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Source — Vern Williams
Date Posted — August 21, 2001
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Heads Up

Since our last race the rules have changed to allow the Fords in our series to use a different head. We have been allowed to use the GT 40P head. ĎPí stands for production.

If you are a Chevy, or Dodge fan you might be crying " what about us". Well donít bother, the Chevy and Dodge has had the advantage long enough. Year before last a Dodge was the series champ and last year it was a Chevy, and the same Chevy is leading this year. If you got right down to it the Fords were about 40 HP down in a series that is supposed to be equal.

Keep in mind that getting something new isnít always the best thing for you, especially when there is no time to install it and sort things out. We installed the new heads and found a problem right away. The spark plugs were located in a different location and that caused us plug wire problems. We knew that no matter what we did they would most likely burn, but with little time to get ready you do what you can. We wrapped the headers and put heat resistant boots on the plug wires and headed to Irwindale on August 11.

We arrived at Irwindale knowing that we would have trouble but hoping that we wouldnít. Well hope only goes so far. The first few laps of the first practice our driver Jeff Williams came on the radio and informed me that the engine was awesome. However after a few laps it began to misfire.

We spent the day trying our best to find a way to stop the wires from burning but no matter what we did it only took a few laps to have the same results. We managed to qualify 9th. At first in the main event the truck was good except on restarts. It was down on power but once Jeff got it going it was at least fair. He was holding his own but was not going to pass anyone. He held off the advances of several and eventually pulled away from everyone except the # 12 truck. Jeff and the #12 Michael May had a great battle. We were not as good as we could have been but we were still fighting. Jeff and Michael battled lap after lap and finally at the finish Michael nipped us at the line for 7th place. We wound up with 8th and were lucky that we came out that good.

After the race we discovered that we had four badly burned plug wires. Sounds like it is time for new headers to me.

Next we are off to Tucson Raceway Park.

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