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Kings Speedway
Source — Ron Rodda
Date Posted — August 04, 2001
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Luke Bebereia made a power move on lap 21 to lead the last third of the Rebel Cup main event for winged 360 sprint cars at Kings Speedway on Saturday. Bebereia's winning pass came after stalking Andy Ferris for 17 laps and was executed on the top of turns 3 and 4 in a flat out run for the lead. In accompanying action, the IMCA modified main went to Jimmy Reeves while Paul Pelletier won the hot stock main.

A field of 17 Rebels appeared and Ricci Faria was the quickest against the clocks with a 13.820 effort. Three heats saw wins going to R.Faria, Mike Schriver, and Bebereia and all 17 cars started the 30 lap main with an invert of ten. Ferris and Mark Barroso shared the front row and Ferris stormed into the lead, chased by Barroso, Bebereia, Stan Yockey, and Craig Stidham. Six yellows slowed the pace for stopping on the track or minor spins, but Ferris established his lead after each restart in a strong run for the Mariposa, CA driver.

Bebereia got past Barroso for 2nd on lap four and Stidham moved into 3rd two laps later, using the bottom of turn one for the improvement. Bebereia then stalked Ferris until lap 20 when he built up a head of steam down the backstretch and powered around Ferris using the top of the last two turns for the pass. Once in front, Bebereia easily led the last 10 trips around the excellently prepared 3/8 mile oval for the win.

Ferris held onto 2nd until lap 25 when Lawrence Edlund put a textbook slide job on Ferris in turn four to move into 2nd from 13th starting. Stidham and Ricci Faria moved into 3rd and 4th as Ferris dropped out with two laps to run. The departure of Ferris moved Monte Faccinto into 5th at the final analysis. Barroso's fine run ended just past the midway mark when his engine exploded, leading to a red flag to handle the situation.

The IMCA modifieds fielded 20 cars and heat wins went to Bob Dias, Reeves, and Tom Bowser. Sixteen cars started their 20 lap test with Reeves lined up 9th on the field. Dias led initially, chased by Marcus Aue, Bowser, and Chad Patterson. Dias had a fuel leak after three laps, handing the lead to Aue for the next two tours. Reeves made moves forward each lap until reaching the front on lap six to easily lead the last 15 of the event.

Action behind Reeves was interesting as Aue, Bowser, and track point leader, Rodney Freitas tussled for spots. Aue held 2nd until the last lap when Bowser got past for the runnerup spot while Aue, Freitas, and Bryan Burnes filled the top five

The hot stocks brought 15 cars for two heats, won by Shawn Fromme and Pelletier. Their 20 lap main had Ken Noland and J. T. Contente on the front row while Pelletier started 3rd. J. T. Contente grabbed the lead, chased by track point leader, Rick Tarr, and Noland. J. T. Contente led 18 of the 20 laps but had pressure the entire distance in the very well raced event. Tarr provided the most pressure from his 2nd running spot, but Pelletier made a move that was mirrored by Bebereia in the sprint main later. On the 19th circuit, Pelletier who was 3rd heading down the backstretch, built up momentum and used the top of turns 3 and 4 to motor from third to first in one effort. Pelletier led the last pair after that move and Tarr threw a wheel to coast to a stop on the backstretch as the checkers flew. J. T. Contente won his duel with Noland for 2nd while Claudine Contente was 4th ahead of James Cornelius.

Rebel sprints

Fast time-Ricci Faria 13.820

Heat one-R. Faira, Andy Ferris, Danny Faria Jr., Erik Folger, Stan Greenberg

Heat two-Mike Schriver, Stan Yockey, Tim Worth, Craig Stidham, Lawrence Edlund

Heat three-Luke Bebereia, Tammy Wright, Mark Barroso, Ron Myska, Monte Faccinto

Main-Bebereia, Edlund, Stidham, R. Faria, Faccinto, Greenberg, Folger, Schriver, Wright, Ferris, Yockey, Myska, D. Faria Jr., Monte Ferriera, Barroso, Davey Key, Worth

IMCA modifieds

Heat one-Bob Dias, Eddie Stewart, Ben Slocum, Lonnie Lacey, Tom Stidham

Heat two-Jimmy Reeves, Chad Patterson, Marcus Aue, Ed Nichols, Scott Wheelock

Heat three-Tom Bowser, A. J. Wright, Jim Phelan, Dana Garvin, Joe Chapman

Main-Reeves, Bowser, Aue, Freitas, Bryan Burnes, Patterson, Chapman, Garvin, Richard Vandersteen, Phelan, Slocum, Dias, Wright, Stewart, Wheelock

Hot stocks

Heat one-Shawn Fromme, Dave Bush, J. T. Contente, Chuck Nevels, Rick Tarr

Heat two-Paul Pelletier, Craig Fromme, Jim Harris, Ken Noland, Claudine Contente

Main-Pelletier, J. T. Contente, Noland, C. Contente, James Corneluis, Nevels, Bush, Tony Contente, Frank Mathlin, Robin Tucker, Tarr, Harris, S. Fromme, Rich Firato####

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Article posted by staff on August 04, 2001.