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Chowchilla Speedway
Source — Don Martin II
Date Posted — August 03, 2001
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PAUL, CONNELLY SCORE FIRST CHOWCHILLA VICTORIES BY DON MARTIN II CHOWCHILLA, CA...AUGUST 3...Taking the lead from Paul Stone early on, Charles Paul drove a flawless race to win the 25 lap RACE Modified main event Friday night at Chowchilla Speedway. Though he has a Street Stock feature win at the track this year, this was Paul's first Modified main event win. Mark Hamblin gained the point lead with his second place finish ahead of Jack Stanford. Title contender Jay Connelly won a thrilling five car battle down the stretch for his first 20 lap Hobby Stock main event win. Point leader Jerry O'Hagan settled for second ahead of Red Williams. The night's action on the one-third mile clay oval was sponsored by Big Dan's Diner of Mariposa. Chuck Harrell and Mark Condell each won six lap Modified qualifying heat races with Stanford claiming four lap trophy dash honors. Stanford spun in Turn 2 to bring on a complete main event restart. Stone led the first two laps before Paul made a Turn 4 pass to gain the lead with Hamblin and Stanford settling into second and third. Contact sent Harrell spinning from fifth for a lap ten caution flag, and Stone was put to the rear for his part in the incident. Paul led Hamblin and Stanford on the restart, and that's the way they would finish as Paul drove a smooth race out front. 2000 champion Mike Johnson subbed for a vacationing Tim Sprotte and finished fourth ahead of Steven Williams and a disappointed Stone. The Hobby Stocks ran three six lap qualifying heat racses with Mark Odgers, Rod Lefler and Andrew Krumm scoring the wins. Mark Funkhouser won the four lap trophy dash. Kurtis Moore set the early main event pace ahead of Jack Van Hoff, but Craig Tatum gained second on lap two as Roger Dory brought out a caution flag. Joe Smith Jr. raced into second behind Moore on the restart. Van Hoff regained second with a front stretch pass on lap six, but a high pass in Turn 4 of the eighth lap gained Connelly second. Rusty Penrod spun in Turn 4 for a lap nine caution flag. Connelly made an inside pass on Moore for the lead on the restart lap, and Williams made a low pass in Turn 4 of the 11th lap to take second. Funkhouser was third on lap 12, and Jason Maupin spun for a lap 17 caution flag. Funkhouser gained second from Williams on the restart, and he made an inside pass on the front stretch of the 18th lap to take the lead from Connelly. A low move in Turn 4 of the 19th lap regained Connelly the lead from Funkhouser as Williams, O'Hagan and Krumm were all part of this exciting five car battle. As Connelly scored the well earned victory, O'Hagan's last lap pass gained him a second place finish ahead of Williams, Funkhouser and Krumm. RACE RESULTS HOBBY STOCK H 1-Mark Odgers, Jerry O'Hagan, Jay Connelly. H 2-Rod Lefler, Mark Funkhouser, Rusty Penrod. H 3-Andrew Krumm, Red Williams, Craig Tatum. DASH-Funkhouser, O'Hagan, Williams. MAIN EVENT-Connelly, O'Hagan, Williams, Funkhouser, Krumm, Odgers, Jack Van Hoff, Lefler, Steve Strickland, Roger Dory. MODIFIED H 1-Chuck Harrell, Jack Stanford, Mike Johnson. H 2-Mark Condell, Steven Williams, Paul Stone. DASH-Stanford, Williams, Condell. MAIN EVENT-Charles Paul, Mark Hamblin, Stanford, Johnson, Williams, Stone, Harrell, Condell, Nathan Corn.

Taking the lead from George Terry on a lap 13 restart, point leader Steven Williams won the Winged 362 Sprint 20 lap main event Friday night at Chowchilla Speedway. It was the fifth straight main event win for Williams aboard his Sysco Food Systems sponsored Drake Sprint Car as Terry settled for second ahead of Jerry Cantrell. Despite heavy pressure from Rich Firato, point leader Monty Tomlinson Jr. won his second 20 lap Super Street Stock main event ahead of Darren Thomas in the Red Williams Hobby Stock and Monty Tomlinson Sr. The night's action on the one-third mile clay oval was sponsored by Big Dan's Diner of Mariposa.

Cantrell scored a win ahead of Williams in his Winged 362 Sprint Car heat race, but Williams came back to win the four lap trophy dash. Williams started back in last in the main event as Terry set the early pace ahead of Cantrell and Richard Greer. An inside move on the front stretch of the third lap gained Williams third from Joshua Lefler, and a lap four caution flag flew for Jim Myers. Terry continued to lead Cantrell and Williams on the restart. A low pass in Turn 4 of the tenth lap gained Williams second from Cantrell. Working lap 13, Williams made a high pass on Terry in Turn 4 for the lead, but a red flag flew to negate the pass as Lefler flipped on top of the back wall. He was uninjured. Williams took the lead from Terry on the restart. From there, Williams rolled to victory with Terry settling for second ahead of Cantrell, Greer and old Kearny Bowl veteran Bob Lee, who was back after a 27 year absence.

Darren Thomsas drove his recently reskinned race car to a six lap Super Street Stock qualifying heat race win, and George Lefler Sr. won a wild four lap trophy dash. Firato set the early main event pace ahead of Tomlinson Jr. and Lefler. Steve Stone made a pit stop. An outside pass on the front stretch of the fourth lap gained Tomlinson Jr. the lead. Making his debut, Levi Petersen spun in Turn 2 for a lap six caution flag, and Tomlinson Jr. continued to lead Firato and Lefler on the restart. Lefler had just taken second from Firato on lap ten when he spun in Turn 4. Stone regained a lap on lap 11 before spinning for a caution flag a lap later. Tomlinson Jr. led Firato and top rookie Eugene Costa on the restart, and a final caution flag flew for a Petersen spin in Turn 3 on lap 14. Lefler was fourth behind Tomlinson Jr., Firato and Costa on the restart, and he made a low pass in Turn 4 of the 16th lap to take third from Costa. Firato was pressuring Tomlinson Jr. hard for the lead, but when the leader came down a bit in Turn 4 of the 19th lap, Firato spun himself out to avoid contact. The final lap saw second place duelers Lefler and Costa tangle in Turn 4 as Tomlinson scored the crowd pleasing victory. Thomas found himself running second at the finish in the Red Williams Hobby Stock as he had blown a motor in his car in the trophy dash. Tomlinson Sr. was third at the finish ahead of Lefler and Costa.



HEAT-Jerry Cantrell, Steven Williams, Richard Greer. DASH-Williams, Greer, Lee. MAIN EVENT-Williams, George Terry, Cantrell, Greer, Bob Lee, Joshua Lefler, Jim Myers.


HEAT-Darren Thomas, Monty Tomlinson Jr., George Lefler Sr. DASH-Lefler, Steve Stone, Tomlinson Jr. MAIN EVENT-Tomlinson Jr., Thomas, Monty Tomlinson Sr., Lefler, Eugene Costa, Rich Firato, Stone, Levi Petersen.####

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Article posted by staff on August 03, 2001.