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Date Posted — June 20, 2008
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SONOMA, California – The only thing hotter than the temperature at Infineon Raceway on Friday was Eric Holmes, who captured his third Coors Light Pole Award of the season in NASCAR Camping World Series West competition with a lap of 91.805 mph.

Holmes of nearby Escalon, Calif., will lead a 40-car field to the green flag on Saturday for the Bennett Lane Winery 200 presented by Supercuts.

Holmes did not let the triple digit heat on Friday slow him down as he charged around the twisting 1.99-mile course to nab his first pole on the Northern California track.

P.J. Jones, returning to the event where he finished second last year, qualified second quickest. Jason Bowles turned in the third-fastest time, followed by David Mayhew and Todd Souza.

Holmes has won three of five races this season in the NASCAR Camping World Series West, but trails long-time friend and rival Mike David by 35 points in the championship standings. David - whose sponsor, Bennett Lane Winery, is also sponsor of the event – qualified 10th.

NASCAR Camping World Series West

Bennett Lane Winery 200 by Supercuts Lineup

After Friday qualifying; race Saturday

At Infineon Raceway

Sonoma, Calif.

Lap length: 1.99 miles

(Car number in parentheses)

1. (20)Eric Holmes, Escalon Calif., Toyota, 91.805 mph

2. (24)P.J. Jones, Torrance Calif., Ford, 91.286

3. (22)Jason Bowles, Ontario Calif., Ford, 91.184

4. (21)David Mayhew, Atascadero Calif., Chevrolet, 90.747

5. (13)Todd Souza, Aromas Calif., Chevrolet, 90.637

6. (18)Austin Cameron, El Cajon Calif., Toyota, 90.539

7. (16)Moses Smith, Tempe Ariz., Toyota, 89.924

8. (1)Jim Inglebright, Fairfield Calif., Chevrolet, 89.868

9. (25)Tom Hubert, Cottonwood Calif., Ford, 89.845

10. (2)Mike David, Modesto Calif., Ford, 89.501

11. (70)Greg Pursley, Newhall Calif., Chevrolet, 89.274

12. (76)Max Dumarey, Gent Belgium, Dodge, 89.248

13. (53)Ken Schrader, Fenton Mo., Dodge, 89.205

14. (8)Johnny Borneman, Ramona Calif., Ford, 89.164

15. (42)Jeff Jefferson, Naches Wash., Chevrolet, 89.151

16. (41)Ryan Foster, Anderson Calif., Ford, 89.119

17. (65)Stan Silva, Jr., Castroville Calif., Chevrolet, 89.067

18. (5)Eric Hardin, Anaheim Calif., Chevrolet, 89.046

19. (77)Andrew Myers, Newport Beach Calif., Toyota, 88.706

20. (71)Daryl Harr, St Albert Alberta, Chevrolet, 88.679

21. (88)Jamie Dick, Albuquerque N.M., Chevrolet, 88.260

22. (59)Kevin O'Connell, Newport Beach Calif., Chevrolet, 88.022

23. (10)Jim Warn, Aurora Ore, Chevrolet, 87.738

24. (89)Brian Wong, Newport Beach Calif., Chevrolet, 87.499

25. (91)Tony Toste, Pismo Beach Calif., Chevrolet, 87.372

26. (46)Jeff Barkshire, Auburn Wash., Dodge, 87.194

27. (3)Wes Banks, Oakdale Calif., Dodge, 87.185

28. (09)Paul Morris, Carrara QLD Australia, Chevrolet, 87.011

29. (74)Scott Ivie, San Ramon Calif., Ford, 86.762

30. (17)Jason Patison, Corona Calif., Chevrolet, 86.565

31. (34)Mike Gallegos, Wheat Ridge Colo., Chevrolet, 86.239

32. (26)Robert Davis, Atascadero Calif., Chevrolet, 86.095

33. (4)Eric Richardson, Bakersfield Calif., Ford, 85.863

34. (23)Alex Kennedy, Aztec N.M., Ford, 85.453

35. (52)Ryan Philpott, Tracy Calif., Ford, 85.308

36. (35)Travis McCullough, Galt Calif., Chevrolet, 85.219

37. (15)Jack Sellers, Sacramento Calif., Chevrolet, Provisional

38. (75)Jonathan Hale, Rio Linda Calif., Chevrolet, Provisional

39. (7)Kyle Kelley, Huntington Beach Calif., Dodge, 84.523

40. (83)Troy Ermish, Fremont Calif., Ford, 84.461

Failed to Qualify

41. (81)Garland Self, San Jose Calif., Ford, 83.806####

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Article posted by staff on June 20, 2008.