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Source — TJ Milton
Date Posted — May 15, 2005
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YAKIMA, Washington -- As racing operations manager on Friday the 13th I almost locked the gates at six and told everyone to go home from fear that bad things come in threes. First let me send my heart-felt condolences to our flagman's lady for her lose. Earlier in the afternoon her two-year-old grandson tragically drowned in her daughters swimming pool. There is not a day that goes by I don't pray for a safe life for my daughter and my stomach dropped to the dirt when I heard the news. Our thoughts are with you and your family. The second incident came when two Raceway officials decided to resign at 4:00 PM due to my decision to alien the racing format to be run as discussed in the off-season. "I quit" because it will "take to much time" to administer strait up racing and things are "always changing". This track manager will continue to do his best to improve our system.

The races were ready to start, two bombshells were just dropped on my lap and all I could do was pray for a safe night. I made sure my penny was in my right shoe prayed and went to work. Central Washington State Fair Raceway's drivers and officials delivered a fast and entertaining show. With a high relative humidity, a tacky track and the smallest of sprinkles spicing the racing surface every half hour, it was as if the tears from heaven where nurturing the racing surface because Friday the 13th all the drivers could talk about was the fabulous track conditions.

Starting out our Sportsman main event and coming from the back row, long time Yakima racer Brad Tidrick ran a flawless campaign to the front. Brad drove "spike" hard and clean. Owen Riddle also coming from the last row, driving the Deweese super truck to a strong second place finish. The real excitement came when Chris Rink drove his PoorBoy Super truck around for an excellent last lap pass clinching third place.

The stock car race for me contained the best on track and pit stories of the night. With a six car invert and starting on the pole the #40 of Patrick Donaldson was unstoppable. With only his second night in the car. Patrick stepped up his racing from long time crew member to show everyone he has was it takes to be a driver. With a conservative main event start he dropped back to second place. Just before half way down the backstretch the #40 dropped low and like a drag races bolted past the number 67 of Les Sutton. Watching from the flag stand I saw the number 40 almost give two restarts to his fellow competitors, although every time a challenger got a door he was able to hold them off and pull away. Congratulations to long time Yakima racecar builder Chris Christopherson (builder of the #40 stock car) for hitting the set up and building a fine example of a dirt track stock car. Back in the field there was constant action. 2005 points leader Daric Shoemaker suffered a rocker arm failure in his motor less than halfway in the main event. "The secondary meeting rod screw on the carburetor fell in manifold and found its way to the intake valve". Daric thinks this lead to the rocker arm failure. Shoecrew father driving the number six of Jeff Gruenberg was not "thinking about his grocery list" this week because he was constantly challenging the #40 for the lead. Gruenberg's number six camero started getting hot due to his hard charging and by the end of the race the driver had the will although the car could not find the way.

"Superman" Blair Shoemaker and his number eleven modified may be called the janitor with his clean sweep of the nightly events. With a Heat, trophy dash and feature win Shoemaker had the track dialed in. Todd Hardesty (St Helens OR) River City Speedway in Oregon regular drove a fine race but was unable to challenge Shoemaker and finished a respectful second. Yakima's long time racer Don Martin drove the shoes off his modified to secure a third place sport. Rick Sjogren found out how undrivable a modified is when the rear breaks fail but was still able to finish a up standing fourth place ahead of Duane D'Amico and a broken drive shaft retired John Raney. Team Shoecrew Racing plans to campaign Blair Shoemaker this next Saturday at Grays Harbor Raceway Park in Elma and we wish him good luck.

Nothing could be said about the Hornets due to the fact that they just could not stop running into each other. Jared Stroscher decided to park his Hornet mid race of the main event on the start finish line and walk up into the grandstands to get himself a beer instead of continuing to let the other competitors batter his new Auometrics Racecar.

You Go Girl Hornets Sylvia Russell, Michelle Samuels, Rita Trujillo, #53, #35, Shannon Nunley, #43


Trophy Dash Michael Fulks, Tim Erickson, John Samuels, Dewayne Nunley, Duetscher Motorsports #35, Eric Carver, Tom Burke, Brice Carter,

Heat Race #1 Michael Fulks, Dewayne Nunley, Brice Carter, ,Tim Eickson, Emmanuel Nichols, Bill Krueger, Timothy Carter, Brent Rodriguez, Ryan Scott, Jesse Bigby, Marcus Maggard, Ryan Howe

Heat Race #2 Eric Carver, Duetscher Motorsports #35, Tom Burke, John Samuels, Dave Peterson, Brandon Haley, Jerry Sutton, Lance Brown, Aaron Haley, Sylvia Russell, Joe Estep, Jared Stroscher, Robert Patton, Jason Patton

Main Eric Carver, Marcus Maggard, Dewayne Nunley, Dave Peterson, Duetscher Motorsports #35, Michael Fulks, Emmanuel Nichols, Ryan Scott, Jerry Sutton, John Samuels, Ryan Howe, Brandon Haley, Timothy Carter, Aaron Haley, Lance Brown, Sylvia Russell, Jesse Bigby, Brent Rodriguez, Jared Stroscher, Tim Erickson, Bil Krueger, Joe Estep

Stock Cars

Trophy Dash Daric Shoemaker, Jeff Gruenberg, Don Klang, Landon Shoemaker

Heat Race Daric Shoemaker, Jeff Gruenberg, Don Klang, Landon Shoemaker, Les Sutton, Patrick Donaldson, Bill Martin, Steve Latt, Mike Wilkins

Main Event Patrick Donaldson, Jeff Gruenberg, Bill Martin, Les Sutton, Steve Latt, Mike Wilkins, Landon Shoemaker, Daric Shoemaker, Don Klang


Trophy Dash Ian McHutchinson, Brad Tidrick Sr., Owen Riddle, Landon Shoemaker

Heat Race Owen Riddle, Brad Tidrick Sr., Ian McHutchinson, Landon Shoemaker, Chris Rink, Dave Abercrombie

Main Event Brad Tidrick Sr., Owen Riddle, Chris Rink, Dave Abercrombie, Landon Shoemaker, Ian McHutchinson


Trophy Dash Blair Shoemaker, , Don Martin, Duane D'Amico, John Raney

Heat Race Blair Shoemaker, John Raney, Don Martin, Duane D'Amico, Rob Sjogren (Maple Valley, WA), Rick Sjogren

Main Event Blair Shoemaker, Todd Hardesty (St Helens, OR), Don Martin, Rick Sjogren, Duane D'Amico, John Raney####

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Article posted by staff on May 15, 2005.