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The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Date Posted — August 04, 2001
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LAS VEGAS – NASCAR Late Model rookie driver Kyle Busch returned to the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night after finishing ninth at Indianapolis Raceway Park in his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race Friday evening.

Busch accumulated his third consecutive NASCAR Late Model win marking his sixth victory of the 2001 season. Busch, who was fastest qualifier, started tenth based on the ten-car invert. He quickly navigated to the front of the pack to meet rookie Jason Allen. It was a head-to-head battle of the rookies. Busch applied pressure to Allen then passed on the inside at the halfway mark of the 50-lap main event. Busch took the checkered flag followed by Allen, Rich Attisani and Steve Anderson.

"It was a great win for the Quality Motorsports car," Busch said. "We had to change a couple front end parts for a rule change, so we got it all done and ran great tonight."

Chuck Trickle won the NASCAR Late Model $100-to-win Racer’s Supply Fast Dash.

In Grand American Modified action, Doug Hamm took the checkered flag after a late race caution that collected race leader Larry Gerchman. Hamm, who was fastest qualifier, collected his third win of the season. Stoney Gray finished second followed by Dan Fitzgerald and CJ Sherkenbach.

Gray won the Grand American Modified $100-to-win Friendly Bear Car Wash Fast Dash.

Doug Davenport, pilot of the No. 8 Ford Pinto, charged to victory in the 25-lap Charger feature. After a caution on lap 22, Davenport held off Pat Petrie Sr. and Keith Danser to collect his first win of the season.

" I did not want to see that (caution)," Davenport said. "We are having a blast out here. I love that pinto bean!"

Hitchin’ Post/Exiss Legends Cars points leader, Spencer Clark took the checkered flag in the 30-lap main event followed by his father, TJ Clark and Kyle Busch. This marks Clark’s seventh victory of the season.

Glen Burke collected his seventh win of the season in the 30-lap Outlaw Stock main event. Pat Petrie Jr. finished second followed by Mark Schottmuller and Richard Kerr.

Joey Mogar held off Alex Haase and Kevin Terrell to take the checkered flag in the Bandolero division.

Alicia Royer was the National Anthem singer and 4-year-old Morgan Lee served as Junior Race Fan.

The 5th Annual Candy Toss will be Saturday (Aug. 11) along with NASCAR Weekly Racing Series No. 12 at the Bullring. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. and racing begins at 6:30 p.m.

50-LAP NASCAR LATE MODEL FIRST MAIN EVENT: 1. Kyle Busch, 2. Jason Allen, 3. Rich Attisani, 4. Steve Anderson, 5. Ray Hooper Jr., 6. Chuck Trickle, 7. George Antill, 8. Billy Newman, 9. Steve Rzesnoweicky, 10. Lance Magin, 11. Jerry Spilsbury, 12. Dennis Rock Jr., 13. Wade Frey, 14. Ken Holt, 15. Rick Chelberg, 16. Wayne Jacks, 17. Rick Rochell, 18. Darren Michels, 19. Thane Alderman, 20. Mike Ray.

25-LAP GRAND AMERICAN MODIFIEDS FIRST MAIN EVENT: 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Dan Fitzgerald, 4. CJ Sherkenbach, 5. Charlie Wahl, 6. Fabian Bray, 7. David Gerchman, 8. Glenn Davis, 9. Mike Deal, 10. Larry Gerchman, 11. Eric Bauer, 12. Kirk Miller, 13. Scott Osborn, 14. Jim Petrie, 15. Wayne Morris Jr.

30-LAP OUTLAW STOCK FEATURE: 1. Glen Burke, 2. Pat Petrie Jr., 3. Mark Schottmuller, 4. Richard Kerr, 5. Jimmy Winans, 6. Jerry Thitchener, 7. Dan Howell, 8. Travis Swalwell, 9. Ron Moffatt, 10. Ken Kulikowski, 11. Chris Bray, 12. Robert Rittgers, 13. John Chaffin, 14. Andy Gallagan, 15. Dan Henderson, 16. Pat Petrie Sr.

30-LAP HITCHIN’ POST/EXISS LEGENDS CAR FEATURE: 1. Spencer Clark, 2. TJ Clark, 3. Kyle Busch, 4. Aric Wiszt, 5. Rick Rogas, 6. John Taylor, 7. Justin Johnson, 8. John Clute, 9. Bob Woodsford, 10. Dennis Lovelady, 11. Morris Sealy, 12. Greg Haase, 13. Jerry Jones, 14. Kurt Minnick, 15. Ron St. Amand, 16. Frank Eidrich, 17. James Galza, 18. Dow Woerner, 19. Steve Legg, 20. Danny Williams, 21. David Anderson.

25-LAP CHARGER FEATURE: 1. Doug Davenport, 2. Pat Petrie Sr., 3. Keith Danser, 4. Fred Kiser Jr., 5. Dick McKearn, 6. Reyes Venzuela, 7. Doug Matter, 8. Bob Lichamen, 9. Don Sargent, 10. Ron Barrette, 11. Travis Swalwell, 12. Rick Lamb, 13. Red Turner, 14. Dan Schools, 15. Tom Youmans, 16. Dave Ryan.

10-LAP BANDOLERO FEATURE: 1. Joey Mogar, 2. Alex Haase, 3. Kevin Terrell, 4. Eric Chelberg, 5. Joshua Gross, 6. Chris Clark, 7. Patrick Clark, 8. Justin Waters, 9. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 10. Tom Lovelady, 11. Hayli Rochell, 12. Shelby Bailey.


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Article posted by staff on August 04, 2001.