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Source — American Speed Association PR
Date Posted — April 12, 2010
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DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — Two ASA Member Tracks hosted area high school students this past weekend to promote the ASA Educational Series. Over 30 interested students attended meetings at Madison International Speedway in Oregon, WI and Dells Raceway Park in Wisconsin Dells, WI to hear about the program and the great opportunity to earn a scholarship to Ohio Technical College in Cleveland, OH.

"I was very pleased with the turnout at both tracks this past Saturday," Randy Dziadowicz, Western Regional Admissions Manager for Ohio Technical College said. "This program is all about the kids and I can't think of any other program in the country where students are rewarded with a great scholarship to a school that was recently recognized as 'School of the Year' by working with a race team at an ASA Member Track."

This is the second year for MIS as they did the pilot program in 2009 where over $200,000 in scholarships were handed out. The interest in the area created a high turnout for this upcoming season.

Dells Raceway Park will be preparing for its first season and had a strong showing at their meeting. Dziadowicz has already scheduled more school visits in the Dells area to recruit more students.

Most of the students have already met with Dziadowicz, as he is responsible for making sure each student meets the high standards that Ohio Technical College looks to be in one of their programs.

Vern Fagerberg Jr. from Bloomingdale, IL competes at Madison International Speedway and will be attending OTC in October after the racing season. "It's just a great opportunity to get people who want to go to college and want to advance their career in the automotive aspect," Fagerberg said. "This program allows me to go to OTC and get my education and hopefully work in racing afterwards."

The task for the students now is to fill out the official application for the ASA Educational Series. Once that application is accepted, they will be placed with a race team at their respective track.

Throughout the program, students will be asked to keep a logbook of the work they did with the team and in the end write an essay about what they learned from working with that race team. Each student will be eligible for a scholarship to Ohio Technical College that will range from $2,500 to a Founders scholarship of $20,000. Each ASA Member Track will have a maximum of $100,000 in scholarships.

"We are working very closely with Mr. Dziadowicz to make sure that the students in the ASA Educational Series will be able to use the scholarship and that they will attend OTC," Larry Pond, ASA Educational Series National Director said. "Many of the students will work on a team this summer and will start taking classes in August or October. Some have already visited the campus and have been accepted to OTC, now they are going to earn the best scholarship available."

"It's a great program for kids who are looking to go on and further their education in the automotive industry," Dave Grueneberg, Madison International Speedway Promoter said. "Ohio Technical College has a lot to offer in the industry. The ASA Educational Series is unique to where a student gets a hands on experience working on a race car, not only at the shop but on race day as well. It is also a competition to earn the best scholarship to a school that was recently named the 2009 School of the Year."

The ASA Educational Series is co-sponsored by ASA-Racing and Ohio Technical College, the 2009 #1 rated technical college in the US. For more information on the program, go to and click on the ASA Educational Series link on the right side of the ASA Racing home page.

Students interested in being a part of this program should contact Randy Dziadowicz, Regional Manager of Ohio Technical College at or 414-339-9586.

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Article posted by staff on April 12, 2010.