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Date Posted — September 10, 2006
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Havoline Western Late Models

Fast Time – 1) Pete Anderson Jr. (Stockton) – 14.307 seconds 2) Guy Guibor (Manteca) 3) Tim Spurgeon (Danville) 4) Mark Holeman (Los Gatos) 5) Dave Byrd (Pacific Grove)

Dash – Pete Anderson Jr. (Stockton), Tim Spurgeon (Danville), Guy Guibor (Manteca), Mark Holeman (Los Gatos)

Main – 50 Laps

Dave Byrd (Pacific Grove) Ron Strmiska Jr. (Stockton) Pete Anderson Jr. (Stockton) Guy Guibor (Manteca) Mark Holeman (Los Altos) Tim Spurgeon (Danville) Justin Philpott (Tracy) Danny Contessotto (Stockton) David Philpott (Tracy) Eric Humphries (Chowchilla) Gary Shafer Jr. (Stockton) Joey Stearns (Stockton) Steve Holmes (Escalon) Phil Perry (Lincoln) Kevin Gottula (Modesto) Michael Brooks Jr. (Stockton) Tim Fernandes Sr. (Ripon) Norman David (Modesto) Chris Monez (Turlock) Jason Wright (Modesto) Chad South (Lake Dallas, Texas)

Grand American Modified

Fast Time – Tony Noceti (French Camp) -14.484 seconds

Dash – Jay Linstroth (Citrus Heights), Tony Noceti (French Camp), Jason Philpot (Sacramento), Mike Beeler (Modesto)

Main – 50 Laps

Tony Noceti (French Camp) Mike Regelman (Ripon) Jay Linstroth (Citrus Heights) Jason Kerby (Galt) Jerry Dubach (Dixon) Mike Beeler (Modesto) Richard Lavallee (Dixon) Bret Hughes (Modesto) Fred Rathjen (Stockton) Rick Avila (Pleasanton) Greg Pace (Waterford) Jeff Stephens (Sacramento) Chris Mays (Stockton) Troy Nogosek (Roseville) Jason Philpot (Sacramento) Johnny Cardoza (Manteca) American Limited Stock Cars

Fast Time – Joe Allen (Stockton) - 15.393 seconds (New Track Record)

Dash – Chad Holman (Stockton), Joe Allen (Stockton), Darrell Hughes (Stockton), John Medina (Galt)

Door to Door Dash - Jim Bowerman (Stockton), Tim Hoke (Elk Grove), Sheila Wall (Oakdale),

Stephanie Monahan (San Jose)

B Main – 15 Laps

Garland Tyler (Modesto) Jim Vosburg (Stockton) Mike Soiseth (Stockton) Mary Saunders (Modesto) Lance Butler (Stockton) Sheila Wall (Oakdale) Tim Hoke (Elk Grove) Jim Bowerman (Stockton) Stephanie Monahan (San Jose) Cody Bolin (San Jose) Gary Ogburn (Stockton)

A Main – 30 Laps

Pete Anderson Sr. (Stockton) Chad Holman (Stockton) Leroy Hunt (Stockton) John Medina (Galt) Charlie Clawson (Modesto) Richard Harper (Stockton) Bryon Tommeraason (Galt) Steve Fraser Sr. (Lodi) Tom Bolin (Valley Springs) Allen Rider (Stockton) Mary Saunders (Modesto) Mike Soiseth (Stockton) Joe Allen (Stockton) Jim Vosburg (Stockton) Garland Tyler (Modesto) Tim Bender (Lodi) Darrell Hughes (Escalon) Kannai Scantlen (Stockton) Marc Borges (Manteca)

Pro-4 Trucks

Fast Time - Mark Henslee (Lathrop) – 15.114 seconds

Dash - Mark Henslee (Lathrop), Eric Figone (Stockton), Walt Bruegger (Hayward), Bryan Hitchcock (Valley Springs)

Main - 30 Laps

Mark Henslee (Lathrop) Nathan McNeil (Oakdale) Walt Bruegger (Hayward) Fred Hatch (Oakdale) Scott Gilligan (Stockton) Tim Fernandes Jr. (Ripon) Dominic Lopez (San Leandro) David Couch (Livermore) Brian Miller (Railroad Flat) Bryan Hitchcock (Valley Springs) Darin Martinez-Stahl (Elk Grove) Eric Figone (Stockton)####

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