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Date Posted — August 21, 2001
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Erie, CO Burney Lamar finally got back into the top ten at Colorado National Speedway Saturday night with a very respectful 10th place finish which gained him two spots in the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Series point standings, fom 13th to 11th. It also put him only two points behind rookie of the year points leader, Scott Brandt, who finished the nights race in 11th place.

For the 8th time in eleven races, the almost 21 year old college student qualified the Bonicelli Racing Team's Pontiac Gran Prix in the top ten with a 5th place starting position in the 26 car field, 150 lap event. Following a small birthday party in the race car hauler, (Burney will be 21 on Tuesday) the youngster fell in behind the four frontrunners where he stayed for 75 laps around the three-eighths mile oval.

After 54 laps of green flag racing following a lap 19 caution, the right rear tire began to blister, and on lap 80 Burney was in 8th place, dropped to 10th on lap 113, back up to 8th following a crash that took out the race leader on lap 120, then back to 10th on lap 142, where he finally finished.

Although slightly disappointed, Burney and the crew had some hi-fives among themselves for two reasons. For the first time in four races they had better than a 17th place finish.

And, as one crewman said, "Look at that sucker. It ain't got a scratch on it". Sure enough, a walk around the WaveShield - AmeriSuites - Western Funding race car showed two small smudges from flying rubber.####

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Article posted by staff on August 21, 2001.

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