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Source — Jim Short
Date Posted — October 10, 2010
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SAN BERNARDINO, California — Brett Edwards got by Mark Shackleford just before the halfway point of the race and held off David Ross over the final 20 laps to win the 50-lap Super Late Models main event Saturday night at Orange Show Speedway.

The final stock car race of the speedway season was, fittingly enough, a showcase for the three cars that had been the fastest throughout the season. Shackleford started on the pole and was in fifth place when the motor in his Chevrolet Monte Carlo blew up with 10 laps to go.

Shackleford’s exit left the stage to Edwards and Ross, who officially became the champion when Shackleford went to the pits. Ross dogged Edwards all the way to finish and bumped him once, but Edwards withstood the pressure to beat Ross by 0.329 seconds and win for the second time in 12 races.

The race drew several visiting drivers, among them Lucas Oil Modifieds regular Austin Barnes of San Diego and legendary Midget and Sprint Car driver Wally Pankratz, who pulled off after 6 laps and finished last in the 18-car field.

Ross, who had seven wins, was followed across the line by Jake Engle, Matt Hicks and Jeremy Edwards, the winner’s brother.

Earlier, Team Too Pony Stock champion Robby Hornsby got his 10th win in 11 starts this season and Shaun Estes took the 35-lap Stock Cars USA main for his fifth win in six starts. Kevin Cook finished fourth in the USA feature and won the division championship by 8 points over race runner-up Mark Fletchall.

Darren Amidon captured the 35-lap Budweiser Legends Cars main event and newly-crowned champion Parker Malone capped his season with a win in the 10-lap M.C. Erectors Bandolero main event.

Cody Thompson of Fremont, Ca., held off Cody Gerhardt and Keegan Walmer to win the 40-lap USAC Ford Focus Midgets main. In the Focus Jr. Midget feature, Walmer, of Portland, Ore., chased Austin Farley for three laps, then got the inside line in Turn 3 on the last of 20 laps and won by about half a car length.

