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Source — Mike Henle
Date Posted — May 22, 2008
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AMARGOSA VALLEY, Nevada – Pahrump’s Mike Lysinger continued his domination of the mini stock division here Saturday night capturing his fifth win of the year at Death Valley Raceway.

Lysinger outdistanced nine other cars to remain the winningest driver at DVR this year.

Driving a 1.8-liter, dual overhead cam Mazda-powered ’91 Ford Escort GT, Lysinger started from the outside of the last row in a 10-car feature before pulling ahead on the fourth lap of a 20-lap main event.

“I started out in a mini stock and didn’t get to race very much,” recalled Lysinger. “The car is completely stock, and has only 70,000 miles on it right now. I bought it for $800 off a former driver who drove it for about a half season. Since buying it, all I have done is replace a valve cover gasket along with the spark plugs. I also added a fuel cell.”

The addition of the fuel cell enables the 39-year-old Lysinger to travel to other tracks like Mohave Valley Raceway in Arizona along with California tracks Bakersfield and Santa Maria. His front-wheel drive mini stock finished seventh out of 80 entries last November.

“This is an inexpensive division especially with the economy the way it is,” he said. “It only costs me about $60 a race to compete. I do all of my own repairs to keep costs down.”

Lysinger has won a total of 11 races at Death Valley Raceway. He will compete for a purse paying double next Saturday at Mohave Valley Raceway.

Lysinger, who is a mechanic, is hoping to move to the IMCA modified division next year. He would like to put his daughter in the mini stock car next year.

“I promise that I will not be in a mini stock next year,” stated Lysinger. “I would like to try my hand at the IMCA modifieds.”

Other winners included Dan Fitzgerald, IMCA modifieds; Eddie Sharon, micro sprints; Donny Berger, IMCA Modifieds; Dan Snowden, Super Stocks; Richard Gast, Modified Minis;

DVR will host a fan appreciation night from 6-10 p.m. Friday, May 30 in the parking lot of the Pahrump Nugget.

The track’s tenth race of the season is set Saturday, May 31 beginning at 7 p.m.

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Race Results -- 05/17/2008
Classic Coupes
Donny Berger; 2. Randall Boren; 3. Jim Castaneda; 4. Dave Snyder; 5. Justin Berger; 6. Bob Ferrill; 7. James Ralleo.
IMCA Modifieds
1. Dan Fitzgerald; 2. Jason Pike; 3. Terri Little; 4. Jon Jensen; 5. Joe Kent; 6. Ron Jenkins
Super Stocks
1. Dan Snowden; 2. Dale Daffern; 3. Anthony DeBiase; 4. Tom Baird; 5. Greg Prince; 6. Wyatt Ehrp.
Mini Stocks
1. Mike Lysinger; 2. Jabez Broadhead; 3. Chad Broadhead; 4. Brandon Madon; 5. Frankie England; 6. Mike Brown; 7. Steve Figgins; 8. Cassandra Martin; 9. Anthony Broadhead; 10. Rich Eisenberger.
Modified Minis
1. Richard Gast; 2. Eric Slusher; 3. Keith Young; 4. Anthony Martin; 5. Jonathan Burch; 6. Cory Ray; 7. Don Howell
Micro Sprints
1. Eddie Sharron; 2. Rick Van Buytene; 3. Errol Sharron; 4. Gene Sharron; 5. Robert Yates; 6. Randy Knipschild; 7. Erin Sharron; 8. Jim Parker; 9. John Hawkins.
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Article posted by staff on May 22, 2008.