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Date Posted — June 28, 2007
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POST FALLS, Idaho – In a near repeat of last week’s performance Darryl Carillio kept on rolling after being involved in a six car pileup to go on and claim the 20-lap main event for the Bump to Pass cars during Wednesday Night Fever at Stateline Speedway.

Carillio, driver of the “Crazy Taxi, set fast time for the eighth time this season to finish in the top spot for the third straight week. With increased competition from the “Rhino Car” and “Mullet Warrior” driver Will Whitlow, Carillio bounced thru the field to hold off James Cotter, John Hollingsworth and Yvonne Lifsey for the victory.

Lifsey and Noah Hamlin won dashes. Whitlow and Vern Dorsey won in the heat races.

Andy Brown co-driving for teammate Thomas Plybon quietly worked his way up to the front in the Fever 4 30-lap main event to take the close win over race leader John Vallone.

Brown challenged by Vallone, the A heat winner, battled side by side in the last five laps with Brown edging Vallone at the finish line. The win was Brown’s second of the season in the division.

Vallone finished a close second after getting loose heading towards the finish line. Andrew McKee took third followed by Terry Auckerman and Mathew Schoen.

Colton Garber and Stephen Plesek captured the trophy dash checkers. Matt Schoen won the B heat.

Brian Shaw held of a determined fast time setter Dave Hatton to win the 20-lap A main for the Road Runners. Ryan Potts finished third followed by point’s leader Russell Syverson.

Roman Gibson won a dash, heat and the B main event over B heat victor Tom Knapp. Kevin Harris Sr. won the 15-lap C Main.

Other winners in Road Runner included Derek Collarusso, Jamie Allen and Treven Tarr in the dashes. Ken Huck and Steve Schovaers in the heats.

Saturday the Northwest Outlaw Street Stock Series invades with drivers representing various Northwest tracks competing against local Street Stock favorites. Also, the ICAR Racing Series, Early Stocks and Hobby Cars take to the track. General admission is $10; kids under the age of six are free. Events start at 6pm

The wild, wacky, unpredictable action of Wednesday Night Fever switches to a special Friday, July 6 event next week starting at 6pm with the cars and superstars of the Road Runners, Fever 4’s, plus the wild and crazy Bump to Pass division. Adults are just $5.75; kids under the age of nine accompanied by adults are free.

Tickets for Stateline Speedway’s July 3 Demolition Derby and Fireworks Extravaganza are on sale now at the Stateline Speedway ticket booth on race days and at Les Schwab Tires in Post Falls during normal business hours.####

StateLine Speedway Race Results -- 06/23/2007
Road Runners
Fast Time – Dave Hatton, 16.92. Trophy Dash -- A) Derek Colarusso; B) Jamie Allen; C) Roman Gibson; D) Treven Tarr. Heat -- A) Ken Huck Jr.; B) Tom Knapp; C) Gibson; D) Steve Schovaers. C Main – 1) Kevin Harris Sr.; 2) Bernie Beard; 3) Jesse Smith; 4) Brian Sawatzki; 5) Robert Benn. B Main -- 1) Gibson ; 2) Knapp; 3) Scott Rupert; 4) Steve Roth; 5) Gerry Kay. A Main – 1) Brian Shaw; 2) Hatton; 3) Ryan Potts; 4) Russell Syverson; 5) Allen; 6) Bryan Allen; 7) Scott Murphy; 8) Tom Harris; 9) Tim Benn.; 10) Eric Harris.
Fever 4's
Fast Time – Andy Brown, 15.952. Trophy Dash -- A) Colton Garber; B) Stephen Plesek. Heat – A) John Vallone; B) Mathew Schoen. Main -- 1) Brown; 2) Vallone; 3) Andrew McKee; 4) Terry Auckerman; 5) Schoen; 6) Garber; 7) Rusty Webb; 8) Jason Shrofe; 9) Plesek; 10) Les Billings.
Bump to Pass
Fast Time – Darryl Carillio, 16.953. Trophy Dash – A) Yvonne Lifsey; B) Noah Hamlin. Heat – A) Will Whitlow; B) Vern Dorsey. Main – 1) Carillio; 2) James Cotter; 3) John Hollingsworth; 4) Robby Cartwright; 5) Lifsey; 6) Dorsey; 7) Whitlow; 8) Bob Willis; 9) Travis Cox; 10) Aaron Clother.
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Article posted by staff on June 28, 2007.