Orange Show Speedway Race Results -- 10/09/2010
Super Late Models (50 Laps)
1. Brett Edwards, Yucaipa, Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 2. David Ross, Colton, Chevrolet Impala; 3. Jake Engle, La Mesa, Impala; 4. Matt Hicks, Lakeside, Dodge Charger/Chevrolet; 5. Jeremy Edwards, Yucaipa, Monte Carlo; 6. Frankie Gould, Woodland Hills, Monte Carlo; 7. Glen Cummings, Highland, Monte Carlo; 8. Austin Barnes, San Diego, Monte Carlo; 9. DeeCable, Santee, Monte Carlo; 10. Jack Madrid, Ladera Ranch, Monte Carlo; 11. C.J. Evans, San Bernardino, Monte Carlo; 12. Mark Shackleford, Riverside, Monte Carlo; 13. Rob Kiemele, Riverside, Toyota Camry/Ford; 14. Dave Scheidecker, Rialto, Pontiac Grand Prix/Chevrolet; 15. Jimmy Rouse Jr., San Bernardino, Monte Carlo; 16. Johnny Soares, San Bernardino, Monte Carlo; 17. Barry Karr, Redlands, Monte Carlo; 18. Wally Pankratz, Orange, Monte Carlo.
Margin of victory – 0.329 seconds. Average speed – 21.747 mph. B main (15 laps) – Evans, Soares, Adrianne Murlin, Kenny Christensen, Stan Chatwood, Randy Davidhizar. Leading qualifier – B. Edwards, 12.895 seconds/69.794 mph.
Team Too Pony Stocks (35 Laps)
1. Robby Hornsby Jr. Yucaipa, Ford Pinto; 2. Bill Cottrell, Highland, Pinto; 3. Evan McCray, Riverside, Pinto; 4. Jack Hughes, Beaumont, Pinto; 5. Sean Spencer, Riverside, Ford Mustang; 6. Bryan Houtchens, Corona, Pinto; 7. Lucas McCray, Corona, Pinto; 8. Bud Smith, Orange, Pinto; 9. Jeff Hensley, Lakewood, Pinto; 10. Joe Van Sant, San Bernardino, Pinto; 11. Josh Hodges, Adelanto, Pinto; 12. Eddie Collins, Desert Hot Springs, Pinto; 13. Kevin Meador, San Bernardino, Pinto; 14. Adrianne Murlin, Corona, Pinto.
Margin of victory – 3.693 seconds. Average speed – 23.842 mph. Trophy Dash winner -- Hornsby. Leading qualifier – Meador, 14.657/61.404.
Stock Cars USA (35 laps)
1. Shaun Estes, Riverside, Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 2. Mark Fletchall, Riverside, Chevrolet Chevelle; 3. Steven Clark, Riverside, Monte Carlo; 4. Kevin Cook, Riverside, Chevrolet Malibu; 5. Dave Foster, Riverside, Monte Carlo; 6. Donny Rudd, Riverside, Malibu; 7. Dave Vreatt, Riverside, Chevrolet Nova; 8. Scott Groom, Anaheim, Nova; 9. Stephanie Estes, Riverside, Monte Carlo.
Margin of victory – 2.268 seconds. Average speed – 50.477 mph. Trophy Dash winner -- Foster. Leading qualifier – S. Estes, 15.276/58.916; Division champion – Cook.
Budweiser Legends Cars (35 laps)
1. Darren Amidon, Santee, ’34 Ford; 2. Eric Gunderson, San Diego, ’34 Ford; 3. Chad Schug, Oak Hills, ’37 Ford; 4. Cale Kanke, Granada Hills, ’34 Ford; 5. Michael Smith, Rancho Cucamonga, ’34 Ford; 6. Fred Chavez, Alpine, ‘37 Ford; 7. Todd Hunsaker, Chino Hills, ’40 Ford; 8. Jared Torres, Perris, ’37 Chevrolet; 9. Aaron Wells, Studio City, ’34 Ford; 10. Blake Dunkelberger, Simi Valley; 11. Chancellor Tiscareno, Menifee, ’37 Chevrolet; 12. Derek Lacey, Costa Mesa, ’34 Ford; 13. Ryan Cansdale, Laguna Beach, ’34 Ford; 14. Ian Wesolowski, Perris.
Margin of victory – 1.305 seconds. Average speed – 40.796 mph. Trophy Dash winner -- Kanke. Leading qualifier – Amidon, 14.687/61.279.
MC Erectors Bandoleros (10 laps)
. Parker Malone, Redlands; 2. RJ Stearns, Rancho Cucamonga; 3. Ian Wesolowski, Perris.
Margin of victory – 5.022 seconds. Average speed – 57.362 mph. Trophy Dash winner -- Malone. Leading qualifier – Malone, 15.362/58.586.
Ford Focus Midgets (40 Laps)
1. Cody Thompson, Fremont, Ca.; 2. Cody Gerhardt, Madera; 3. Keegan Walmer, Portland, Ore.; 4. Michael Lewis, Simi Valley; 5. Garrett Peterson, Sacramento; 6. Kyle Cline, Apple Valley; 7. Austin Farley, Brighton, Colo.; 8. Jessica Clark, Westlake Village; 9. Kyle Edwards, Fountain Valley; 10. Shawn Buckley, Simi Valley; 11. Brandon White, Eureka, Ca.; 12. Tony Cinque, Alta Loma; 13. Christine Breckenridge, Irvine; 14. Bobby Runyan, Denair, Ca.; 15. Eli Schrock, Culpepper, Va.
Margin of victory – 1.260 seconds. Average speed – 44.879 mph. Leading qualifier – Lewis, 13.083/68.792.
Ford Focus Jr. Midgets (20 laps)
1. Keegan Walmer, Portland, Ore.; 2. Austin Farley, Brighton, Colo.; 3. Jessica Clark, Westlake Village; 4. Brandon White, Eureka, Ca.; 5. Jarid Blondel, Orange; 6. Alex Jacobsen, San Jose; 7. Christine Breckenridge, Irvine; 8. Cody Thompson, Fremont, Ca.
Margin of victory -- 0.067 seconds. Average speed – 45.996 mph. Leading qualifier – Thompson, 13.518/66.578.
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Article posted by staff on October 10, 2010.