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Source — Grays Harbor Raceway PR
Date Posted — June 26, 2011
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ELMA, Wasington — When Brian Poppa of Medford, OR. took the checkered flag Saturday night in the 40-lap feature race at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, WA. it was his fourth win in just a week in the Wild Wild West “Modifieds” Speed Week Tour.

"Tanner and Mills Go Wire to Wire."

Joey Tanner of Portland, OR. and Jacob Mills of Onalaska each went wire to wire for their wins earlier in the evening. Tanner led all 40-laps of the DAA Late Models feature race, while Mills did likewise in the 10-lap “Hornets” main event.

Poppa dominated the tour with wins at Southern Oregon Speedway in Medford on Saturday, and finished the tour with three straight wins. Wednesday night at Willamette Speedway in Lebanon, Friday night at Sunset Speedway in Banks and Elma.

Poppa also walked away with the 3,000.00 prize money for the Speed Week point’s championship.


It only took Poppa six laps to come from sixth place at the start and overcome pole sitter and early race leader Scott Miller of Shelton, WA.

Miller, a four time Grays Harbor Raceway series champion and Craig Moore of Seabeck, another Grays Harbor Series Champion had the front row at the start and were able to hold onto the front until Poppa got by Moore on lap-4 and set out after Miller.

The Oregon driver eclipsed fellow Medford drivers, Monte Bischoff and Mark Wauge along with Jason Beaulieu of Campbell River, B.C. on his march to the front.

In a rarity in a 40-lap feature in the “Modifieds” class, this race was caution free and only took twelve minutes and twenty-eight seconds to complete.

Once he was in the lead there was no question about the outcome of the race, as long as he had no mechanical problems. He weaved his way through slower traffic later in the race and crossed the finish line a full five seconds ahead of Wauge. Beaulieu finished third, Bischoff got by Miller at the mid point of the race for fourth.

Joe German of Aberdeen and Tom Berry Jr. of Medford survived the first 15-lap B Main which saw four caution flags and a red flag to earn the first two transfer spots to the feature race. German took over the lead midway through the race and then coasted to the win.

Chris Beaulieu of Campbell River took the checkered flag in the second B Main and earned his way into the feature race along with second place finisher Mark Reser of Beaverton, OR. for the final two transfer spots. Reser was the early leader but gave way to Beaulieu early in the race. The race only had a single caution flag, on lap-2 for debris on the track.

The only other feature winners on the week long tour were Yeack of Crawfordsville, OR. at Coos Bay speedway on Sunday and Jessie Williamson of Eugene OR. at Cottage Grove Speedway on Tuesday.

DAA Late Models

Tanner had the pole at the start of the race and used it to his advantage.

After the only caution flag of the race on lap-2, Tanner was followed by Bill Workman Jr. of Aurora, OR. Jason Wines, Lebanon, Greg Walters of Banks and Jerry Schram of Vancouver, WA.

Tanner did not run away and hide in the race as Workman was hot on his bumper, but the Portland driver was able to keep him behind him as the top five weaved their way through slower traffic in the latter stages of the race.

Tanner took the checkered flag .324 of second ahead of Workman Jr. with Wines just 1.814 seconds behind the leader. The top five all maintained their positions from lap-3 to the finish. Walters finished fourth and Schram fifth.

Tanner finished the night three for three as he also won his heat race and the Trophy dash.

Wines won the other heat race.


Mills had the pole position and was never really challenged in the feature other than by Eddie blood of Olympia early in the race. Blood was unable to get the lead and had to settle for second, Cliff Gill, Aberdeen finished third, Shane turner of Rochester picked fourth and James Forbis of Aberdeen fifth.

Blood picked up the win in the heat race ahead of Mills.

Top Finishers

Wild Wild West “Modifieds” Speed Week Tour. A Main. 1. Brian Poppa, Medford, OR. 2. Mark Wauge, Medford. 3. Jason Beaulieu, Campbell River, B.C. 4. Monte Bischoff, Medford. 5. Scott Miller, Shelton, WA. 6. Matt Duste, Central Point, OR. 7. Craig Moore, Seabeck, WA. 8. Lawrence O’Conner, Port Hardy, B.C. 9. Craig Hansen, Albany, OR. 10. Del Schnitzer, Shelton. B Main 1. 1. Joe German, Aberdeen, WA. 2. Tom Berry Jr. Medford. 3. David Wolfard, Seabeck. 4. Ron comfort, Auburn, WA. 5. Jeff foster, McCleary, WA. (Top two transfer to A Main.) B Main 2. 1. Chris Beaulieu, Campbell River. 2. Mark Reser, Beaverton, OR. 3. Jeff Hudson, Keno, OR. 4. Rusty Harmon, Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA. 5. Eric Ingbretson, Lowell, OR. Heat 1A. 1. J. Beaulieu. 2. Wauge. 3. Jeremy Ritchie, Medford. 4. Trent Croy, Gresham, OR. 5. Hudson. Heat 1B. 1. Poppa. 2. Travis Perry, Fort Jones, CA. 3. Shane Rau, Shelton. 4. Berry Jr. 5. German. Heat 1C. 1. Bischoff. 2. Schnitzer. 3. O’Conner. 4. Zack Simpson, Hoquiam, WA. 5. C. Beaulieu. Heat 1D. 1. Miller. 2. Duste. 3. Moore. 4. Kyle Casson, Yreka, CA. 5. Hanson. Heat 2A. 1. Wauge. 2. J. Beaulieu. 3. Chris Hallberg, Sandy, OR. 4. Croy. 5. Ritchie. Heat 2B. 1. Poppa. 2. Rau. 3. Reser. 4. Perry. 5. Berry Jr. Heat 2C. 1. Bischoff. 2. Simpson. 3. O’Conner. 4. Schnitzer. 5. Wolfard. Heat 2D. 1. Hanson. 2. Moore. 3. Miller. 4. Harmon. 5. Casson. Top Qualifier: J. Beaulieu. 16.387 82.382 MPH.

DAA Late Models A Main. 1. Joey Tanner, Portland, OR. 2. Bill Workman Jr. Aurora, OR. 3. Jason Wines, Lebanon, OR. 4. Greg Walters, Banks, OR. 5. Jerry Schram, Vancouver, WA. 6. Terry Ferrando, Salem, OR. 7. Jimmy Schram, Battleground, WA. 8. Bob Ireland, Forest Grove, OR. 9. Tim Goodwin, Lebanon. 10. Steve Moore, Scio, OR. Heat 1. 1. Wines. 2. Walters. 3. Jerry Schram. 4. Jimmy Schram. 5. Ferrando. Heat 2. 1. Tanner. 2. Workman Jr. 3. Colin Wineberger, Corbet, OR. 4. Ireland. 5. Goodwin. Trophy Dash. Tanner.

HiLine Homes “Hornets A Main. 1. Jacob Mills, Onalaska, WA. 2. Eddie Blood, Olympia, WA. 3. Cliff Gill, Aberdeen. 4. Shane Turner, Rochester, WA. 5. James Forbis, Aberdeen. Heat Race. 1. Blood. 2. Mills. 3. JD Dryden, Aberdeen. 4. Gill. 5. Turner.

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Article posted by staff on June 26, 2011.