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Source — South Sound Speedway PR/kh
Date Posted — June 08, 2010
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ROCHESTER, Washington — Lucky Eagle Casino night at South Sound Speedway got underway with the first of what would be a pair of 50 lap mains for the Olympic Trailer and Truck Super Stocks. Bob Presley entered this race looking for his first victory of 2010 and on lap 14 he found his way around Dan Rhodes to take the lead and Dirk Stephens followed him through on the bottom along with Jon Hubbert. Stephens would attach himself to Presley’s rear bumper and several times tried the outside groove which has worked so well for Stephens all year, to get by Presley. In this race Presley would prove to be too good and he held off the points leading Dirk Stephens to claim victory, Jon Hubbert making his third start of the year at South Sound Speedway is 3 for 3 in finishing on the podium as he brought it to the checkers in 3rd.

The second main for the Olympic Trailer and Truck Super Stocks was ran as the last feature of the night. What had a been a gorgeous evening started to turn sour as the green flag flew. Dan Rhodes was the early leader and he would hold that lead until a restart on lap 17 brought out a black flag waving at the Larry’s Shock Shop number 9 for going before the start line after both himself and Dirk Stephens were warned earlier in the race about their re-starts. With Rhodes going to the back of the field points leader Dirk Stephens would assume the lead and hold on to it until the rain finally brought an end to this race on lap 29. Jon Hubbert finished 2nd and Dan Rhodes charged hard through the field and brought home a deserved podium spot as he finished 3rd. Fast time was set by Ron Eaton with a lap of 13.523

The Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks resumed their tightly contested championship season on this evening with Mike Saylors setting fast time in qualifying with a 15.447 lap. Kenny Erickson would lead the early laps but Kevin Carver would grab the lead on lap 4 and not look back. It’s a good thing he didn’t look back because the action behind was intense as Mike Press, Richard Kerr and Mike Saylors were jostling for position. In the end it was Carver taking the checkers in front of that pack and Press followed by Kerr would finish 2nd and 3rd.

The Washington Midget Racing Association was at the speedway for their second appearance of the year. Evan Margeson entered this race looking to repeat on his victory from earlier in the season. Snake Livernash set the mark in qualifying with a lap of 13.226. Mark Atkinson led the most laps in this race, all but two to be exact and those two laps he didn’t lead were the final laps of the race. Margeson took advantage of a slip up on Atkinsons part and shot by him off of turn 2. Atkinson would hold on for the runner-up spot and Ben Petter with a last lap pass of Mitch Hofses would finish third.

The Wesco sprints returned to South Sound Speedway on this night as well. Austyn Anderson missed out on breaking his own track record but he had fast time in qualifying none the less with a 12.298. This was a back and forth battle that saw Mitch Holte open up an early lead while the rest of the field battled behind him. On lap 17 the pack caught Holte and Craig Deaver made the pass for the lead, that lead would be short lived. Austyn Anderson would make the move of the night on lap 19, as Ralph Deaver pulled up alongside his brother Craig entering turn 3 Austyn Anderson shot to the bottom of the track to make it 3 wide. The bold move paid off for the young Anderson as he exited turn 4 with the lead and opened an insurmountable lead. The action wasn’t done behind Austyn as Ralph and Craig Deaver were joined by Kirk Eklund in a tussle for 2nd and 3rd. Ralph appeared to have 2nd sewn up but Eklund surprised Deaver with a late surge and beat him to the line for 2nd, Ralph Deaver would have to settle for 3rd on this evening.

Double points were on the line for the Tire Dog Bumble Bees. The heat races were taken by Doug Baird and Chris Branon and the field was set for the all important double point main event. Richard Turner was the big winner on Lucky Eagle Casino night and along with 2nd place Charlie Newman and 3rd place Ron Schlund Jr they cashed in on this all important night for the Tire Dog Bumble Bees.

South Sound Speedway Race Results -- 06/05/2010
Olympic Truck & Trailer Super Stocks
Fast Time: Ron Eaton 13.523
Main 1: Bob Presley, Dirk Stephens, Jon Hubbert, Ron Eaton, Dan Rhodes, Tyler Tanner, Tommy Elstoen and Troy Eaton.
Main 2: Dirk Stephens, Jon Hubbert, Dan Rhodes, Tommy Elstoen, Ron Eaton, Bob Presley, and Tyler Tanner.
Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks
Fast Time: Mike Saylors 15.447
Heat A: Mike Easley, Bryan Bykerk, Mike Press, Richard Kerr, Mike Saylors, Kevin Carver, and Mitchell Woods.
Heat B: Jay Henderson, Greg Davidson, Shawn Jones, Bobby Williams, Donny Engh, Ken Morgan, and Kenny Erickson.
Main: Kevin Carver, Mike Press (DQ), Richard Kerr, Mike Saylors, Mitchell Woods, Mike Easley, Greg Davidson, Donny Engh, Ken Morgan, Jay Henderson, Bobby Williams, Kenny Erickson, Bryan Bykerk, and Shawn Jones.
Tire Dog Bumblebees
Heat 1: Doug Baird, Ron Schlund Jr., Junior Johnson, Steve Pierson, Charles LaMere, and Ron Schlund Sr.
Heat 2: Chris Branon, Dan Walker, Richard Turner, Charlie Newman, Will Martin, and Richard Woolverton (DNF).
Main: Richard Turner, Charlie Newman, Ron Schlund Jr., Chris Branon, Ron Schlund Sr., Will Martin, Steve Pierson, Doug Baird, Charles LaMere, Dan Walker (DNF), Richard Woolverton (DNF), and Junior Johnson (DNF).
Fast Time: Austyn Anderson 12.298
Heat: Austyn Anderson, Ralph Deaver, Craig Deaver, Kirk Eklund, Mitch Holte, and Ray Jones.
Main: Austyn Anderson, Kirk Eklund, Ralph Deaver, Craig Deaver, Mitch Holte, and Ray Jones.
Fast Time: Scott (Snake) Livernash 13.226
Heat: Mark Atkinson, Evan Margeson, Mitch Hoffses, Ben Petter, Snake Livernash, Kevin Koepke, Rob Lindsey, Rhett Hadman, and Ray Jones.
Main: Evan Margeson, Mark Atkinson, Ben Petter, Mitch Hoffses, Snake Livernash, Rob Lindsey, Rhett Hadman, Kevin Koepke, and Ray Jones.
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Article posted by staff on June 08, 2010.