise for his Chevy Silverado and his Spears Motorsports crew. "We just get better and better," says the popular Houston native. "We have definitely turned things around and the knowledge and hands-on help we are getting from Chevrolet is invaluable. We've definitely been gaining each time out and I know things are going to continue on an uphill swing. Winning races is what Spears Motorsports is all about and that's what we plan to do."####

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Article posted by staff on October 20, 2004.

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