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Source — Orange Show Speedway Media Relations/js
Date Posted — June 27, 2010
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SAN BERNARDINO, California — Toni McCray finally got it right on Ladies Night at Orange Show Speedway.

McCray, who serves as the marketing director for Best in the West Racing while driving in the two premier classes, had struggled throughout the early season to make her JAM Sportswear Late Model competitive at the ASA Member Track.

Saturday night, however, McCray made everyone else struggle futilely to keep up while she raced to wins in both of the 50-lap Late Model races after San Bernardino High teacher and coach Kim Marzullo had put her Toyota pickup in victory circle in the 35-lap Interstate Batteries Factory Fours feature.

McCray, of Highland (Ca.), started the first race third in the 16-car field and stalked leaders Tim Smith and Brandon Loverock for the first 38 laps around the quarter-mile oval. Then as the field got the green flag on lap 39 after a caution period, McCray took the lead from Smith and kept her Team Too Chevrolet Monte Carlo in front to the finish, taking the checkered flag 0.394 seconds ahead of Smith, of Bakersfield (Ca.).

The second race was easy by comparison. McCray started on the pole and stayed there while Tim Smith, Jeff Peterson and Kenny Smith took turns being second. Tim Smith was there most of the time and eventually reached the finish line 2.129 seconds after McCray.

Peterson, Loverock and Logan Mainella rounded out the top five in the opening race and Ron Daniel, Peterson and Kenny Smith finished 3-4-5, respectively, in the second 50-lapper.

Marzullo, who also shared the winner’s circle with McCray once last season, built a big early lead and was able to withstand the late charge of Danny French, who finished 0.384 seconds behind.

Riley Sawyers got is second straight Budweiser Legends Cars win on the eve of his 13th birthday and the two 20-lap M.C. Erectors Bandoleros races were won by Parker Malone and Ryan Cansdale.

The Western Racing Association members brought their vintage Sprint Cars and Midgets to the track for the second time this season and ran a pair of 10-lap exhibitions won by Greg Dierks of Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. (Sprint Cars) and Steve Enright of Tustin, Ca. (Midgets).


Orange Show Speedway Race Results -- 06/26/2010
Jam Sportswear Late Models (50 laps) -Twin One
1. Toni McCray, Highland, Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 2. Tim Smith, Bakersfield, Chevrolet Impala; 3. Jeff Peterson, Riverside, Toyota Camry/Chevrolet; 4. Brandon Loverock, Highland, Toyota Camry/Chevrolet; 5. Logan Mainella, Palmdale, Dodge Intrepid/Chevrolet; 6. Matt Goodwin, Wildomar, Monte Carlo; 7. Jimmy Rouse Jr., San Bernardino, Monte Carlo; 8. Brian Malone, Redlands, Monte Carlo; 9. Jim Conklin, Big Bear City, Pontiac Grand Prix/Chevrolet; 10. Ron Daniel, Mentone, Monte Carlo;1. Glen Cummings, Highland, Toyota Camry/Chevrolet; 12. Julian Singelakis, Pasadena, Pontiac Grand Prix/Chevrolet; 13. Jeff Lawson, Big Bear City, Impala; 14. Kenny Smith, Pismo Beach, Impala; 15. Stan Chatwood, Bloomington, Monte Carlo; 16. Eric Richardson, Bakersfield, Chevrolet Monte Carlo.
Margin of victory – 0.394 seconds. Average speed – 22.010 mph. Leading qualifier – Loverock, 13.274 seconds/67.802 mph (record; was 13.323, Peterson, 6-12-10).
Jam Sportswear Late Models (50 laps) -Twin Two
1. McCray; 2. T. Smith; 3. Daniel; 4. Peterson; 5. K. Smith; 6. Goodwin; 7. Mainella; 8. Conklin; 9. Cummings; 10. Rouse Jr.;11. Malone; 12. Chatwood; 13. Singelakis; 14. Lawson.
Margin of victory – 2.129 seconds. Average speed – 30.130 mph.
Interstate Batteries Factory Fours (35 laps)
1. Kim Marzullo, San Bernardino, Toyota truck; 2. Danny French, Claremont, Toyota truck; 3. Dwayne Blay, Riverside, Toyota truck; 4. Tony Forfa IV, Redlands, BMW 318i; 5. Greg France, Claremont, Chevrolet truck; 6. Tony Forfa III, Redlands, Ford Courier; 7. Jeff Imbriani, San Bernardino, Nissan truck; 8. Victor Garcia, San Bernardino, Toyota truck; 9. Gary McLaughlin, Garden Grove, Toyota sedan.
Margin of victory – 0.384 seconds. Average speed – 54.855 mph. Trophy Dash winner – Forfa III. Leading qualifier – Blay, 16.440/54.745.
Budweiser Legends Cars (15 laps)
1. Riley Sawyers, Gilbert, Ariz., ’34 Chevrolet; 2. Derek Lacey, Costa Mesa, ’34 Ford; 3. Conner Pyle, Scottsdale, Ariz., ’37 Chevrolet; 4. Chancellor Tiscareno, Menifee, ’37 Chevrolet; 5. Frank Baker, Fountain Valley, ’37 Dodge.
Margin of victory – 3.126 seconds. Average speed – 58.660 mph. Trophy Dash winner -- Sawyers. Leading qualifier – Sawyers, 14.823/60.716.
Bandolero Bandits (20 laps)
1. Ryan Cansdale, Laguna Beach; 2. RJ Stearns, Rancho Cucamonga; 3. Evan Garvey, San Juan Capistrano; 4. Ivan Gudmestad, Crestline; 5. Matthew Davey, Lake Havasu City, Ariz.; 6. Cory Langerin, Romoland; 7. Maddie Malone, Redlands; 8. Chris Trickle, Las Vegas.
Margin of victory – 2.3345 seconds. Average speed – 30.380 mph. Trophy Dash winner -- Trickle. Leading qualifier – Cansdale, 15.118/59.532.
Bandolero Outlaws (20 laps)
1. Parker Malone, Redlands; 2. Jacob Tilton, Las Vegas; 3. Ricky Schlick, Claremont; 4. Patrick O’Hanley, North Las Vegas; 5. Kayli Barker, Las Vegas; 6. Mikael Lovas, Menifee.
Margin of victory – 0.244 seconds. Average speed – 58.129 mph. Trophy Dash winner -- Malone. Leading qualifier – Tilton, 15.299/58.827.
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Article posted by staff on June 27, 2010.