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Source — Ben Deatherage
Date Posted — September 13, 2010
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This past Saturday evening was an event of celebration for a long hard season come to an end. It was championship night for four classes at the Cottage Grove Speedway and it was two new champions while the other two classes seen two repeating champs for Tribute To The Military Night presented by Sheds-R-Us. The classes that raced were the Limited Sprints, Modifieds, Late Models, and All-American Street Stocks as well as a special night was on hand as only qualifying and trophy dashes were ran and was concluded with fifty lap features for all classes. The evening was began with an ultra long opening dedicated to all branches of the United States Military and to all the people who lost their lives on the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

The Late Models opened the evening up and it was a caution filled main event as a total of eight yellow flags plagued the feature. Craig Hanson of Albany jettisoned to the front of the field to lead the opening laps and looked to be the car to win until an unfortunate incident on lap sixteen ended his night. Point leader Mark Carrell of Redmond would inherit the lead and he too would construct a large lead but under the caution on lap thirty nine pulled off the race track. Mike Miller of Springfield would get the lead and hold the field of for the remainder of the distance to earn his fourth win of the year tying Carrell for most wins in the season.

Second place was hotly contested as Kevin Ropchan of Veneta made a key move on lap forty-two to finish in the runner up position. Third place went to Blaine Taylor of Creswell who made a move late to get around Chuck Christian of Eugene while Lisa Stroup of Redmond made up the top five. Fast time of the night was Mark Carrell at 12.877 seconds while Justin Simpson of Bend was the winner in the trophy dash. When all the points were tallied Mark Carrell would win the season championship his first ever at the Cottage Grove Speedway.

The Limited Sprint feature was a smoothly ran race as no caution occurred during the entire distance save for a fuel stop at lap twenty-nine. Raquel Ivie of Eugene was the pace setter early in the race until Colin Baker made the pass on lap fifteen for the lead. Baker would have no problems at all for the entire rest of the race as he cruised to lap all the way up to fourth place and earning his sixth victory of the season which would be the most for any driver in the Limited Sprints for 2010.

Heath Shelton of Drain entered the night with only a four point advantage and was able to tack some more points on the grand total while Raquel Ivie would finish in third place. Zack Spaulding entered the night in second place in the standings and would finish in the fourth place position in the evening when Orion Redmond of Roseburg rounded up the top five. Colin Baker was fast timer for the night at 11.583 seconds and Mike Carrothers of Cottage Grove won the trophy dash earlier in the night. Heath Shelton would earn the most points after the night was over to capture his first career track championship.

The Modified fifty lap feature was a spectacle to see as Ron Wilson of Coburg was quick on his way to win number two of the year when Braedon Hand of Cottage Grove made the pass on lap five. The feature was much like the Late Model main with several cautions occurring with a sum of six in all but Hand would execute well on the restarts to retain the lead. Hand would retain the lead but was challenged briefly by Eric Ashley of Jasper but Hand was quick to get back in front. Hand would win the race and it would be his sixth victory of the year which would be the most for any driver for the Modifieds in 2010 while also earning his third straight track championship along with the D&D Automotive Hard Charger Award.

Eric Ashley would finish in second place while Jesse Williamson of Coburg rallied from a lap nine incident to finish in third. Ron Wilson finished in fourth and Matt Duste of Central Point finished in fifth place. Braedon Hand was fast timer of the night at 13.896 seconds and Gus Cooper of Creswell earned the trophy dash victory. Hand is the second driver in the Modifieds at the Cottage Grove Speedway to earn more than two consecutive titles (2008-10) while his father Robert has the record at four (1992-1995).

The All-American Street Stock feature race pitted one and two in points for the majority of the distance the brothers T.J. and Andrew Langan of Jasper. The race unfortunately seen the most cautions out of all the classes with a total of nine and there would be a fuel stop at lap twenty. Once the racing got back under way a marvelous battle between T.J. and Andrew occurred with both drivers exchanging racing lines and racing very hard. When it was all said and done it would be T.J. Langan on top for his ninth victory of the year the most for any driver in the All-American Street Stocks in 2010.

Andrew Langan would finish in a respectable second place while Ross Denton of Yoncalla finished the night in third. T.J. Hardy of Dexter was the fourth place finisher and Hank Shorb of Powers finished in fifth. Fast timer of the night was Daniel Ray of Springfield at 15.850 seconds while T.J. Langan was the trophy dash winner. When the night was over T.J. Langan would be crowned the 2010 All-American Street Stock champion for his second career title and his first since 2008.

Well race fans that does it for this week’s report don’t forget that the 360 Sprints will be on hand for next Saturday night for their championship night. Also on hand will be Micro Sprints and the Pro 4 West Series and after all main events a $1,000 to win Destruction Derby. For more information on tickets and times log on to

Cottage Grove Speedway Race Results -- 09/11/2010
Late Models
Fast Time- Mark Carrell (Redmond), 12.877
Trophy Dash- Justin Simpson (Bend)
Main- Mike Miller (Springfield), Kevin Ropchan (Veneta), Blaine Taylor (Creswell), Chuck Christian (Eugene), Lisa Stroup (Redmond)
Limited Sprints
Fast Time- Colin Baker (Cottage Grove), 11.583
Trophy Dash- Mike Carrothers (Cottage Grove)
Main- Baker, Heath Shelton (Drain), Raquel Ivie (Eugene), Zack Spaulding (Springfield), Orion Redmond (Roseburg)
Fast Time- Braedon Hand (Cottage Grove), 13.896
Trophy Dash- Gus Cooper (Creswell)
Main- Hand, Eric Ashley (Jasper), Jesse Williamson (Coburg), Ron Wilson (Coburg), Matt Duste (Central Point)
All-American Street Stocks
Fast Time- Daniel Ray (Springfield), 15.850
Trophy Dash- T.J. Langan (Jasper)
Main- T. Langan, Andrew Langan (Jasper), Ross Denton (Eugene), T.J. Hardy (Dexter), Hank Shorb (Powers)
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Article posted by staff on September 13, 2010.