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Source — Dave Grayson
Date Posted — April 27, 2009
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There is an element to racing that gets into a driver's blood stream. That certain element makes someone want to build the fastest race car, out run the competition and win every race they enter. Then comes a time when a driver knows that it's time to hang up the helmet. But even then they spend their post driving era involved in racing as an owner, crew chief or engine builder. That is the true heart and soul of a racer and that's how they roll.

All of the above certainly applies to Dave Phipps. The Simi Valley-California veteran knows what it takes to win both races and championships. He's won plenty of them during his lengthy racing career. Recently Phipps surpised by announcing his return to the driver's seat after retiring his helmet approximately ten years ago. Apparently that spirt of the racer inside of him felt like there was a little more work left to do.

On March 28th Phipps made his official debut in the SuperClean Modified Racing Series at the Havasu 95 Speedway, in Lake Havasu City-Arizona, where he finished a very impressive seventh. It was like old times for him and it was clearly evident that the eight time champion hasn't missed a beat.

Phipps' entry into the world of motorsports began back in 1966 when he began working on race cars. Eventually he joined the society of straight line racers and built himself a drag racer that he campaigned for seven years.

1980 found Phipps developing an interest in oval track stock car racing. He joined the Sportsman Division, at the Saugus Speedway in Santa Clarita, and success came quickly. During his tenure in this division Phipps won 37 features along with three track titles in 1984, 1987 and 1988.

At the same time Phipps developed a keen interest in the Saugus Speedway's open wheel modified division. He started campaigning a car in that division as well and, during a period of approximately 14 years he won 22 modified features and five track championships.

In between his busy schedule at Saugus, Phipps visited other tracks as well with his modified and scored feature wins at a varitey of California based tracks including the Cajon Speedway, Mesa Marin Raceway, Kern County Raceway, the Orange Show Speedway and at Roseville.

Even Phipps' off track hobbies reflects his love for racing. During his off time he enjoys roar across sand dunes in his custom built sand buggy. He also has a love for going off roading in his jeep and spends time at home building racing engines including the power plants he's now using for his newly acquired modified racer. When he needs a break from the world of motorsports he also enjoys gardening.

Phipps is justifiably proud of his family. He and his lovley wife Margaret have been married for 39 years now. In the true spirit of a racing wife, Margaret has always supported her husband's racing even the recent decision that has put him back into the driver's seat.

Dave Phipps has also experienced the joy of watching his son, Andrew, follow in his racing tire tracks. Andrew Phipps has turned into a fine driver who has won approximately three dozen features along with three track championships at the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. He is considered to be a heavy favorite to win the 2009 SuperClean Modified Series championship.

Phipps is equally proud of his daughter, Nicole, and described the lady as being a highly successful business woman in California's Orange County community of Mission Vista.

The SuperClean Modified Racing Series returns to action on May 16th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway's three eighths of a mile oval known as "The Bullring." Keep a sharp eye on Dave Phipps in the bright red #08 sponsored by Ron's Rear Ends. You'll be watching a championship caliber driver prove that he can still run a smooth racing line with the best of them.

If Dave Phipp's #08 pull alongside of Andrew Phipps' #22 then you'll get to share the experience of father and son racing together with 11 championships between them

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Article posted by staff on April 27, 2009.