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Source — Bobby Hamilton Racing
Date Posted — August 08, 2001
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Home Track Advantage: In all other sports, having the home field advantage would be a big deal, but in racing, there is not much to being home outside of a home-cooked meal.

“It’s great to be eating and sleeping in our own beds for once, but that’s about where the home field advantage ends,” said Ruttman. “If the Truck Series was like other Series and we got the opportunity to test at a facility, then I would say we would have an advantage. But that’s not the case so we’re just like every other team out there.”

The one thing that Bobby Hamilton Racing will have as far as an advantage is a lot of people cheering for the No. 18 Dana Team. Over 150 family members and friends will be in attendance at the Federated Auto Parts 200 to lend their support and cheers.

“I better win this race because I’ve got a lot of people coming to it,” said Ruttman. “It’s really great to be at home, but there is also a lot of pressure to perform. I know everyone on the team has their family and friends looking on, so we have to have our best race of the year.”

The past two years at the fairgrounds the Bobby Hamilton Racing Team has recorded a pair of fourth place finishes.

18 Teams Remain: With nine races remaining in the 2001 chase for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Championship, there are 18 teams that remain mathematically alive for the title.

New Jackman: Tim Horton will replace Bobby Riddle as the Jackman for the No. 18 Dana Dodge Team for the rest of the 2001 season. Horton served as the team’s Jackman during the 1999 and 2000 seasons. At the beginning of the 2001 season, Horton was promoted to Head of Fabrication for Bobby Hamilton Racing.

This Week’s Truck: The Dana Racing Team will be racing “Goober” at Nashville Super Speedway this week. Last week, Goober finished third after winning the pole at Indianapolis Raceway Park. The team has raced this truck 26 times. It has five poles, three wins, 10 top five finishes, and 14 top ten finishes to its name. Chicago 2000 was the most recent win which, like Nashville Super Speedway, was a new track for the Series.

Many Events During the Week: To add to the normal media and sponsor demands on Ruttman and the Team. During the week of the Nashville event, Bobby Hamilton Racing will be hosting two open houses. One is for the local Dodge Dealers, and the other is in conjunction with the Nashville Super Speedway and it’s preferred ticket holders.####

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Article posted by staff on August 08, 2001.