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Source — Janet peery
Date Posted — April 06, 2009
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There are two reasons the SRL Tour should have sucked at the All American Speedway there at Roseville (Calif.). First it had way too many spins/cautions…track condition, sloppy driving, not sure what resulted in that.

And the other would be that MK Kanke ran away with the show darn near going wire to wire.

Too many cautions, too few lead changes….just didn’t matter in this race.

It was all out hard racing by the leaders, Kanke, Dave Byrd, Jim Pettit II, Josh Combs, Craig Raudman…it was powerful. And there was pushing…and yep…it resulted in a few spins…but mostly it was veteran chasing veteran and racing their butts off seemed to be part of the game.

Mostly they tagged each other, letting the other’s car get straightened out and before going right back at it. A couple times a car would literally push another from the exit of turn four all the way to the backstretch. It was amazing to watch.

The “Give the Fans their Money’s Worth” show of the night had to go to Pettit. He went from starting mid pack to racing with the leaders to the back of the pack after a crash with Greg Voigt and with his race worn car moved up in dramatic fashion back up to a podium finish.

And come-on who wouldn’t be happy to see MK Kanke back in Victory Lane?

This series is going to get even more interesting…don't you know when some of the previous Tour guys hear that Kanke, Darrell LaMoure, Greg Voigt, Keith Spangler, Pettit, Raudman are having fun in the Tour car that they just might decide to come out and play?

And how many of the SRL guys have been sitting it out? Wouldn't it be nice to see them racing again? I think it would be fun to see some of the West guys racing the Southwest Tour. It happened back in the day when the Tour was sanctioned by NASCAR...maybe it will again.

The thing of course right now is what is impacting so many There are a few of the guys that are taking it one race at a time. Jerry Allec Jr. is hoping to make the first few races; Jason Gilbert is looking forward to Irwindale and getting on a bigger "short track"….but they both will run the full season if opportunity presents itself.

It still has that feeling of a smaller, family friendly series... for instance the #09 car of Brendan Newberry hit the wall and had a bit of a fire. I was able to talk to several teams that were able to update me on what was going on with him. That does not happen in every series.

So here is the recap it was:


Hard Racing

And the Hard Racing is what I remember the most!

So next race for the SRL Southwest Tour is the Bullring. Bob Gardner will be doing the Near Live for that event. But no Near Live, no Internet, no TV will ever make up for just being there.

Wasn't it Phoenix that had the "Be There" T-shirts? This is true of the SRL...just "Be There!"

janet peery

Update: So...I read through this 12 hours after writing it...and know what? I am embarrassed---way to many goofs...bad grammar, repeated words, you name am I going to edit it? came from the heart. Let it ride.####
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