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Source — RacingWest
Date Posted — October 21, 2004
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Life gives all of us memoirs; some are treasured more than others. I am obliged to add the opportunity provided by the Collins Family to sponsor the NASCAR Late Model race at their October Classic, as one of those memories that will forever stand out in my life's record. It was one of those cherished moments, a slice in time that was exceptional.

I always wanted to have RacingWest tied as a sponsor to a race, but it was something I never felt would be possible. The Collins family made it possible and let me fulfill that dream. Sponsoring the 125 at Mesa Marin Raceway was without a doubt more than a cherished memory; it was one of the biggest learning experiences in my life. In fact, now that I think I know what to do, I can hardly wait to do it again and try to do it all a bit better.

I never realized how much work and effort a track promoter and the staff puts forth in providing an event of this caliber. And there were so many things the Collins family did that likely will never be noticed. But that is OK. They told me all along, that the idea of racing is for everyone to have fun and to be as fair as you possibly can be. They worked at a frantic pace coordinating drivers, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, racers, fans and media.

Somehow they pulled it all off. The show went off without a hitch. They gave to me and especially to RacingWest more than I will ever be able to give back to them. For a sparkling moment in time I heard the name RacingWest mentioned (over and over again, no complaints from me) and I think most business owner's can relate that your business is like your child. Hearing said so many times was as if my child was being hugged over and over again.

I always want to see RacingWest well taken care of, Mesa Marin and the entire staff did that. It was a very rewarding day. The volume on the site increased from the exposure provided by the track and all in all I think my "kid" was taken care of like a king.

The treatment was royal and I openly share to others that are wondering whether to get their feet wet in sponsorship or not, if you have a chance to get involved sponsoring a series, an event or even co-sponsoring at Mesa Marin, Orange Show, I-10 or wherever the opportunity presents itself, do not hesitate. The Collins family treated me like royalty. You will feel a pride in your business (or "kid") that you may have been longing to feel and your employees will be renewed with a sense of company camaraderie.

I personally found the sponsorship waters to be warm and rewarding. I don't know why it took me so long to jump in. But without the love, care and support from the Collins family it might have been rough sailing.

Thank you Marion, Shirley, Larry and staff. It was the chance of a lifetime and a memory that will last forever.####

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