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Source — Mark Ebert
Date Posted — July 19, 2010
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Tucson Raceway Park an ASA sanctioned racetrack finalizes their “Back to Dirt” campaign. Tucson Raceway Park has come to a meeting of the minds with the fairboard and is excited to move forward with plans to put a new clay racing surface on top of the existing asphalt at Tucson Raceway Park. This new move to clay over the asphalt will allow Tucson Raceway Park to host some of the great dirt tours in the southwest as well as run some big asphalt events throughout the year.

Mark Ebert President of Tucson Raceway Park, “We couldn’t be more excited about the move to be able to run clay on top of the asphalt, this great solution will allow us to keep this beautiful facility busy and active for great events throughout the year.” Ebert continues, “We sent the clay out for testing several weeks ago, and the results were better than we could have hoped. The PI came back at 16 and 21, an excellent result for clay anywhere and particularly in the Southwest.” PI is stands for plastic index and is the number used to determine the suitability for clay to race on, an industry standard is at least 10 a result of a minimum of 16 is excellent.

“We’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern lately waiting to get everything squared away with the fairboard, there were several small issues to iron out. I want to thank everyone at SWFC for working so hard to come up with a reasonable solution that provides us the opportunity to host both dirt and asphalt races going forward,” said Ebert.

Tucson Raceway Park will be hosting their first dirt race on Saturday August 21st, opening with the always popular SWDRA Super Late Models plus X-Mods, Factory Stocks, Hornets and Arizona Mod-Lites. “Since there were a couple of small delays and details, we are going to roll back our “Back to Dirt” opening day to August 21st. It will give us the opportunity to put together a couple of practices and complete some updates to the facility that we are really looking forward to sharing with the fans. We are so excited to have the opportunity to open with Super Late Models and we look forward to seeing everyone back at Tucson Raceway Park next month. Stay tuned to we’ll keep you updated with pictures, new rules and a lot more. It is going to be a very exciting busy month,” concluded Ebert.

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