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Source — Jake Taylor
Date Posted — August 14, 2001
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MONROE, Washington (August 10, 2001) This week there were very low car counts in all of the classes. Also joining us this week and buzzing back next week were the Hornets. I will be covering them in addition to my normal report for next week.

The modified trophy dash saw only two cars. #65 Tony Hill and #69 Wally Walling. Tony Hill took a sweep of the night winning the dash, heat, and main.

This week the trucks only had four vehicles! The heat and the dash were won by #69 Bill Fuller. The trucks gave an awesome race in the main! #03 Jim Jones won but only by a bumper to #69 Bill Fuller.

In the stock’s dash they started and finished the same the winner being #02 Tony LoFranco. The B heat went to #9 Jon Taylor and the A to #11 Derek DeBardi. In #11 Derek DeBardi won followed by LoFranco, #19 Surridge, and #7 Sine.

There weren’t enough Thunders to be lots of spinning but they did spin a whole 8 times! Can you believe it? Maybe next week we’ll see more action.

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