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Date Posted — November 30, 2009
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VICTORVILLE, California — The Dominator” Brad Pounds tore up the track to win his 17th main event of the 2009 Season. There were great conditions at the track with clear and sunny weather after it had rained on and off for two days which made for a great racing surface and some awesome door to door racing action. The 24 year old Pounds started 13th in his RMR Scott Pounds Racing Side Biter IMCA at “The Turkey Classic” at Victorville Auto Raceway Sunday Night. Pounds moved quickly through the field finding himself in 2nd place after 12 laps, passing a car every lap. With four laps to go he took the lead and never looked back. This is Pounds 122nd Career main event win.

Brad Pounds finished 2nd for the IMCA Championship at Bakersfield Speedway this year, 2nd for the California State IMCA Championship, and 6th in the Western Region IMCA points. Brad Pounds works full time for Scott Pounds Racing building race cars. Scott Pounds is Brads’ crew chief and father. Scott Pounds was the 1994 National IMCA Champion with 320 main event wins in his 35 year racing career and he has won at least one race every year except in 2008.

Brad Pounds plans on driving a dirt late model, IMCA, and a pavement car in 2010.

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Article posted by staff on November 30, 2009.